I’m Looking for You!

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If you are an awesome female, who wants to look great and feel great in a community that wants to be uplifted and focus on the simple happy moments in life… I’m looking for you!
This blog is an extension of me.  I’m the author behind it, and such it should act as a living and breathing human being.  It started out on one path, but along the way has made discoveries, and decisions, and maybe isn’t EXACTLY the same, but has the same ideas at its core.
I think it’s great!  I think it’s great when things, and people, can grow for the better.  And it’s this mentality that is the subject of today’s post.
You might have noticed some changes around here if you are a loyal follower.  There is no sign up for notifications of every blog post anymore, but instead a sign up for joining a community.
This community is one that I believe in with every fiber of my being.  At its core is the simple idea that when you can adopt a vintage “Leave it to Beaver” ideaology about life, better things will happen.  What do I mean?  Every day wake up with the Golden Rule in mind.  Treat others as though you’d like to be treated.  Live an honest to goodness life, spread good, do good.   It might not always be reciprocated, but if you’re really looking, there will be moments that can outshine any oversight.
This blog was created to talk about frugal beauty, and a frugal lifestyle.  That kind of thought process was passed down to me by my grandma.  Waste not want not.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  BUT many of us live in a world that tells us more is more.  I believe in a happy balance.  Be frugal so you can have some splurges, and some luxuries.
There’s a lot of malarky out there, especially around the beauty industry.  So I wanted to share my stories of finding awesome fashions at thrift stores, great beauty products at drugstores, and give honest reviews on those products.  I want to teach women, who enjoy entertaining, how to do it the frugal way, so you can have less stress AND entertain more often!  I want to provide simple solutions for women who need less chaos in their lives.  And I want to share powerful, uplifting words of experience from someone who’s been down a dark road, and can now see the light.

So if any of this rings true to you, then like Uncle Sam, I want you!  I want you to sign up to be a part of the community here:  The Nicolyndime Club.

I also want you to spread the word!  Please share!
I have a lot of exciting ideas for the future!  And I want you to join me so you can come along for the crazy ride.
When you join, you will automatically receive a pdf download of my skincare suggestions for any skin type at the drugstore, and an exclusive VIP invite to my Nicolyndime Club Facebook Group!  Instead of getting a notice every time I post, I will send a blog post recap at the end of the month, and you’ll also be part of the first group to learn about my new launches, advice, and other updates from Nicolyndime.
I really hope you’ll join us!

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Free Password Printable

Password list
If you are like me, you have about 3 million passwords to sites ranging from your banking institutions to your local pizza place.  I had them all written on a notebook page, but now I can’t even find them on there anymore!!!  So I needed a solution.
A quick search showed me there are password planners, (of course there are) that act like address books.  I didn’t want to order one when I can create a solution to my problem.  And I’ll bet you have the same problem so I’m sharing my solution with you!
This free printable is easy.  Just click and print the PDF.  You can print them back and front, and then fill in the alphabetical information as needed at the top.  Just fold in half and staple them together like a book.  When you need to add a page you can easily do so by removing the staples and inserting a new page.
Organization makes like so much easier, and I hope this quick, free printable will add a little help to manage your chaos.

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Have you joined my community of like-minded women yet?  I’m looking for women who want to look great and feel great on a budget!  When you sign up you will get a freebie right off the bat, plus I’ll send monthly newsletters recapping all of my posts for the month.  I do honest drugstore beauty reviews, and wholesome inspirational posts to save time and money.

Happy Fourth of July and Surprise!

Happy Independence Day, and Happy Birthday America!  My husband wanted to invite a bunch of our friends over for the 4th of July weekend to cookout.  It was our first big shindig in the new house.  I finally got to use a lot of my wedding gifts!
Pink lemonade clearly needs some mixing…..but these little chalkboard signs were so cute!
Soooo since we were having everyone over anyway, I decided to hijack his gathering and throw a surprise birthday in for him too.
I let everyone know and we had a cake for him.  His birthday isn’t until mid July so he was surprised!  I made my own hockey cake toppers….and the colors were black and gold!
As usual, I had to throw my touch on the party decor.  I had some red, white, and blue tableware, and tossed in some patriotic items from around our home.  (A 48 star wool flag from an estate sale in PA.)
We had grilled hamburgers, brats, and chicken, corn, and I made ribs in the oven.  Our sides were fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad, and roasted vegetables.  For dessert you can see I made a hockey brownie, store bought cookies, and the cake and ice cream.  See my corningware in action?
My husband was really surprised and a little embarrassed because of the outpouring of generosity.
It was a nice evening, and I can’t wait for the next one!