Party Planning: Vision Board

mothers day tea vision board

Today I am bringing you the first in a monthly series of Party Planning Vision Boards.  These are tools to help you visualize a theme, or a pathway to your perfect party or event.  I love creating parties with wonderful details to make guests feel special, and I typically start with something quite similar to this.
This month I am focusing on a Mother’s Day theme.  This Mother’s Day tea party is everything girly, and perfect for Mommy to have with her children.  Focus all of the party decor on making the table settings the focal point of the party, with additional buffet space complementing the atmosphere.  Use cute and decorative platters as centerpieces, and display delicious cupcakes.  Hang pink and purple paper lanterns above the table to give the space an enchanting look.  Dress guests up in pearl beaded necklaces and allow them to create charm bracelets as favors.  Create place setting favors by tying paper or cloth napkins with cute tea party theme lollipops and yarn, or baker’s twine.  Provide an assortment of light teas, with cream, sugar, honey, and lemon (keeping in mind any dietary restrictions of guests) and let the kiddos have their spill free “tea cups” with a straw.  Everyone will love sitting at such a beautifully decorated tea table, and enjoying the time to chat and relax.
Whatever you do, remember the women you love on Mother’s Day.



Monthly Vision Boards: Party Planning Inspiration

I do apologize that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I did in the past.  I am reworking my brand, and at the same time I have had a great many dance job offers out of the blue (which I am absolutely loving!!).
I’d rather not post fluff just to post, and instead post things that I am really passionate about.  I am trying to have more of a variety of everything I love.. and that’s a lot, so bear with me while I work this all out.
One thing I love is party planning.  I don’t know about you, but I love entertaining.  It’s been hard moving to a totally new state, 1,000 miles from everyone you knew, but at the same time I am meeting a lot of fun and wonderful people.  Since we moved into a way larger place, I have been brainstorming about great themed parties again.  So, I am bringing you an inspiration board for a party each and every month.
This month I am featuring a Mother’s Day Tea Party, which I will post on Wednesday.  Come back to see it then!
Let’s go back in time today…… (cue that wavy dream sequence where I tilt my head in pensive thought).
Years back I had a little vintage 40’s and 50’s inspired tea party.  I invited a few close women and we had a nice afternoon of relaxing and girl talk.
The vision was a super feminine, frilly, and delicate party with childhood delights in mind.
I created a Spring menu:


And set the table with pastels.  You can see some of my etsy creations were alive and well back then.


The pastel colored apple bowls were a Goodwill find.  And I created my own cloth napkins, and embellished them with a vintage brooch.
It was also my best friend’s birthday, so I made a 4 layer pastel cake.  I decorated the top with some colored chocolate hearts that I made from a chocolate mold.


Favors included a small candy buffet….
and these very prize puff inspired carry out boxes full of small girly trinkets.
It was a fun afternoon, and I miss my best friend and her mom (my Ma B) but friends are always close in our hearts!
Tune in Wednesday to see my Mother’s Day Tea Party Vision Board!


Taking a Step in the Box! Easy Parties in a Box, Nicolyndime’s Party Parcels.

Etsy Banner Polka Dot

When God brought my husband into my life, I began a plan to rethink Peachy Keen Party Queen, the side party planning business I had developed while living in Pittsburgh.  I knew I had to take the show on the road, and fortunately with the internet making commerce (kinda) easy these days I quickly hatched a plan.
As I began my research, to my surprise, there weren’t many party businesses in the way that I had envisioned mine.  I wanted to create hand embellished, and carefully curated party kits that would arrive directly to your door for a stress free, easy solution to having an at home party.  I started planning out the Nicolyndime Party Parcel, which is exactly that.  In your kit you will receive everything you need to put together a fabulous party.  My kit is different in that in comes with hand decorated features, and ideas to help you put everything together.  Even though I can’t provide the food and cupcakes, I also give you easy ideas for entertaining and feeding the children party guests.
I also quickly found that there is a lack of customizable options, and services for someone who needs help creating something from scratch.  As a result, I will also be offering my party planning services, through email, to help you find your way to party success.  Lots of people don’t have the time to scour the internet or drive around town to find coordinating party decor or themed activities, favors, and tableware.
Over the next few weeks, I will be setting up my website here, and also my etsy shop to accommodate those that are lost in the party planning jungle, and need a little rescuing.
My passion is planning fun, coordinating, bright parties, and making them super easy for busy people.
I have launched my first few parties today, with more themes to follow.  Check them out below:

Thumbnails princess                    Thumbnails fairy

Thumbnails pirate                    Thumbnails colorful

Vintage Denim Patch Jacket DIY


A few years back my mother in law gave my husband all of his merit badges from his scout days.  I still have my mom’s girl scout sash with all of her patches, and though I could never rip the patches off that, I wanted a way to display my husband’s patches.
I don’t know when I came up with this idea, or where inspiration hit, but shortly after I had it I found one in an estate sale listing.  I went a little after the sale and it was already gone.  Then I found one on etsy, and it was listed at $300.  I knew I was on to something.
I have since been finding some vintage patches here and there, and I incorporated those into this jacket as well.
Plus it was an excuse to go to the thrift store!!!  Goodwill had a few different denim jackets but I selected one that looked very vintage.
First I laid all of the patches out the way I wanted to sort them (small, medium, large) and then I placed them on the jacket to my liking.  I took a photo, and thought to stitch them in place just to hold them there so I didn’t have a ton of straight pins throughout the jacket.



But I quickly realized that only one stitch wasn’t holding my patch in place while I hand stitched around the patch, and it was shifting.  This one had to be undone.


So I grabbed my liquid stitch to hold them in place, and this idea worked a lot better!


I wanted to use this clear thread for everything, but it was too thin to stay in the patch, and the knot wouldn’t hold.  SO….after finding matching thread for every patch…I’m still not totally done!  My fingers hurt, and sewing some of these patches is hard work!


I will debut and model this jacket as soon as I get the last 2 patches sewn on… and hopefully I find my shutter button in the meantime….so I can take easier photos.


Not every patch made the cut, but I will continue to add more onto the back when I have enough that look just right.
I love this DIY because you can make a collection into a wearable piece of art.  My husband likes that I am honoring his childhood days too.


Nail polish look of the month!

I’m trying hard to take some time to do things for myself… like do my nails more often!


So I figure if I feature some nail art looks on the blog… I will keep up with it.  Once a month I’ll show you what I’m doing with my nails… because I’m so sure that’s the highlight of your day!!!
This time I combined a bunch of shimmer and glitter to make a rich looking nail art.  So rich that it looks like liquid gold.  But not like the mac and cheese liquid gold… that would be gross.


I used 4 nail colors to achieve this look.  First was a gold color from Five Below called “In the Flash”  and then I layered an ombre glitter on the nail tips in N.Y.C 102a L.A. Girl Glitzy and Ulta Boogie Nights.
I was particularly happy with how it looks in the sun.




First Monday Quote!

I’ve been thinking about how I want to breathe new life into the blog and fully encompass everything I’m all about.  One thing I LOVE is those little quotes that people post all over social media that totally sum up an attitude, thought, or idea.  So what better way to start the first Monday of the month, than a little inspirational or funny quote to lead our way into the new moon?
Today’s quote comes from  I googled girl power quotes and this came up.   I loved it, and so I’ll share it with all of you.


This is true on many levels.  It’s important that we as women not allow ourselves to become victims, be it of circumstance, environment, society, or sometimes our biggest critic, ourselves.