Taking a Step in the Box! Easy Parties in a Box, Nicolyndime’s Party Parcels.

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When God brought my husband into my life, I began a plan to rethink Peachy Keen Party Queen, the side party planning business I had developed while living in Pittsburgh.  I knew I had to take the show on the road, and fortunately with the internet making commerce (kinda) easy these days I quickly hatched a plan.
As I began my research, to my surprise, there weren’t many party businesses in the way that I had envisioned mine.  I wanted to create hand embellished, and carefully curated party kits that would arrive directly to your door for a stress free, easy solution to having an at home party.  I started planning out the Nicolyndime Party Parcel, which is exactly that.  In your kit you will receive everything you need to put together a fabulous party.  My kit is different in that in comes with hand decorated features, and ideas to help you put everything together.  Even though I can’t provide the food and cupcakes, I also give you easy ideas for entertaining and feeding the children party guests.
I also quickly found that there is a lack of customizable options, and services for someone who needs help creating something from scratch.  As a result, I will also be offering my party planning services, through email, to help you find your way to party success.  Lots of people don’t have the time to scour the internet or drive around town to find coordinating party decor or themed activities, favors, and tableware.
Over the next few weeks, I will be setting up my website here, and also my etsy shop to accommodate those that are lost in the party planning jungle, and need a little rescuing.
My passion is planning fun, coordinating, bright parties, and making them super easy for busy people.
I have launched my first few parties today, with more themes to follow.  Check them out below:

Thumbnails princess                    Thumbnails fairy

Thumbnails pirate                    Thumbnails colorful


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