And Speaking of Building Some Confidence….

Hello Lovelies!  Today I launched my very first email subscriber only free course for “Simple Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself.”  If you missed out, you can still catch the rest of the week by signing up now RIGHT HERE:
Free email course image Girly & Thrifty with a Ting of Vintage
But over the weekend, I was the one that needed a little confidence boost.
I have been having some major successes in my real career.  The one I did my whole life, plus earned a degree in; Dance.
I also have years of experience teaching dance.
So I guess I should be a little bit easier on myself when I only have one year blogging experience and only a few months under my belt of the mindset of actually promoting it and growing my following.
I’ve been depressed y’all 😦
I’ve been trying to grow my blog following because I feel a very strong pull to teach what I’ve been calling “Girly Frugality with Confidence.”  The confidence you get for finding frugal and thrifty fashion, beauty, and solutions to your zaniness in the female sector.
But so far it’s been slooow… like slooooooooowwwwwww.  And even though I’m new to all this and learning a lot as I go, I think I figured that if I wrote really good stuff, and had topics people would like, it would get found.
So when it wasn’t, those insecurities started babbling away at me.  “You’re not good enough.  Just stop while you’re ahead and before you make a fool of yourself.  No one really could care less about this fanciful little dream of yours, you know that right?”
And so, as I prepped for my big little launch of my first free ecourse to my very valuable subscribers who are like gold to me (more precious than gold actually), I was going through this hypocritical meltdown of myself.
Luckily I posted in a FB group and I truly believe that God sent me someone to keep me going on, and hanging on.  She was so kind with her words, and took the time to actually read my blog, tell me I was talented, and gave me 5 key points that she thought would help me out.  Most of all, however, she told me that this was completely a-ok and where I am in this journey is TOTALLY ALRIGHT.
You can’t know how those words touched me, and how it made me feel like a weight had been taken off of me.
I had to do some soul searching about what this was all about and I figured it out.
A lot of my life I was told I wouldn’t make anything out of my dreams.  Sometimes your dreams take a long time to play out, and if it was an easily achievable dream, would it really be all that worth it?  NO!  I felt a lot like I should hurry up and prove myself, and hurry up and be useful.  This might take some time, but I’m willing to put in the time and the hard work.
Join me on this journey so we can make discoveries and be cheerleaders together!

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