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*Launching September 12th*
I want you guys to think of email from me as a little power up… Super Mario Bros. style.  Like the red and white mushroom that makes you bigger than you were from the start.
 I’m sending monthly recaps to my community of blog subscribers so that you never miss a post, but that’s something just anyone can stumble upon.
So my goal is to create exclusive content for JUST the members of the Nicolyndime Club.  I want you awesome ladies to feel special, and well, AWESOME!
As you know, I focus on frugal beauty and fashion, as well as powerful uplifting content, stories, and advice.
My first FREE mini email course will be a 5 day installment where I send you a little thought each day, along with some actionable steps.  The course title is “5 Secrets to more Confidence in Yourself” and will launch Sept. 12th.  Be sure you are signed up by then to receive day 1.
But that’s not all!  You might receive additional content that I don’t post on the blog.  Additional recommendations, cheat sheets, printables, and whatever else I happen to think may be a great addition to your life, including subscriber only giveaways, extra entries in public giveaways, special pricing and offers on products, and early notice of launches!
So if you’re not already a part of the Nicolyndime Club…What are you waiting for?!

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OK I’m ready to formally announce this

(No… I’m not pregnant…)
But I’m pretty proud!
Women are pretty powerful, and you are pretty powerful too.
Right now I feel like every song written about following your dreams, was written just for me.  One of those, walking on the clouds, can’t bring me down, won’t be stifled kind of moods.
And I’ll tell you why….
In one short year, I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could, with little more than sheer will, determination, and some pretty great cheerleaders in my corner.  (you know who you are, and though a few of you may be far away, you’re always close in my heart.)
It wasn’t long ago I was in a pretty bad state of mind.  I didn’t think there was much more for me to experience in this world, and I was jaded and suffocated.  When my husband got relocated to Florida for his job, I moved, leaving everything behind, and began a fresh start.
With no friends, connections, and familiar comfort spots in sight, I buckled down.  Determined to land a dance teaching job.  I sent out a bunch of press kits and waited.  I landed an audition, but the hours weren’t there for me.  I landed another audition and it just didn’t seem like the right fit.  Disheartened, I kind of gave up.  Then I got a call.  She needed a teacher fast, and it just so happened that my resume finally made it to her mailbox.
Dream number 1:  I was hired!
I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and start taking classes in aerial silks, and eventually aerial lyra.  I worked hard, I got a pull up bar, and I went to class all the time, even if I felt I couldn’t do anything and was really far behind.
On a totally random and ordinary day, the owner, asked me if I would like to teach the intro level classes.  I’d hoped that my responsible behaviors, work ethic, and determination to succeed, shone forth and I’d like to think that’s one of the reasons I was hired.
Dream number 2:  Tackling a dream AND getting hired.  (Can you even believe that once I hit 25 years old, I thought I was too old and my opportunities were zilch?!!!)
Not too long ago one of the instructors from that first job I landed needed a substitute for her adjunct faculty job teaching dance at a local college.  She asked me if I’d like to go through the process to become credentialed to teach there.  YES!
Dream number 3: Teaching at the college level.
A lot of people told me that I’d never make anything out of dance.  They scoffed when I wasn’t doing a “real” track of study and threw comments around on how easy it must be to just go to school and dance.  Those people sounded very ignorant to me then, and sound even more so now.
As an adult, and fellow member of humanity, I would tell anyone to follow their dreams.  I’d add that if you work hard, and position yourself in the right track, your odds are better to land that dream job.
Don’t give up… never ever ever give up.  Laugh at the naysayers.  Tell them nothing, but show them how wrong they are.  The best revenge is living a happy life.  🙂
Be the person that makes other people feel good.  You’ll be remembered for that.
You’ll also be remembered for making people feel bad…..
Remember that too….
It’s your choice.


Happy Planner Haul

20160805_151904_resizedAwhile back I posted this Happy Planner haul on my Instagram account, (if you’re following me, you’re totally awesome and I thank ya very much.  If you’re not… why aren’t you!?)  I also hinted at a big announcement for me.  I’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you all, but I was waiting till it actually happened.  And it’s happening…..
But I’m not going to tell you just yet.
I’m making sure that it will actually happen….


But I’m telling ya that I’m going to be pretty busy for a few months, and I needed a great planning system.


A Happy Planning system!
This is the Happy Planner…
I also bought a ton of frugal and fun supplies to go with it.
It might have been an excuse to buy cute stickers….
All of these stickers were $1 per sheet!
I like my planner for memory keeping too, so I wanted to snazzy it up.


I’m really excited to continue to plan, craft and decorate in it.


