Michael Todd Soniclear Review Follow Up

A long while back on my youtube channel I filmed a Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Facial Cleansing Brush Unboxing.  You can find it here.  I have since been able to use the brush consistently for several months and can give you my honest review.  Once again, this is a review on my own accord, and is unsolicited.  I have not been paid for this review.
  1.  I can 100% say that the Michael Todd is equal to the effectiveness of the Clarisonic.  The bristles in the brush may be a bit more sturdy, and less soft.  But this can easily be adjusted with the high or low level of the sonic vibration.  I love that I have used the brush for several months, and there is no staining on the brush head, and seems to stay cleaner for longer.
  2. It has the c boost:  Which if I’m honest, I’ve not been using regularly.  When I do use it though, it’s a nice gentle massage for my face, and sort of feels like it could be increasing circulation.  Blood flow does equal better skin quality, so maybe… just maybe, there might be something to that c boost feature.
  3. No breakouts when used regularly, just like the Clarisonic.
  4. So much more affordable for the actual cleansing brush, AND the brush heads.  They recommend changing them every 6 months, and the brush heads are a tad less expensive overall.  Up to $108 per year for Clarisonic brush head vs up to $50 for Soniclear.
  1.  No protective outer immobile bristles.  Clarisonic has a smaller movable area for the brush head because there is a circle of outer layer bristles that protects from splashing.  Because the Soniclear doesn’t have this feature, there is a certain degree of splashing and spray onto the bathroom mirror.. or my husband that might be brushing his teeth standing right next to me.  It’s a small price to pay for not paying a large price…. see what I did there?
  2. Another small silly con.  If you just so happen to power off the unit when it’s ready to beep to signal you to move to another facial area… you might have the machine screaming at you.  It could just be mine, but this has happened more than a few times to me.  I guess my timing is impeccable.  The first time it happened I panicked because, well it’s not like I can take out the battery to get it to stop making that horrible high pitched screaming noise!  But I resolved it quickly by turning it back on and off again.
And that’s about it!  Overall, I love the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Facial Cleansing Brush!  I hope in the future that the company will create some other brush heads.  My favorite was the deep pore cleansing brush head from Clarisonic, and I’d love that feature for my Soniclear.    The cons aren’t really that earth shattering to keep me from purchasing this over the Clarisonic, and overall I’m glad I took the chance on this more affordable option.
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90’s Inspired Nails

The time was the 90’s.  The movie was Clueless.  And the nail polish launched this nontraditional hue to the forefront.  A baby blue polish was on “Cher” and so that same color flooded all of the pre teen stores of the time.  This color reminds me of going to the Limited too…. and buying my first pair of flared jeans.  Those trips were fun, as I thought about how cool and fashionable I’d be in high school.
Alas, I was so not a “cool kid” in high school, but I am now unafraid of my out of the box fashion choices.
I love this Wet n Wild nail polish in “putting on airs” because it reminds me of that Hard Candy baby blue nail polish.
I first hated it when I started putting it on… but as soon as I dried, I LOVE IT!


The formula also was self leveling, had good coverage, and wasn’t all thick and hard to work with.  Plus it’s Wet n Wild… a brand that’s been around since before my time, and I love them!!!
Enjoy this flashback to the 90’s.

Thrift Stores are People too (kinda like the Spice Girls maybe?)

Yeah, this is how I feel about the local thrifts.  Some people you just gravitate towards, and just click with, while others you choose not to spend exuberant amounts of time with.  Some of the thrifts act like friends you haven’t seen in awhile, and you’d like to stop in and see what’s new!
As I was typing this I realized the local gals (thrifts) are kinda like the Spice Girls.  (90’s child… I can’t help it.)
The Groovy Chica: AKA Ginger Spice.  I’ve got a few local thrifts that I like to stop into regularly.  One is beachside, and has those beachside vibes.  It’s sandwiched in between a health food grocery and a yoga studio.  It fits right into that energy.  I know if I want to find something hip, groovy, chic, or funky, that I can find it there.
The Hoarder:  AKA Scary Spice.  Down the road a bit, also on beachfront, I like to stop into a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store.  When I stop into this store, I know I’ll be able to find some upscale items in the front “new” store, and some garage sale deals in the back “old” store.  I make sure that I have time to really pore over all of the items.  I have found some of my best vintage goodies here, but it IS hit or miss.  In the front upscale portion everything looks neat and orderly, but there are some hoarding tendencies in the second building.  You can’t be scared to go digging to find that gem, and you have to be sometimes a little authoritative as the volunteer cashiers tend to accidentally add up your total in THEIR favor.

