Florida Room!

I recently learned of Douglas Elliman, a global real estate firm.  They were looking for bloggers to design inspiration boards for the “Florida Room” to inspire buyers that are looking for Florida Property.  You can check out their current listings here.  DOUGLAS ELLIMAN
For those of you that don’t know what a Florida room might be, they are also sometimes called a 3 season room, patio, lanai,  or outdoor living space.  Here in Florida, most of them are screened in, making it nicer to enjoy without the mosquitoes eating you alive.
I designed a Florida Room Inspiration Board that remains true to my brand of frugal friendly and DIY.
florida room inspo board


Large DIY Projects:  Think about your space, and how you’d like to use it.  Whether you have a large space and can fit a dining room table and chairs, or just a smaller table with a bench, these items can be affordably found at thrift stores, and even alongside the road.  I suggest painting these finds with outdoor house paint to hold up against the elements.  Paint is a quick and cheap way to make items look fresh, matching, and custom.
DIY Crafts:  Traditionally a Florida Room features the ocean and sea worthy elements, but I’m going to tell you that it doesn’t HAVE to be.  I think you should make it whatever your little heart desires!  Olddesignshop.com has lots of free vintage graphics and images to download, and you could easily get them enlarged to make a statement piece of art, or print out your own in smaller frames.  Paint small bottles with a school glue and food coloring mixture to give ordinary glass that coveted sea glass look.  Or you can purchase Martha Stewart’s frosted glass paint in any shade to match your decor.  Did you know that you can dye play sand to give it a matching look too?  Just use your food coloring and mix mix mix away.  You can also do this with epsom salts!  Nestle candles inside pickle, spaghetti and other interestingly shaped jars (after you’ve washed and dried them of course.)  Give your outdoor space a romantic and cozy feel by using some holiday lights.  This hula hoop chandelier is an easy project to create a focal point and some lighting with a wow factor.  Simple wrap with matching ribbons or lace, use fishing line to hang, and use icicle lights to create a chandelier to match your tastes.
Easy Nautical Elements:  A Florida Room doesn’t have to look like your brought the beach home.  You can get some rope at a craft or hardware store and use the internet to learn some sailing knots.  Frame them in a shadow box, use the knots to tie back curtains, or wrap around accent pillows like shown.  Even more simply, fill clear glass jars with rope to stagger about.  Maybe you’re a bit more quirky in style, like me, and you dream about the whimsical, mythical world of mermaids, and sunken ships.  Why not create a mermaid garden, or purchase cheap coral and other aquarium charms from Walmart.  Use your trusty paint to give everything a cohesive look, and if you’re like me, accent with some glitter!
Collections:  I believe every space should be you.  If you have collections, make sure they overflow out to your Florida Room space.  This would be a great spot for your seashell collections from vacations, but don’t forget less likely collections like the beautiful colored glass pictured above.  Even a small shelf with a few select pieces would make a big impact on your patio.  Keep in mind that they elements may be coming in, depending on the structure of your space.  Don’t display anything that could be ruined by rain, heat, wind, and sunshine.
Other ideas:
This is your space, and you should love it.  Florida Rooms don’t have to look like you live in Florida if that’s not your thing.  Maybe you love pink (like me).


This room design gives a beachy feel with no blue or green in sight, and the artwork could be easily swapped out for other decor options.


Maybe you want a reading nook, and have the enclosed porch to display your book collection without ruin.  A sunroom would make a quaint and quiet library.
And of course, if the beach, water, and pastels aren’t your thing, and you long to be in the lush forests far from the beach, you can create a green oasis in your outdoor space.


Always select plants that are right for your area, climate, and amount of sun.  Here you can see zero sand and surf in sight, but the space still feels like an outdoor escape.
The most important thing to have when you are designing a space is an open mind.  I challenge you to go thrifting and find items that you gravitate towards.  Ask yourself how you can change these items to fit your Florida Room and the kind of space you want to create.  The possibilities are endless!
On Wednesday, I’ll show you how I used very simple, frugal, design ideas to make our screened in porch into a nice little entertaining and relaxing spot.
(This is NOT a sponsored post and I was not paid by Douglas Elliman.  The ideas and inspiration on the board are completely my own.)



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