Thrift and Estate Sale Haul, on film

I’m finally back to filming things.  Let’s hope I keep up with it!  Enjoy these estate and thrift store finds, plus some story time!  Click my photo to be redirected… or you can click here… whatever you want!





Thrift Haul

It’s been a while since I’ve showed off my thrift finds.  In two weekends, I ended up finding some cool items.  Let’s take a look:
I stopped into Goodwill after dropping off the leftovers from the yard sale I had a few weeks back.  I ended up coming home with a few new treasures.
I needed this blue poodle in my life.  She found a home in the bathroom with the other 50’s poodles for now.  I lucked out in finding this entire set of vintage inspired gurley looking candles.  Plus I found this “I DO” shoe sticker for a surprise ball.
Then next door for a whooping $1.16 I found that vintage dress in the clearance center.  I love the vintage tag.  I tried to research a bit about the time frame it is from, and I think it might be the 60’s?  I plan to hang it in my someday home craft studio, where I will channel Jennifer Hayslip!  If you aren’t familiar just google her name and her crafting studio.  It’s a dreamy, pastel wonderland!
The following weekend, I headed out on Sunday to an estate sale plus a new Goodwill near me.  Do you see what they built next to it?  This is my kinda shopping plaza.
So I tried out the new one, quite successfully!
Here I found this adorable Garden Tea Party set.  It’s not something I would normally be drawn toward, but the set was so adorable and had so much detail that I could hear my grandma warning me I would be upset if I didn’t buy that!  I’ll incorporate it into my Easter decor soon.  I also got that chicken egg basket, I have to get some fake eggs for it.  The tin is actually a set of three.  I got them for Christmas cookies, and the box in the back contains little plastic cups for a one bite appetizer.  That milk glass bowl already got some use when I made waffles last Monday!
My two porcelain dancers were found at my regular Goodwill.  I had the perfect spot for them:
I went to the estate sale first, but for some reason I’m showing what I got last.  It was a mansion, and even at 50% off on the last day, things were too rich for my taste.  But I got these for really cheap, and I needed this angel food cake pan.
I scooped up that vintage evening bag because it had the matching coin purse still attached.  I’ll keep it for a little while, but it might end up in the shop one day!
That’s all for the last post in February….
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Pink “Thrift Store” Finds

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I figured I would show off some of my recent and not so recent pink thrift store finds!  Ok, that’s a lie, because a lot of these were at garage and estate sales too, but they are still “thrifted.”
First is my most recent pink find… these three pink Cuisinart pots.  I still have my entire set of my wedding pots and pans, still in the plastic, stacked in my cabinet.  But I needed these pink ones!  I often use the same skillet, and the same stock pot.  It’s just two of us so I never really need more than two burners going at once.
Next is this pink repro pay phone.  I wanted one of these really bad, and I almost bought a red one at an estate sale for $25.  That was before I knew they made this in pink.  I passed on the red one, but happened to be perusing craigslist for garage sales when I spotted this phone in the back of a listing’s photo.  I rushed out there, and this beauty was still there.  I paid $15 for this one.  The previous owner was a 16 year old who was selling this to raise money for shoes for prom.20170213_083211_resized
These next two go together but were found at two separate garage sales.  The pink bridesmaid was in a box with several other colors.  I’ve kept one of each, sold a few in my etsy shop, and still have a few left.  The bride and groom were at an overpriced garage sale.  I felt grateful to find this shabby chic beauty for just $1.
This pink hat was found somewhere in Pittsburgh at a large second hand sale that was held in a convention center.  I negotiated the price down because I bought a few different vintage hats and bundled.  Instant collection!
The last few photos are not thrift finds but I felt like I had to show them off here.  This painting was actually done by my husband.  He made this in high school, long before we ever met, but this shabby chic piece of art is perfect for my style.  And it’s like this big pink vintage style crock with the delicate flowers he painted were done just for me!
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my gerbera sprouted three beautiful blooms.  I have to showcase them here:
And furbaby wants you to know she has a pink dollar tree find too.
Enjoy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day, I thought, would be easy to decorate.  I have a lot of pink stuff, and a lot of girly stuff.  But when I shopped my home for items to display, I found it difficult to make the items look like they all fit in the same tone.  I ended up putting together this vignette which I am not IN LOVE with, but until I can collect a little here and there, it will have to do!
These are, of course, thrift and estate sale treasures I have found in PA and FL.  This Crush bottle was at my wedding (please let someone else see the humor in the “crush” bottle for valentine’s day), and the little girl with the fan I found just the other day here in FL.  She was hanging around for months at a local thrift and I kept picking her up, and putting her back.  Finally I bought her.
The doll behind her was also a find at a church rummage sale I blogged about around Christmas.  She’s a 1950’s Vogue doll, with little hearts on her jumper.
Also that day, I found this hankie at another church sale.  Good day!  That pink lace tablecloth was my gram’s and this pink jewelry box was at my bridal shower.  Of course a book about vintage valentines, and wedding cake toppers from my collections are here….
That card box was a find from the same sale I got the hankie.  The little creature is doing the “he loves me, loves me not” thing.  That little egg ornament in the front is fit for every season.  I had it displayed at Christmas, it fits here in Valentine’s Day, and of course on Easter coming up!
My pink phone found at a yard sale, plus these two sharing a toast to happy days on this little trinket plate, and more wedding cake toppers are putting the icing on this valentine red velvet cupcake!
One last thing… it’s my 2nd blog anniversary!!!!  Even though I’ve just started my new blog purpose and vision as of late, I started sharing my thrift and estate sale finds right off the bat when I started.  Happy 2nd B-Day to Nicolyndime!!!

