Vintage and Nostalgic Halloween Home Tour

I had a Halloween Party planned… but everyone started cancelling last minute so we had to cancel last minute.  Truth be told, I may not have gotten out my decorations for a second year in a row if it weren’t for planning that party that never came to fruition.
Last year my precious vintage Halloween collection was still in storage, and I didn’t make it there to get it out.  October crept up on me as I was settling into my new life here in Florida.  This year however, I was able to get it out and add to it a bit.
I enjoyed creating my vignettes, and I always enjoy sharing my memories with my blog readers.
What’s Halloween without a Jack o lantern?  My gramma bought this one for me when I was in elementary school.  I don’t remember there being a huge amount of them before this, and I think I had one of the first electric pumpkins ever.  It’s on the good old oak ice box.

On top of the ice box I have my paper mache vintage reproduction collection.  Most of these are from Pat Catan’s back in PA.  That place was always a sure bet for finding some great, super affordable, holiday decor with a vintage flair.  This year I found this tall black cat on the left at Hobby Lobby.  He fits in well with the family.

Here’s my roadside bookshelf adorned with a cheap Party City tinsel garland and other Pat Catan’s gems.  On top is some REAL vintage Halloween stuff.  These vintage blow molds were found for either $1 or less than a dollar a piece at a great little consignment store back home.  I miss that one too.  Definitely on the list when I visit again.
Remember my bare top of kitchen cabinets, and how I was looking to spruce them up in the last post?  I spruced.  I went a-thrifting and found some additions.  That large paper jack o lantern just to the right of the large black and orange pinwheel has lenticular eyes and I think might be vintage or close to it.  It was a large Hallmark card, and someone laminated it to use for years and years.  The candy corn is a plush boyds bears accessory.  I think I’ll continue looking for or making items to add to this little vignette.
On the other side of my kitchen I had planned to clear this area for a buffet.  My autumn cookbooks, thermos avon cologne, and my made by me vintage inspired Halloween noisemakers create a scene.  I also kept my cast iron stove toy/salesman model since it seemed to fit in nicely.
There’s not much space to decorate in the living room, but I finally got out my gramma’s pumpkin.  It’s a ceramic pumpkin her friend made her in 1976.  I remember this being out every year on the coffee table.  Inside were her little yarn scarecrow, and this plastic fall foliage I placed around the house.  The sign is also a Pat Catan’s find.

Lastly is the decor in the main bathroom.  I found that large wax jack o lantern at Goodwill years ago, and the sign was from Pat Catan’s.  To my surprise, after choosing these decorations, I realized the jack o lanterns on the sign and the ones on the towel nearly matched.  A happy accident, as I wasn’t even meaning for that to happen.  The trolls were from my collection as a kid.  Although I downsized, I kept the holiday ones, an also did the same with my rubber duck collection.
Lastly, I had put together this little candy buffet for our guests before the party got cancelled.  Now it will serve as the candy in case we get trick or treaters.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!  Enjoy the start of the Nostalgia Season!


Not Enough Vintage Halloween! An Easy Halloween Paper Craft.

There’s never enough vintage in my house.  I probably wouldn’t stop until I had a kitchen straight out of a 50’s movie set.  It’s harder to get the vintage going in other areas because, well… it’s not the 50’s anymore!
But I thought I had a LOT of vintage Halloween.  I got it all out, and had it on the floor and it sure looked like a lot.
But once I started setting up my vignettes, I realized… nope, not enough vintage.
This would have been an easy fix in PA.  I would go to the thrifts and find something vintage, or something that looked vintage.  Pat Catan’s (oh how I miss thee) would most likely have some vintage Halloween repro.  Something would have ended up in my cart.
But here in Florida land…. I scoured three thrift stores over the course of several days and all I found was this:
Seriously!  These thrifts should have all the Halloween goodies out… but thrifting is pretty big here so my fear is it is all gone.
So what’s a gal to do when she wants to have more vintage Halloween but there’s none in sight?  You make some of your own of course!
Last night I whipped up some of these easy peasy rosettes, and an elementary school paper chain.
To my delight, they seriously breathed some Halloween style into my kitchen.




 I’m not done, but nice to see that some black and orange construction paper can bring in the festivities.  Soon I’ll be giving you a tour of all of the vignettes in the house, plus the story behind specific items!



Hurricane Matthew and Halloween Prep

After prepping and getting through our first hurricane, I’m ready to prep for some Halloween.  I had gotten all of the Halloween stuff out, but I had to put it all back when we moved everything away from the windows.
Now I need to get it all back out again.
Before all the excitement of the storm however, I was able to get only one vintage inspired Halloween reproduction noisemaker, and one vintage inspired candy cup made.


One is up for sale in the Etsy shop, and as soon as I can find an affordable way to ship the smaller item, I’ll have that listed too.


Also this week only, Prize puffs and Curio cones are 20% off.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a Halloween goodie that isn’t candy and can entertain for longer than a split second?!  These make great gifts, and if you need any customized, remember I can do that too!
Check it all out in the shop:

etsy title cube



Soul Sisters Feature| Female Entrepreneurs who Empower: Melissa Prout

I truly believe that we should all lift one another up, male or female, instead of always attacking and dragging each other down.  Who knows what kind of successes we all might achieve if everyone just helped each other out a little!  Perhaps it’s my recent vulnerability in the blogging world, and how I wish someone were out there to help me out a little, but I wanted to talk about and spread the good news about women who share in my vision of confidence building, and self care.
That’s why I’m doing a special feature each month on female entrepreneurs, bloggers, game changers, and world changers who share my same excitement over helping women feel great about themselves.  I’m calling it “Soul Sisters” because I believe we are all sisters in our soul if we are spreading that positive message.
The first in the feature is Melissa Prout, owner of Prout Portrait Studio & Design, LLC.  Once I visited her website, and read about her message, I knew I had to feature her!


Melissa is a photographer, but it was her description of her subject that really got me.  She specializes in photographing women, and providing them with a little self love in the form of a confidence makeover.  We all need that sometimes!
If we could see ourselves through other people’s eyes, I’ll bet our perceptions would quickly change.  I think that’s what Melissa does for her clients.  She said she loves the moment when a client gasps, “oh wow, that’s really me!?”
She also has a passion for providing a special memento for generations to come and feels honored to be a part of such wonderful life milestones like wedding, maternity, and newborn photo shoots.


Like most of our callings in life, photography found Melissa when she was unhappy in her current life path.  And also with many defining moments, came from a tragedy where she suffered the loss of someone very close to her.  She set out to bring in a bit of happiness, and found her passion for photography.  To this day, she continues to spread that happiness in her work, and her commitment and relationship with her female clients.
I asked Melissa to tell me what she would tell her 10 year old self: “Be brave. Don’t be so nervous to try new things. Quit worrying about looking weird. Play the sports, sing the songs, do the things! Oh! And be nice to your mom. And clean your room you filthy animal.”
Sage advice, Melissa!
What I love about Melissa:
She’s a confident woman who set out in a tough industry to pursue her passions and share those passions with women who need a little self empowerment.  She creates memories; something that I am a huge advocate of, and finds the beauty and magic in everything which is also a notion I promote.  I love that she was able to take her tragedy, and flip the script to turn it into a beautiful life, creating other beautiful moments for women.
*Note*  I was not paid to promote this featured business/ entrepreneur, and it was solely my choice alone to select and feature said individual.  They were selected for the message they embody, and not for specific works cited, or business services.  All photos in this feature are solely the property of Prout Portraits and were used with permission.