$2 Mascara


I needed a new mascara and my all time favorite is Loreal’s Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  Because it works so good, I often have the tubes all over the bathroom sink.  So I wanted a quick one to just throw on my lashes and run out the door.  I was using an e.l.f cosmetics mineral mascara that I really liked, but I didn’t have any trips to Target planned, or an order for the internet.
While at Walgreens I wanted to just check their many choices of drugstore mascara, and I was intrigued when I saw Wet n Wild’s mascara for only $1.89.  I’ll try that!
It claims to condition lashes with proteins and is enriched with acai oil.
I’ve used it twice and here’s what I think:
For under $2 it does the job, but don’t expect to have any huge fake looking lashes.  It doesn’t lengthen, and it doesn’t add volume, but for a natural looking definition, it does the trick.  I think it’s great for everyday.
It removes easily with my facial cleanser and water, and it stay flexible and lightweight through out the day.  No running, and no flaking.  It really DOES feel like it could condition, but that would be a long term assessment.  I give it a thumbs up!
Remember, this is not a sponsored post, and I purchased this with my own hard earned two $1 bills!  These thoughts are my honest opinion… I’d never lie to you.  🙂



Pilot Frixion Erasable Marker Pens Review

I’m a sucker for school supplies and stationery, and anything I can use to play with my planner.  Check out my Happy Planner Review HERE.  My love for my planner extends to my fashion choices.  I select my everyday handbag based upon whether or not my planner will fit.
So when I spotted these erasable markers in Good Housekeeping magazine, I knew I had to give them a shot.  I typically use white out to “erase” my change of plans, appointments, and mistakes.  But that makes my planner look messy 😦
BUT if I had erasable marker pens in every color, oh how the possibilities could be endless!  I can add to my to do list with zero regret!
Enter these Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Marker Pens, that I purchased with my own money, and am not being paid to review by the way.
They are evidently only available at Target (though a quick internet search brought them up elsewhere), and they were $13.49.
The tips of the markers are nice and precise, so I can actually write in my planner with them and not have it look like a big glob.
20170507_115126_resized (2)
The colors are beautiful and varied:
20170507_114405_resized (2)
But the real question is; do they actually erase?
Well, the marker uses friction to erase the color, and the rubber/ silicone like eraser on the cap doesn’t create any eraser dust.  Though it was a bit of a habit to want to swipe it away, there is no residue.
Moment of truth:
20170507_114726_resized (2)
Ok so it isn’t COMPLETELY erased, and I can see the faint outline of the scribbles left behind.  However, I am extremely impressed with these marker pens.  These have come a long way from the ball point pens in blue or black, that didn’t really erase all that great, and created a lot of eraser debris.
20170507_115034_resized (2)
I love these, and I can’t wait to start using them all over my planner!!!  I think these were created with the adult coloring craze in mind, so now I feel like all I wish I had were some small coloring areas in my Happy Planner!  I love lots of color, so I can’t wait to start adding all these happy colors to my plans!


Calling all Weirdos


(I dunno why I haven’t uploaded a gif sooner!)
Calling all Weirdos!!!!  Wait, I need to specify this… let’s reduce that down a bit and get a little more clear on the term weirdo.  I might get what I’m not looking for around these parts.
I am a quirky, kitschy crafter.  There, I said it.  I admit it.  And I embrace it.
My vintage loving, thrift store hunting, estate sale rummaging, and unashamed dumpster diving lifestyle is fun, exciting and thrilling to me.  But rarely are those around me who get it.
I recently reached out to Magpie Ethel, who’s crazy collections, and frivolous creations are the stuff of my dreams.  Her crafting studio is up there with Amanda Hayslip in my eyes.  These women are my role models.  I asked her how she gets people to “get” her work.  She told me she was lucky that her community was very accepting and vintage loving.
They make their art, carefree and unashamed of these odd ball and unique creations, that exist only to bring joy and whimsy into the world.  I’ve struggled to find my artistic voice, but when coming across these Instagram feeds and blogs finally proclaim in my heart and mind, “Yes, there ARE others out there!”  Safety in numbers, I suppose.
So this is a plea, for weirdos like me…..(that sounds a lot like a punk rock lyric) who love to craft with vintage found trinkets, and ephemera.  The ones who want to collect boatloads of “good junk” as mom would call it.  Yacht sized collections of nothing but vintage gumball and cracker jack charms, costume jewelry including earrings with screws on the back that may or not be missing their mates, and other trinkets that once graced the shelves of a vintage dimestore for only 10 cents.  Like those items, I am getting more valuable with age.
I’ve been trying to make this surprise ball… or Nicolyndime Prize Puffs (my husband thought up that name) thing work out for some time.  But in reality, I haven’t REALLY been trying.  I’ve done little to get it out there, and it’s not for giving up or failure of the idea.  In fact, soon I’ll be posting about why I’ve had to back burner this idea for a while.
But like a dog with a bone, I’m not going to give up this idea.  I’ve got some new plans in my mind.  I’ve got some new paths to pursue, and I’ve gotta figure out to work it into my crazy busy schedule!  (Trust me, it’s a very good crazy busy.)
Back to the plea…. If you are like me… I want you to “make thyself known” (another hocus pocus reference).  If you collect, or sell these vintage trinkets, Hong Kong dimestore stuff, vintage craft supplies, vintage cake decorating supplies, love going to estate sales, or ogling images of vintage collections on instagram and pinterest, or relate in anyway to what I’m talkin about here, please leave me a comment to see your blog, IG account, shop, etc.  Introduce yourself please, as I’m looking for a community of like minded individuals!


