Christmas Decor, Vintage and Nostalgic as always!

Warning!   This is a really picture heavy post.  As a result I won’t babble on about a lot, but I have to say a little bit.
I have a lot more space in this home to get almost all of my vintage goodness out.  I made a lot of vignettes, so here goes…..
First the main tree.  This is the one that holds all of my mom’s vintage ornament collection.
Beside the tree, in the kitchen, is the antique oak ice chest displayed with my nostalgic 50’s era santa, mrs claus, and other collection.  I got that tiny tinsel tree at Hobby Lobby and I love it here in this spot.


Here are all my Christmas chotskies in the kitchen area


Plus this little scene beside my hot drink bar
Coming through the rotunda I have my grandmas vintage putz house collection all set up
Santa is checking his list while keeping an eye on that village.  (santa came all the way from PA, spent the first year in Florida in the storage unit, and then finally got his debut in the house.  I didn’t want the elements harming him after his thousand mile journey.)
Remember that shelf I got on the side of the road….?
This is the true meaning of the season, and I had to squeeze my mom’s manger scene in here, along with my vintage manger scene collection.
In my crafting studio, I have a little pastel vignette.


Even the bathroom has a little vintage in it.
The icing on the cake this year was finding this on Craigslist for a song:


It’s a tinsel tree, (I just missed a real aluminum tree for $75 bucks) but as a result of looking for another one, I found this vintage color wheel plus tinsel tree for $40 bucks, and then all these vintage bulbs plus tree topper for only $12.
I love seeing all of my vintage Christmas memories and collections all over the house!
A walk down memory lane:
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Christmas Gifts from Nicolyndime

Toot Toot!  I’m tooting my own horn today in this feature of… ME.
I’m showcasing some seasonal products from my shop, Nicolyndime, on etsy.
First, there’s still time to get your Santa letters and you won’t even have to pay for, or wait for shipping.  You get an instant download once I create this customized and unique letter for your child.  I use the information you provide to me, so the more detailed you can be the better.


Prize Puffs, which are vintage inspired surprise balls, are abound in the shop!  I even have some special decorated ones this season!
I also created some vintage inspired putz houses, that I am really proud of actually.  I think they look pretty authentic to the originals, and would be a great new collection, or an addition to your already existing one.


Plus I have a lot of vintage treasures that would make great gifts for your vintage loving friends and family!
Visit the shop today!  I’ll be adding more stuff frequently, so check back often.


My Vintage Hauls, Three Rummage Sale Trips

I have been honing in on where the good stuff is, and it’s church rummage sales right now.  The church ladies who may have had these items for a very long time decide it’s high time to get rid of some of this “junk” and to raise some cash for the church.  They often price them at a great deal, and that allows a frugal minded gal get wonderful treasures to enjoy in her own decor!!!!
I won’t bore you with the details but instead let the photos speak for themselves…. without further ado…
Sale 1:  A mini sale of the one I just missed out on at a local church.  Next one is in the spring.
50’s plastic tissue box, Cornflower blue corningware tray, Spring Blossom gemco creamer (will be in shop),  50’s vinyl doll, Madame Alexander Happy Meal Doll, two celluloid angels, Lefton Mrs. Claus Salt Shaker, Mini bottle brush tree, and a stack of vintage paper decorations.
Sale 2:  (Same Day)

Vintage Hanky, Stick pins, Vintage books, Blue Cornflower Corningware percolator, Vintage Hat (etsy shop), Collapsible drink cup with pill holder, vintage greeting cards (but I bought just for the box alone, the cards were a bonus) Pepsi SP shakers (Etsy Shop), mini photo album, Tupperware Condiment container, vintage wrapping paper.

Best of all this sale had a free box…. and look at what I found in there!

Those game boards are amazing, those vintage candles, also amazing, and the chatter teeth remind me of A Christmas Story when the teacher opens the drawer of toys she’s confiscated from her students.  I’ll bet not many folks in today’s world know what that little maraca looking thing is.  Venture to take a guess?
Sale 3: The following weekend… it was an entire Christmas Rummage Sale.  Wow!
I got candle lights, vintage electric tree decor, tablecloths, an apron, ornaments, and a red vintage avon candle.  I love the vintage holidays!
I went on an adventure again, so even though this is not a rummage sale haul, I want to include it here:
I absolutely love it when I come across a vintage find that is priced so well, I don’t even have to consider it.  This wedding cake topper was one.  Only $1, and just the right touch of shabby with it’s yellowed millinery.  It was added right to my collection!  That Town and Country Pyrex bowl will get listed in the etsy shop, and the cooky book is a later version of the one I already have, but I’m keeping it.  Bottle brush trees and vintage snowcouple sp shakers round out that day’s finds.
I can’t wait to get out all of my Christmas Decor!!! I’m getting so excited!