My Rental Space as a Vendor

Starting small is still starting.  A week ago I finally just did it, and started renting a small space at a local junktique place.  When I say small….I mean you can’t get much smaller.  It’s a shelf, but it’s a great start to see what it’s like.



This place is so cute, and I must have driven past it a million time since we moved here two years ago.  Sometime not long ago, I noticed this cute vintage trailer and stopped in when I saw a yard sale happening outside.


After going inside, I was hooked on this quaint atmosphere.  It smells of essential oils, and creativity!  It’s like being a kid again.




I love browsing all of the vendor spaces.  It’s a medium sized emporium, where I don’t feel lost in a sea of endless vendors.


I forgot to measure my shelf space, but it was hard to imagine how it would all look when I was at home anyway.  I took a few more items than would fit to swap some things out until I got it just so.



I finally settled on this vintage breakfast scheme on the bottom.  You’ve got your casserole dishes, your syrup, your cream for your coffee, orange juice jug, mixing bowl for your pancakes, glasses, and egg carton.


On the top, I put together this little 4th of July vignette.


And at the middle shelf, you can get a gift for someone, or decorate your cakes!


I mean seriously how cute is this awesome little gem along the highway!



$2 Mascara


I needed a new mascara and my all time favorite is Loreal’s Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  Because it works so good, I often have the tubes all over the bathroom sink.  So I wanted a quick one to just throw on my lashes and run out the door.  I was using an e.l.f cosmetics mineral mascara that I really liked, but I didn’t have any trips to Target planned, or an order for the internet.
While at Walgreens I wanted to just check their many choices of drugstore mascara, and I was intrigued when I saw Wet n Wild’s mascara for only $1.89.  I’ll try that!
It claims to condition lashes with proteins and is enriched with acai oil.
I’ve used it twice and here’s what I think:
For under $2 it does the job, but don’t expect to have any huge fake looking lashes.  It doesn’t lengthen, and it doesn’t add volume, but for a natural looking definition, it does the trick.  I think it’s great for everyday.
It removes easily with my facial cleanser and water, and it stay flexible and lightweight through out the day.  No running, and no flaking.  It really DOES feel like it could condition, but that would be a long term assessment.  I give it a thumbs up!
Remember, this is not a sponsored post, and I purchased this with my own hard earned two $1 bills!  These thoughts are my honest opinion… I’d never lie to you.  🙂


Lots of new stuff is brewing

Ahhh… like a nice glass of sweet tea, while you sway on your porch swing…..
I’ve been hustling like a mad woman over here.
I’m working on some really exciting stuff this summer.
I can’t tell you everything yet, and I know I’ve been really tossing some hints out there lately, but I can tell you that it’s got everything to do with thrifting, (my favorite pastime).
In other news, I have decided to make the leap to a vendor rental space at my local junktique.  I’ll be sure to share photos once I have everything set up.  I’m starting out small with only the rental of a shelf, but hoping to grow over time.
I’ll be postponing the etsy  shop for a little while to focus on my “brick and mortar” space.
On top of everything else, I’m still dancing and teaching!
This time two years ago, I sent out ten press kits and prayed to get a return call.  After following up with a few, I got an interview.  I didn’t feel that I was a good fit at the first place, and quickly got discouraged.  A few weeks later, I got another call from my current employer, who needed a quick replacement.  Two years later, I’m still there, plus teaching aerial dance and college dance!  By the grace of God I am pursuing my dreams, and will continue onward!
Never stop believing in the plans that are written for you.