Christmas Gifts from Nicolyndime

Toot Toot!  I’m tooting my own horn today in this feature of… ME.
I’m showcasing some seasonal products from my shop, Nicolyndime, on etsy.
First, there’s still time to get your Santa letters and you won’t even have to pay for, or wait for shipping.  You get an instant download once I create this customized and unique letter for your child.  I use the information you provide to me, so the more detailed you can be the better.


Prize Puffs, which are vintage inspired surprise balls, are abound in the shop!  I even have some special decorated ones this season!
I also created some vintage inspired putz houses, that I am really proud of actually.  I think they look pretty authentic to the originals, and would be a great new collection, or an addition to your already existing one.


Plus I have a lot of vintage treasures that would make great gifts for your vintage loving friends and family!
Visit the shop today!  I’ll be adding more stuff frequently, so check back often.


The “Gifts that Give Back” Guide 2016

gifts-thatDid everyone survive the Black Friday chaos?  If you didn’t check off everyone on your list yet, or you avoided the chaos like I do, maybe you are at a loss for some gifts.
How about putting your funds toward a gift that gives back?  Not only will you feel great about the gift you give, you will get extra good vibes by knowing you helped an additional purpose.
Sometimes we mindlessly get into the gift giving loop of getting something just for the sake of it.  Here are some ideas for gifts that pack a one two punch in the giving department.
Pura Vida Bracelets  You can select a favorite charity, or shop by color or style.  They have so many to choose from, and they start at only $5 plus free shipping in the US on orders $25.  These bracelets would make a great little token for some of those folks you don’t want to go overboard with, but need to give them a little something to show you care.
WWF Symbolic Adoptions  A few years back, I got so fed up with buying stuff and instead did one of these symbolic adoptions for every member on my list.  I selected animals that reminded me of the person’s spirit, and it was nice for them to know how I saw them.  Whether peaceful and free like a dolphin, or fierce like a leopard, it allowed me to comment on the characteristics I saw in them.  With a $55 donation, you also receive a plush.
Greater Good  I’ve mentioned this site before because you can visit everyday to click for free and advertisers give a donation each time you do.  For even greater good, you can purchase gifts and items that give back to your selected charity or group.  You can support; Ending Hunger, Fight for Breast Cancer, Saving Animals, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy, and the Rainforest.
Bidding For Good I know you’re thinking, “ok but what about actual goods.”  This site is kind of like ebay and an elementary school auction, that benefits non profits and schools by an online charity auction.  There are everyday items here and unique and off the wall, like a visit from Henry David Thoreau!
Amazon Smile  Looking for something specific?  Amazon’s got it all…. and all you have to do is head to Amazon Smile first, and complete your purchases as usual.  You select a charity and a portion goes to that.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Doll Kind    A place to buy dolls, but with so much more.  You see, The Doll Kind dolls come with 10 kindness coins for children to pass out to those that may need a little love, while teaching kids to pass on goodness.  Not only that, but for every doll purchased, one is donated to a child in need.  The dolls are super sweet looking, approachable, cuddly, and kid friendly.  Head over to their site to check out their selection.
There’s so many ways to give a gift, and have that gift run the extra mile.  Remember these sites all year long, and for every gift giving need.  Let the Holidays begin!
Also stop in to last year’s gift guide post on everything Dollar Tree, plus some more ideas.  Lots of folks are shocked at what you can find at the tree!
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Nicolyndime: The Shop

Hey!  I’ve expanded to Fiverr!
So I’ve got this new product on Fiverr and soon will be expanding it to Etsy.  Right now you can go on to my gigs by clicking HERE and access my two options for a custom, uniquely written letter to your little one from either Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy!
Right now, these are for digital downloads but soon on Etsy I’ll offer upgraded packages for the letters to be mailed to you with the option of add-ons to make the package super special and a keepsake for years to remember.
Plus I’ll be adding other characters soon.  So keep an eye out.
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Tune in next Monday for my newest feature on the blog.  I’ll be spotlighting a new business each month that follows in the same vein as Nicolyndime’s focus to spread joy, confidence, and positivity to women.