Perk up, Buttercup. Self motivation conversations to… well, yourself.


Last Wednesday I had a bad day.  It started out innocently enough, but I was depleted in the energy bank, and feeling rundown.  I popped an echinacea, and started my busy day.  I was off to teach a private lesson, then to another spot to perform in the silks and lyra.  I underestimated my pale nature in the heat of the Florida sun.  Hanging upside down, while spinning, in the heat for a few hours further depleted me.  I wasn’t done yet.  I was off to teach aerial and dance classes later on, and by this point I just wanted to lay down and take a nap.
Because of my loopy nature, I hit my head on the lyra after hanging it, which made my already splitting headache feel good for a second as it took my mind off the dull aching pain that I was trying to ignore.  I mottled through that class, and actually was embarrassed at how off my game I was.  I really strive to make every class worthwhile for my students.
Later that night, after making it home driving with only one eye, a blinding present migraine clouding the vision in the other eye, I lay on the couch trying to get the pain to stop.  Drifting in and out of sleep, I had anxiety dreams about the horrible, horrendous, no good class I taught that I was sure no one would ever return for ever again!
The next day I woke up feeling pretty down about myself.  Then I decided to perk up.  I decided to make a plan for myself, and set out to draw up some ideas to better my teaching, and myself.
It’s important to remind ourselves that we all have bad days, and days where, because we are humans and not robots, we won’t be feeling at the top of our game.  But your mindset allows you to stop that chain of bad vibes and to abruptly put an end to the thoughts that are haunting and clouding your judgement about how awesome you can be.
Remember to perk it up, buttercup, whenever you’re feeling low down and not so good about something.  Put a plan into effect to change it right quick.  Go out and be awesome!!!!


Welcome Spring, The Spring Cleaning Hustle

Spring clean hustle graphic

Today’s post is about welcoming spring by reminding you that now is the time to do some work!  Seriously is the work ever done!?  No, it’s not.  And that’s why you need some help.

I’ve created “The Spring Clean Hustle” to help you get your cleaning and organization under control in about 4 weekends.

It’s not going to be easy, and anyone who sells it as such is a liar liar pants on fire.

You actually need to do the work!  BUT, with helpful guides, cleaning tips, and a plan to follow, you won’t be running around from room to room doing more steps than work!

All you have to do is sign up to become an email subscriber in the Nicolyndime Club.  It’s free, plus you’ll get other great information throughout the year.  This is only the beginning!!!


Calling all Weirdos


(I dunno why I haven’t uploaded a gif sooner!)
Calling all Weirdos!!!!  Wait, I need to specify this… let’s reduce that down a bit and get a little more clear on the term weirdo.  I might get what I’m not looking for around these parts.
I am a quirky, kitschy crafter.  There, I said it.  I admit it.  And I embrace it.
My vintage loving, thrift store hunting, estate sale rummaging, and unashamed dumpster diving lifestyle is fun, exciting and thrilling to me.  But rarely are those around me who get it.
I recently reached out to Magpie Ethel, who’s crazy collections, and frivolous creations are the stuff of my dreams.  Her crafting studio is up there with Amanda Hayslip in my eyes.  These women are my role models.  I asked her how she gets people to “get” her work.  She told me she was lucky that her community was very accepting and vintage loving.
They make their art, carefree and unashamed of these odd ball and unique creations, that exist only to bring joy and whimsy into the world.  I’ve struggled to find my artistic voice, but when coming across these Instagram feeds and blogs finally proclaim in my heart and mind, “Yes, there ARE others out there!”  Safety in numbers, I suppose.
So this is a plea, for weirdos like me…..(that sounds a lot like a punk rock lyric) who love to craft with vintage found trinkets, and ephemera.  The ones who want to collect boatloads of “good junk” as mom would call it.  Yacht sized collections of nothing but vintage gumball and cracker jack charms, costume jewelry including earrings with screws on the back that may or not be missing their mates, and other trinkets that once graced the shelves of a vintage dimestore for only 10 cents.  Like those items, I am getting more valuable with age.
I’ve been trying to make this surprise ball… or Nicolyndime Prize Puffs (my husband thought up that name) thing work out for some time.  But in reality, I haven’t REALLY been trying.  I’ve done little to get it out there, and it’s not for giving up or failure of the idea.  In fact, soon I’ll be posting about why I’ve had to back burner this idea for a while.
But like a dog with a bone, I’m not going to give up this idea.  I’ve got some new plans in my mind.  I’ve got some new paths to pursue, and I’ve gotta figure out to work it into my crazy busy schedule!  (Trust me, it’s a very good crazy busy.)
Back to the plea…. If you are like me… I want you to “make thyself known” (another hocus pocus reference).  If you collect, or sell these vintage trinkets, Hong Kong dimestore stuff, vintage craft supplies, vintage cake decorating supplies, love going to estate sales, or ogling images of vintage collections on instagram and pinterest, or relate in anyway to what I’m talkin about here, please leave me a comment to see your blog, IG account, shop, etc.  Introduce yourself please, as I’m looking for a community of like minded individuals!