Reworking this blog! You better WERK!

Recently I’ve been wanting to re think the blog.  When I was younger I used to diy a lot of things from thrift stores for fashion.  I’ve been seeking inspiration by looking for instagram accounts that strike my fancy, and I’m trying to find my place in this blogging world.  I have so many passions, and though they seem to me to totally flow together, sometimes I think others don’t see my vision.  But hey that’s life.
I welcome any kind of ideas from you, my followers, subscribers, and visitors to the blog.  Do you want to see more diy, makeup tutorials, frugal ideas??  What do you all want to know about?
I was trying to do an allure beauty magazine look of the month tutorial, but then I realized that I was saying how easy and simple the look was each month.  I love that Allure has been focusing on the natural beauty of the face, but I want to flex my creative makeup muscle, and teach you all to do that at home!
I want to do some monthly features, and leave it open for some discussion and inspiration topics, but I’m really curious to hear what you would like to read, view, and learn, all month long!
So please let me know!  Whether you are just passing by, or you’re a faithful follower. please leave me a comment below!
XO Nicolyn




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