Free Mini Email Course!


Free email course image Girly & Thrifty with a Ting of Vintage
*Launching September 12th*
I want you guys to think of email from me as a little power up… Super Mario Bros. style.  Like the red and white mushroom that makes you bigger than you were from the start.
 I’m sending monthly recaps to my community of blog subscribers so that you never miss a post, but that’s something just anyone can stumble upon.
So my goal is to create exclusive content for JUST the members of the Nicolyndime Club.  I want you awesome ladies to feel special, and well, AWESOME!
As you know, I focus on frugal beauty and fashion, as well as powerful uplifting content, stories, and advice.
My first FREE mini email course will be a 5 day installment where I send you a little thought each day, along with some actionable steps.  The course title is “5 Secrets to more Confidence in Yourself” and will launch Sept. 12th.  Be sure you are signed up by then to receive day 1.
But that’s not all!  You might receive additional content that I don’t post on the blog.  Additional recommendations, cheat sheets, printables, and whatever else I happen to think may be a great addition to your life, including subscriber only giveaways, extra entries in public giveaways, special pricing and offers on products, and early notice of launches!
So if you’re not already a part of the Nicolyndime Club…What are you waiting for?!

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