About Me


My greatest influences have been my TRUE friends and family.  I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but I have about 100 Facebook friends only.   I know that’s not a lot in today’s terms, but I keep my personal life sacred, and I know every one of my personal Facebook peeps.  

I have a vintage soul, in not only the fact that I’m drawn to vintage things, but also a vintage mentality of honesty and the all around “golden rule.”  


  • As a dance instructor, I pride myself on teaching safe and correct technique, while encouraging pride and discipline in each and every dancer.  
  • As a makeup artist, I love enhancing each woman’s natural beauty, and teaching them how to feel great.  In my opinion, makeup is a tool, not a mask.  
  • As an event planner/ entrepreneur, I created easy, wholesome solutions for busy parents who wanted a quality event for their child.  I had the privilege of hosting many events throughout Pittsburgh, and also visiting many birthday girls as Princess Lynetta, who taught girls to be kind,and true to one another and themselves.  I continue to create these wholesome products and offer them for sale in my etsy shop.  
  • As a lifestyle blogger, I write about frugal beauty, thrift store fashion, and advice with honest reviews, feedback, and a touch of girl power with feel good inspiration mixed in too!  

There’s too much junk in this world… let’s talk about some good things!”  

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For more information about my professional services visit Nicolyn Lonzo Aleprete


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