Vintage Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving gets overlooked so right after Halloween, I got out my Fall decor to enjoy it as long as possible before Christmas takes over.
Here’s a quick post about my vintage Thanksgiving.  I feel like it’s hard to find these items out in the wild.
Most items in this vignette were my gram’s.  The pumpkin is the same from the Halloween post, but I moved it over here to give it new life in this scene.
Those pilgrims were always right next to this pumpkin growing up, and so it was only fitting that they are back where they belong.
The only found items from this pile here are the vintage corn on the cob s/p shakers.  I found those at an estate sale in PA.  Behind that is this squirrel canister.
I found this at an estate sale in FL last year, and you can read about that adventure here
This little squirrel nut dish was a gift from me to my gramma.  It was very precious to her, and so now it’s equally as precious to me.
I threw some orange Halloween candies in there to give it some color.
And last, this proud turkey was made by my gramma.
I guess I can thank gram for all her vintage Thanksgiving decor.  I hope she’s smiling down seeing all of it on display, still all these years later!


Estate Sale Haul

I finally went to an estate sale.  It’s been a hot minute since I went to one, but I got an email that said everything was priced to sell so I figured I may as well check it out.  This sometimes means that either I’m still so cheap or they are still so expensive that I walk out with next to nothing.  But this email specifically stated that they were pricing stuff so that you could resell… so I figured why not?  On Saturday, when I had planned on going, I got an email that said everything was half off, and they were bundling too.  So I figured it was a safe bet.
Friday night I felt a cold coming on, but Saturday morning I was still in denial.  Hubby went with me and I was in an out pretty quickly.  Luckily everything I wanted in the photos was still there, thus proving that most of the things I like… no one else does!  Sometimes it’s good to be the oddball!
My most favorite find was this milk glass vase, of which I owned 4 or 5 before giving them all away to move to FL.  I can’t believe I didn’t keep even one, and when Hubby started bringing me flowers, I quickly realized I didn’t own a vase.  I knew I’d find one.
This one was only a $1.  14368656_981785891931522_6933476035517610418_n
Some of the other notable finds were this mini cake stand, $2.50

This real painting: $5
This vintage handbag.  In rough shape, but I plan to use it in vignettes for decorating.  $1.50  14358829_981784421931669_1737914778895936252_n
And even though I have several, this corningware in my pattern was in such good shape for only $1!  14317550_981784418598336_8660007136419670760_n
I didn’t have the energy to stage these photographs, as Sunday rolled around I stayed on the couch.  I have a long week of teaching ahead and I wanted to get as much rest as possible!  I’ve been throwing all kinds of echinacea, and vitamin c at this cold!
I also stopped at a yard sale by my house on the way home from the estate sale and scored this makeup organizer for 50 cents:


Now on to rest up a bit before I have to suspend from silks with a head cold…. argh!

Estate Sale Roundup

I hit two estate sales a while back and as promised, I wanted to share my treasures with you all.  The first sale was in a home in an older town close to me.  Once again, it was run by an estate sale company that unfortunately specialized in vintage, which is code for “we price at antique store prices.”  Occasionally, however, I am able to find some cute things for an affordable price, but I have to be choosy, and bring my haggling “a game.”
The first house had my childhood doll.  My sister is watching over her until I can get her back again someday.  Does anyone know who this little girl is?  I’m looking for information on her.
Since I already have her, I didn’t get a duplicate.
But I did get this deer, that already made an appearance in my Christmas Vignette post:
I also got a bag of vintage cake candle numbers, to embellish and add to the shop, and I found these bowls:
They aren’t labeled as pyrex, but they go nicely with my yellow pyrex bowl that I found at another estate sale earlier in the year.
I ventured onward to another sale, and boy did I hit the motherload!  Just take a look at these photos I snapped during my hunt.

It was along the river, in a beautiful old run down home, separate summer house in back, a two car garage, and a shed.
It all had been abandoned for years, and unfortunately the elements had taken their toll, but there were still many items that were fabulous.  The house had been kept up a little.
My hunt seemed to go on forever.

I found most of these items in the outdoor locations.
I also found this matching 50’s style pink scale and trash can:
In the house, which went on forever, I found these cute poodles:
The one in the back left is my mothers, but the 4 in the front joined the pack.
I also opened up a small trinket box and was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage pair of pointe shoes…. perfect for a dancer!
I wanted to take so much more stuff, but it was covered in filth, and I was getting a little squirmy because I don’t like bugs…..and I at least wish I would have had some gloves.  I left everything outside until I could clean it at home.
And that was the estate sale adventure!
It’s almost the New Year, and I hope you find all kinds of treasures big and small, tangible and not, in the next 12 months!  Please share your vintage goodies with me on my facebook page, and comment down below to tell me what you have found lately!
I’m still taking a break from filming in order to spend these precious 4 day weekends with my hubby and furbaby, before the hustle bustle starts up again.  Everyone needs a little R&R, to refresh and recharge your batteries.  So that being said Happy New Year!!!! Thanks for being with me on my journey!