Party Planning: June Vision Board

june picnic party

This month I bring you the June Party Planning Vision Board for my go to image of a June Picnic.  Father’s Day is June 19th, but this party would fit for any reunion, gathering, or birthday party too!
What is a June picnic without the old fashioned nostalgia of red and white checked gingham?!  Plates, cups, napkins, and additional boxes for snacks to carry around are adorned with the cheeky pattern.  I also added some red chevron, polka dot, and striped bamboo cutlery to the mix.  Plastic hot dog containers can also hold small packets of condiments, hand wipes, or the packets of individual sunscreen at the bottom left hand corner of the board.  These are nice for guests that may have forgotten their own sunblock.
Keep small children entertained while eating by allowing them to play with picnic sticker play sets, and afterwards big kids and little kids alike will love to play or watch some lawn games like large tic tac toe, or chutes and ladders.  Keep the game going into the night by using the ring toss both in the day time, and night time with the addition of glow in the dark necklaces.  These are great for guests to wear too.  Don’t forget to light up your outdoor party at night with these solar light lawn markers, and send guests home with a hamburger key chain to remember their party with you!
If you use my vision board for your blog, or inspiration for your own party, please give me credit, and I would love to see photos of your actual shindig!



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