Found at the “Hoarder Thrift”.  NOT for sale.

The Minimalist:  AKA Sporty Spice.  Yet another church thrift, this store is somewhat small, but I’ve found lots of treasures stopping in on a whim.  I usually don’t need a ton of time to browse through, ad there are only a few clothing racks, pieces of furniture, household goods, and books organized into one large open space.
Popular Girl:  AKA Posh Spice. Goodwill, WITH an attached clearance center.  Clothing in excess.  This one rules the area.  Always busy, always popular, and always stocked full of clothing if you are willing to search.  It’s hit or miss with household goods, and I’ve rarely found any good vintage treasures here.  Shoes also tend to be hit or miss.  Next door is the clearance center where you buy clothing by the pound.  This gal has more than enough to go around.
The Sweet Giver: AKA Baby Spice.  A local thrift that benefits local doggies and kitties.  It’s quite common to see a furbaby face when visiting.  They have a small pet section, and a small selection of boutique arranged clothing and shoes.  This thrift is quiet in it’s presence, and has a pleasant and quaint demeanor.
And believe it or not I’m still meeting new thrifts.  The other day driving by the hospital, I made a detour and found a thrift I want to explore.  What other girl bands await to be discovered in the local thrifts?  I wonder….



Do You Get It? The struggle with being a creative.


It’s time for the first Monday quote, and I’ll be honest, lately I have been struggling with getting the world to understand my ideas.  I’m looking for a creative business coach because I believe in the ideas I have, but just need someone to help me organize and cultivate them.  How many of you feel like just giving up most of the time?  It’s hard to have a creative mind and to present ideas that aren’t widely accepted, but just keep being you!

My Florida Room Tour

On Monday I presented a Florida Room Inspiration Board that Global Real Estate Firm, Douglas Elliman asked me to create to inspire people to use their outdoor spaces year round.
When we lived in our last rental, we had a nice screened in patio, but it had a screen roof too, making it hard to add anything other than my potted plants and traditional outdoor elements for decor.
Our new rental has a porch with an actual roof, so I got creative using some cozy fabric elements.

My florida room

Let me take you on the tour…
Before the porch was just a concrete box.  It felt like a prison.  Hard, Cold, and featureless… it definitely needed a little of my nicolyndime touch.  A perfect excuse to thrift a little.  Our $75 patio set is a lonely sight.
I knew I wanted to add some light sheer curtains.  Walmart has sheer curtain panels for around $5 a piece.  I used my favorite way to hang curtains, tension rods, for a simple no damage, no hardware solution.


I found some cheap rag rugs from walmart and stitched them together.  I made two separate rugs so that I could more easily throw them into the waster and dryer.




I purchased some yarn in a color that blended in with the various colors of the rug.  Each rug is actually made up of 3 kitchen rag rugs.


After the rugs were down, I thrifted some pillows in matching colors.  They were $1 and $3 each.
I had a little spot by the sliding glass doors where I imagined a bistro set.  This table was found at a thrift store.  The owner was selling it as a set with bulky wicker chairs that I knew would not fit.  I kindly asked the owner if she would break up her set and she said she would.  She had a piece of felt over the table as a tablecloth, and when I lifted the felt, was surprised to see a decorator table.



She wanted $10 for it, but after I explained that I could get one new online for $8 with coupons, I offered her $5 and she kindly took it.


I draped it with some red fabric I had, and bought two $10 black metal chairs from Walmart.  Can you see husband’s walker in the background from his epic leg breaking incident?   😦   If you follow me on Instagram, you already know about this!
Next was the most fun part, and that was to find objects that fit in with my theme.  Here I displayed a ceramic tree stump container that belonged to my grandma with a church rummage sale gnome bank found for 50 cents.  Most other objects were already in my possession, like my affinity with old pop bottles, small apothecary jars, shabby chic silver lazy susan, and flea market ceramic and glassware for pennies on the dollar.  Also I brought some of my plant collection in, with a dollar aloe plant rescued from the Lowes clearance shelf, and some free aloe pups that I got from craigslist.  A ceramic fish I made in 6th grade art class, and a heavy lantern I found on the side of the road round out the look.  Makeshift side tables that are certainly weatherproof were improvised by using some of our many leftover Rubbermaid tubs from moving all around!
At night the string lights I hung with outdoor command hooks bring a peaceful coziness to the area that even looks great from sitting inside the living room looking out.
The total project cost around $100 for the tension rods, curtains, pillows, table, chairs, rugs, and odds and ends.  See how you can be frugal and still create a great space?