Soul Sisters Feature| Female Entrepreneurs who Empower: Melissa Prout

I truly believe that we should all lift one another up, male or female, instead of always attacking and dragging each other down.  Who knows what kind of successes we all might achieve if everyone just helped each other out a little!  Perhaps it’s my recent vulnerability in the blogging world, and how I wish someone were out there to help me out a little, but I wanted to talk about and spread the good news about women who share in my vision of confidence building, and self care.
That’s why I’m doing a special feature each month on female entrepreneurs, bloggers, game changers, and world changers who share my same excitement over helping women feel great about themselves.  I’m calling it “Soul Sisters” because I believe we are all sisters in our soul if we are spreading that positive message.
The first in the feature is Melissa Prout, owner of Prout Portrait Studio & Design, LLC.  Once I visited her website, and read about her message, I knew I had to feature her!


Melissa is a photographer, but it was her description of her subject that really got me.  She specializes in photographing women, and providing them with a little self love in the form of a confidence makeover.  We all need that sometimes!
If we could see ourselves through other people’s eyes, I’ll bet our perceptions would quickly change.  I think that’s what Melissa does for her clients.  She said she loves the moment when a client gasps, “oh wow, that’s really me!?”
She also has a passion for providing a special memento for generations to come and feels honored to be a part of such wonderful life milestones like wedding, maternity, and newborn photo shoots.


Like most of our callings in life, photography found Melissa when she was unhappy in her current life path.  And also with many defining moments, came from a tragedy where she suffered the loss of someone very close to her.  She set out to bring in a bit of happiness, and found her passion for photography.  To this day, she continues to spread that happiness in her work, and her commitment and relationship with her female clients.
I asked Melissa to tell me what she would tell her 10 year old self: “Be brave. Don’t be so nervous to try new things. Quit worrying about looking weird. Play the sports, sing the songs, do the things! Oh! And be nice to your mom. And clean your room you filthy animal.”
Sage advice, Melissa!
What I love about Melissa:
She’s a confident woman who set out in a tough industry to pursue her passions and share those passions with women who need a little self empowerment.  She creates memories; something that I am a huge advocate of, and finds the beauty and magic in everything which is also a notion I promote.  I love that she was able to take her tragedy, and flip the script to turn it into a beautiful life, creating other beautiful moments for women.
*Note*  I was not paid to promote this featured business/ entrepreneur, and it was solely my choice alone to select and feature said individual.  They were selected for the message they embody, and not for specific works cited, or business services.  All photos in this feature are solely the property of Prout Portraits and were used with permission.





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