Nail polish look of the month!

I’m trying hard to take some time to do things for myself… like do my nails more often!


So I figure if I feature some nail art looks on the blog… I will keep up with it.  Once a month I’ll show you what I’m doing with my nails… because I’m so sure that’s the highlight of your day!!!
This time I combined a bunch of shimmer and glitter to make a rich looking nail art.  So rich that it looks like liquid gold.  But not like the mac and cheese liquid gold… that would be gross.


I used 4 nail colors to achieve this look.  First was a gold color from Five Below called “In the Flash”  and then I layered an ombre glitter on the nail tips in N.Y.C 102a L.A. Girl Glitzy and Ulta Boogie Nights.
I was particularly happy with how it looks in the sun.




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