Easter Weekend!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  My husband and I had our Easter dinner on Saturday because he had a lot going on Sunday, including having to go into work.
I got up early to get my ham in the crockpot, and I assembled a few items I got my husband for a small Easter basket.


Husband had to go to our storage unit to get the last big things.  We moved into a bigger place and were able to get rid of our storage unit.  How’s that for penny pinching!?  Woo Hoo!
I had mentioned I wanted a cadbury cream egg, since I hadn’t yet gotten one this year.
When he got back, I was in the kitchen with the preparations underway, and he came in hiding something behind his back.  I usually am a pretty good predictor of his actions, so I thought he had some cadbury cream eggs.  I was shocked when he pulled out a bouquet of beautiful flowers!


Then he went out to the garage and came back in with this:


It was filled with goodies!!!!


I felt like a kid again going through that Easter basket!  It was a blast.
Now, onto the menu:
I kept it pretty simple with lamb, ham, beans, and roasted red potatoes.



Of course we had Italian Easter Pie.  Here’s the one that I actually filled kind of correctly:


My favorite part is dessert, and I didn’t realize until I had it all out on the table that I had a layering theme going on.
Husband requested this dessert his sister made, and I couldn’t remember the exact recipe, or what it was called.  So I winged it.


Publix had $6 or $7 dollars on their ready made angel food cakes, so I made my own from a box mix.  They were BOGO and much cheaper.  But I realized I need an angel food cake pan.  Good thing you tear the angel food up into smaller pieces!
The recipe is just cream cheese, frozen whipped topping, and powdered sugar blended together.  That’s one layer.  Then you also layer it with the angel food cake, and canned pie filling of your choice.  Husband likes cherry.


I made Neopolitan Rice Krispie treats.


And I’m most proud of that seven layer jello bundt.
Happy Easter Everyone, and back to work!

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