Looking Back in Order to Move Forward

Today is a hard day.  Last year on this day, my dad, and the last one of my immediate nuclear family members, was called home to our Lord.  So today I am doing a lot of thinking back on how much I have grown over the past year.  I have cut ties with a malicious family unit, (some people just can never be explained) and I am proud of all that I have accomplished with the support of those that TRULY care about me.
“Sometimes Darkness can show you the light” — Disturbed
I went on to find a job doing what I love, in an area where I knew no one, had no ties, and no connections.  I know that I really earned that job on my own.  I went on to pursue a dream of learning aerial dance, and I’ve gained strength not only of the body, but of the heart.
I’ve started a blog, and an etsy shop to pursue my hobby of creating vintage inspired gifts and sharing my traditions and memories with the world.   Taking that first step to put yourself out there is hard!
My actions are leading to better and bigger things.
I know my dad, and everyone else that has passed and is watching out for me there, is proud. 🙂
My wonderful husband got me a really big deal birthday present that shows me how much he cares and believes in me.
Do you all see this?!!!


It’s an aerial rigging….
in my own backyard!!!!  (The exact thing I’ve been quietly saving for, for months)
You know what?  I’m pretty proud of me too…..
It’s okay to take the time to pat ourselves on the back.  It’s not being selfish, and in fact helps us to push onward and boosts us upward.  Revel in the fruits of your labors once in a while!




2 thoughts on “Looking Back in Order to Move Forward

  1. hey Margaret, you look great, I am proud of you and all that you have done, you really have come a long way since the day I met you! but be careful on those silks. You know that I had to say that. love you! mom B

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