Estate Sale Haul

I finally went to an estate sale.  It’s been a hot minute since I went to one, but I got an email that said everything was priced to sell so I figured I may as well check it out.  This sometimes means that either I’m still so cheap or they are still so expensive that I walk out with next to nothing.  But this email specifically stated that they were pricing stuff so that you could resell… so I figured why not?  On Saturday, when I had planned on going, I got an email that said everything was half off, and they were bundling too.  So I figured it was a safe bet.
Friday night I felt a cold coming on, but Saturday morning I was still in denial.  Hubby went with me and I was in an out pretty quickly.  Luckily everything I wanted in the photos was still there, thus proving that most of the things I like… no one else does!  Sometimes it’s good to be the oddball!
My most favorite find was this milk glass vase, of which I owned 4 or 5 before giving them all away to move to FL.  I can’t believe I didn’t keep even one, and when Hubby started bringing me flowers, I quickly realized I didn’t own a vase.  I knew I’d find one.
This one was only a $1.  14368656_981785891931522_6933476035517610418_n
Some of the other notable finds were this mini cake stand, $2.50

This real painting: $5
This vintage handbag.  In rough shape, but I plan to use it in vignettes for decorating.  $1.50  14358829_981784421931669_1737914778895936252_n
And even though I have several, this corningware in my pattern was in such good shape for only $1!  14317550_981784418598336_8660007136419670760_n
I didn’t have the energy to stage these photographs, as Sunday rolled around I stayed on the couch.  I have a long week of teaching ahead and I wanted to get as much rest as possible!  I’ve been throwing all kinds of echinacea, and vitamin c at this cold!
I also stopped at a yard sale by my house on the way home from the estate sale and scored this makeup organizer for 50 cents:


Now on to rest up a bit before I have to suspend from silks with a head cold…. argh!

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