Hurricane Matthew and Halloween Prep

After prepping and getting through our first hurricane, I’m ready to prep for some Halloween.  I had gotten all of the Halloween stuff out, but I had to put it all back when we moved everything away from the windows.
Now I need to get it all back out again.
Before all the excitement of the storm however, I was able to get only one vintage inspired Halloween reproduction noisemaker, and one vintage inspired candy cup made.


One is up for sale in the Etsy shop, and as soon as I can find an affordable way to ship the smaller item, I’ll have that listed too.


Also this week only, Prize puffs and Curio cones are 20% off.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a Halloween goodie that isn’t candy and can entertain for longer than a split second?!  These make great gifts, and if you need any customized, remember I can do that too!
Check it all out in the shop:

etsy title cube




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