Thrift Stores are People too (kinda like the Spice Girls maybe?)

Yeah, this is how I feel about the local thrifts.  Some people you just gravitate towards, and just click with, while others you choose not to spend exuberant amounts of time with.  Some of the thrifts act like friends you haven’t seen in awhile, and you’d like to stop in and see what’s new!
As I was typing this I realized the local gals (thrifts) are kinda like the Spice Girls.  (90’s child… I can’t help it.)
The Groovy Chica: AKA Ginger Spice.  I’ve got a few local thrifts that I like to stop into regularly.  One is beachside, and has those beachside vibes.  It’s sandwiched in between a health food grocery and a yoga studio.  It fits right into that energy.  I know if I want to find something hip, groovy, chic, or funky, that I can find it there.
The Hoarder:  AKA Scary Spice.  Down the road a bit, also on beachfront, I like to stop into a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store.  When I stop into this store, I know I’ll be able to find some upscale items in the front “new” store, and some garage sale deals in the back “old” store.  I make sure that I have time to really pore over all of the items.  I have found some of my best vintage goodies here, but it IS hit or miss.  In the front upscale portion everything looks neat and orderly, but there are some hoarding tendencies in the second building.  You can’t be scared to go digging to find that gem, and you have to be sometimes a little authoritative as the volunteer cashiers tend to accidentally add up your total in THEIR favor.

Found at the “Hoarder Thrift”.  NOT for sale.

The Minimalist:  AKA Sporty Spice.  Yet another church thrift, this store is somewhat small, but I’ve found lots of treasures stopping in on a whim.  I usually don’t need a ton of time to browse through, ad there are only a few clothing racks, pieces of furniture, household goods, and books organized into one large open space.
Popular Girl:  AKA Posh Spice. Goodwill, WITH an attached clearance center.  Clothing in excess.  This one rules the area.  Always busy, always popular, and always stocked full of clothing if you are willing to search.  It’s hit or miss with household goods, and I’ve rarely found any good vintage treasures here.  Shoes also tend to be hit or miss.  Next door is the clearance center where you buy clothing by the pound.  This gal has more than enough to go around.
The Sweet Giver: AKA Baby Spice.  A local thrift that benefits local doggies and kitties.  It’s quite common to see a furbaby face when visiting.  They have a small pet section, and a small selection of boutique arranged clothing and shoes.  This thrift is quiet in it’s presence, and has a pleasant and quaint demeanor.
And believe it or not I’m still meeting new thrifts.  The other day driving by the hospital, I made a detour and found a thrift I want to explore.  What other girl bands await to be discovered in the local thrifts?  I wonder….




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