Here’s what I love about the Happy Planner Concept:
  1. The Planner is Happy!  With designer style pages, and cohesive quirky elements, you can customize this planner anyway you like.  You can add stickers, and washi tape, and lots of Happy Planner designated items that are in the line.  Not to mention that a quick trip to Etsy proved to have a zillion options for add ons, add ins, stickers, and anything else you might want.
  2. There’s a ton of room for the actual planning… plus decorating.
  3. The pages come in and out easily with this awesome disc binding system:20160805_151945_resized
4.  I purchased the 6 month extension pack so I can get a solid 2 years out of this planner.  There are wedding, fitness, and recipe extension packs too!
I think if you can make your planning system fun, and personal, you might have a lot more fun planning out your days!
If you have a Happy Planner or another planner system, I’d love to see how you make your personal planner happy!

Thrift Store Haul

I hadn’t been treasure hunting in a long time so I decided to head to the Goodwill Saturday morning.  I wasn’t in any particular hurry, and I meandered around the store, not interested in clothing, but just to look through the glassware, and household goods.
I hit the jackpot!  I always see posts about others finding pyrex in their Goodwill, and it was more common in PA, but here in Florida it’s tough to find.  When I rounded the aisle and spotted all this pyrex I had to contain myself.
Then came the tough decision of what to take and what to leave…
I knew what I wanted for myself, and that’s easy to decided whether or not I want to spend the high thrift store price on them.  Goodwill caught wind a while back that a lot of people were losing their minds over the old pyrex and started raising their prices to match.
I immediately put the blue ones in my basket, since they match my kitchen perfectly.  Then I began to debate whether or not to take or leave the orange and avocado green pyrex.  The orange was in pretty good shape, but a quick look on etsy showed that the same collection wasn’t priced much higher than the thrift store price.  After much debate I settled on leaving it, as I wasn’t willing to risk shipping such a heavy glass casserole, and risking the destruction of it in the mail.
It was here however, that I also struck up a conversation with a nice woman who has a little vintage wares booth in a local mall.  I just love talking to people after my own heart.  She spotted these Pastel Lu-Ray plates in my cart and told me she donated a few just like that, and in fact thought they were hers.  So I settled on the idea that they WERE hers, and thanked her for donating them!
I did find a few items that will be listed in the shop, including these state souvenir cups, and this very interesting, signed, 1940’s razor receiver.  At first I thought it was a bank, that you had to break.  Luckily I looked up the stamp on the bottom, and boy was I shocked to find out what it was!  I just love finding little bits of history at the thrift!
I originally bought the small red pyrex refrigerator dish to put in the shop, but then it was calling to be added to this vignette here:
So woman’s prerogative… and I decided to keep it.  This way if I ever run into a yellow refrigerator dish.. I’ll have a complete set!
And they are home!

Sealed with a Kiss, Lipstick Fixative review

Awhile back I was at Sally Beauty Supply, and I bought this on an impulse.  I asked the woman working if it really worked, kind of with a skeptic tone.  She said she didn’t know first hand but a woman comes in all the time to buy 5 in one visit.  Well, with that I spent about $5 on this product and took it home.


I really hadn’t thought about it since my normal lipstick stays so well.  But, (and if you’re a lipstick wearer you know what I’m talking about here) sometimes it’s not always easy thinking into the future about where and what you might eat if you’re going to a restaurant.
The other day I decided to try this out on a random trip shopping and errands… and we just so happened to end up at a burger place.. which was a great test to this product.
And I’m sad to say… it was a flop.  But you know I’m always willing to give something a second shot, and if it works next time… I’ll be sure to update you.
But here’s my experience:
The product claims to seal and fix your lipstick, and can prevent feathering if applied under the lipcolor.  I usually hate this because I feel like it’s going to transfer to the lipstick itself.
So I decided to try it by sealing it over top my lip color.
Problem number one:  I couldn’t actually get the roller ball to start rolling.  So to get the product out, I had to squeeze it onto my finger.


I did try to roll it onto my lips, and I saw a flaw right off the bat.
Problem number 2:  The color from my lipstick would have rolled into the fixative if the ball was actually rolling.  But the product is very liquid so I just squeezed some out and wiped and dabbed it gently onto the entire lip and lip line.
It started to get tacky and dry quickly, but it never really dried fully… so that sticky tacky feeling stayed with me the entire day.
Problem number 3:  Which meant my hair kept sticking to it…. and who knows what else.
I didn’t check myself in the mirror before our impromptu trip to grab lunch at the burger place.  Before I dug in, I blotted my lips onto the napkin and, problem number 4; all of the lip color just came right off as if there was no fixative on at all.  I ended up wiping all of it off very easily, with no rubbing or excessive wiping.
Overall it’s a flop… and there was no point in taking photos.  I’m really sad because it would have been awesome if this worked.
And on that note, if anyone DOES have a rave review on a lipstick fixative, I’d love to know so I can give that one a shot!