Reworking this blog! You better WERK!

Recently I’ve been wanting to re think the blog.  When I was younger I used to diy a lot of things from thrift stores for fashion.  I’ve been seeking inspiration by looking for instagram accounts that strike my fancy, and I’m trying to find my place in this blogging world.  I have so many passions, and though they seem to me to totally flow together, sometimes I think others don’t see my vision.  But hey that’s life.
I welcome any kind of ideas from you, my followers, subscribers, and visitors to the blog.  Do you want to see more diy, makeup tutorials, frugal ideas??  What do you all want to know about?
I was trying to do an allure beauty magazine look of the month tutorial, but then I realized that I was saying how easy and simple the look was each month.  I love that Allure has been focusing on the natural beauty of the face, but I want to flex my creative makeup muscle, and teach you all to do that at home!
I want to do some monthly features, and leave it open for some discussion and inspiration topics, but I’m really curious to hear what you would like to read, view, and learn, all month long!
So please let me know!  Whether you are just passing by, or you’re a faithful follower. please leave me a comment below!
XO Nicolyn



Easter Weekend!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  My husband and I had our Easter dinner on Saturday because he had a lot going on Sunday, including having to go into work.
I got up early to get my ham in the crockpot, and I assembled a few items I got my husband for a small Easter basket.


Husband had to go to our storage unit to get the last big things.  We moved into a bigger place and were able to get rid of our storage unit.  How’s that for penny pinching!?  Woo Hoo!
I had mentioned I wanted a cadbury cream egg, since I hadn’t yet gotten one this year.
When he got back, I was in the kitchen with the preparations underway, and he came in hiding something behind his back.  I usually am a pretty good predictor of his actions, so I thought he had some cadbury cream eggs.  I was shocked when he pulled out a bouquet of beautiful flowers!


Then he went out to the garage and came back in with this:


It was filled with goodies!!!!


I felt like a kid again going through that Easter basket!  It was a blast.
Now, onto the menu:
I kept it pretty simple with lamb, ham, beans, and roasted red potatoes.



Of course we had Italian Easter Pie.  Here’s the one that I actually filled kind of correctly:


My favorite part is dessert, and I didn’t realize until I had it all out on the table that I had a layering theme going on.
Husband requested this dessert his sister made, and I couldn’t remember the exact recipe, or what it was called.  So I winged it.


Publix had $6 or $7 dollars on their ready made angel food cakes, so I made my own from a box mix.  They were BOGO and much cheaper.  But I realized I need an angel food cake pan.  Good thing you tear the angel food up into smaller pieces!
The recipe is just cream cheese, frozen whipped topping, and powdered sugar blended together.  That’s one layer.  Then you also layer it with the angel food cake, and canned pie filling of your choice.  Husband likes cherry.


I made Neopolitan Rice Krispie treats.


And I’m most proud of that seven layer jello bundt.
Happy Easter Everyone, and back to work!

This One’s for You, Dad. Italian Easter Pie Recipe


I’m so excited to announce that my Dad’s beloved Easter Pies turned out!  I had my doubts when the baking was going on, but I learned from my mistake, and it seems to not have been a disaster.


Let me tell you guys my recipe!
Now, this was NOT an exact science for me, which I think is a good thing for you!
It means you can adjust the recipe to your own liking, and there’s room for mess ups.
I went to the deli and Publix and had the girl cut me two chunks of deli meat.  If she was a little over or a little under, I said, “That’s fine.”  I figured it wouldn’t have to be an exact measurement…. and I was right!  I cut all of the chunks into diced cubes, and added it all to the ricotta.


The mistake I made was filling the pies a bit too full.  You can tell that one pie was a little puny, and I think I stuffed the first one way too much.  There’s a baby, a mommy and a daddy pie in there, and there should be triplets!


I looked at two recipes for these pies.  One said to use 5 eggs for two pies, and one said to use 6 eggs for one pie.  So I was really just winging it when it came to the eggs.  I also didn’t measure the ricotta exactly, and just eyeballed half of the container.  I know I got a little more than just 15 oz. into the bowl, and that’s what the one recipe called for.  Oops!


When I was combining the pie mixture I was hopeful because it smelled like the pies I remember.  After the pies were cooled, and refrigerated, (we always ate these cold) I cut into one.  I smelled it and it smelled like I remembered… and it looked like I remembered…and by jove it sure did taste like I remember.
My husband said it reminded him of his grandmother’s pepperoni bread too.
My dad LOVED these pies, and always had one frozen ready to pull out.  Someone else in the family made them, but I’m happy to have figured out the recipe myself.  I’m having a slice for dad on Easter Day!
Here’s MY recipe for Italian Easter Pies:

Italian Easter Pies Recipe - Copy






Getting Ready For Easter!

Not a long post today because I am prepping for Easter!  I am planning dinner for my husband and myself.  It’s just us but I wanted to try my hand at a recipe that was around when I was growing up.  I associate a few of those good memories with my dad, who loved Italian Easter Pie.
So I looked up a bunch of recipes over on Pinterest and I’m going to give it a try.  I’m starting it today or tomorrow so I’d welcome any tips and advice!
I think I’ve got all of the ingredients, plus a few more.


What kinds of traditional recipes do you remember from Easters past?


A Little Help From My Friends!

SAM_1862 - Copy

I watch Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family every day.  First, I watch the new episode, then I frequently re-watch the previous day’s episode since it airs right after the new one.  I should preface by saying, I’m usually more so listening to Home & Family, because I take care of the day’s to do list throughout the house, yard, etc.
A few weeks back, they debuted their newest contest; a chance to appear on the show for one week as a diy guest host.  I first thought to myself, “How cool… some lucky diyer is going to appear on this show.”  Then as the days went on, the hosts frequently mentioned how anyone can enter, and how sometimes you can be seen by the right person, for a completely different experience or job, and get “discovered.”
Their stories inspired me to do something pretty scary for me still.  I made a video and submitted it.  I went back and forth before uploading that video.  But ultimately reasoned that I had nothing to lose, everything to gain, and that there was only one way to get seen.
So I did it.
Now, I know that it’s not as easy as just clicking like on a facebook or instagram post,  but I’d really appreciate your support if you like my posts and my videos.  (And it’s really not all that complicated to vote for me.)
Here’s what you need to do:
  1.  Go to
  2. Sign up for an account.  It’s free and takes less than a minute.  You might discover a dream job that you’d like to apply for!
  3. Navigate back to the Home and Family dream job page, and find my video.
  4. Vote for me and leave me a nice comment.
I’m in no way thinking that I will win this entire competition.  But a chance to get seen by the right person is hard to pass up.  And you really never know for sure about life… do ya?


A Little Collection Show and Tell

I am stopping in today to share with you a quick collection that I have displayed in my craft area.  I’m not sure I’m keeping it exactly here looking this way yet, but all of the elements are coming together to make a cute little nook.
Here are my vintage wedding cake toppers.
The set spans between PA and FL.
The Wilton bride and groom was found at an estate sale in PA…. It was a wonderful, dig your own treasure in the basement kind of sale.  So many wonderful vintage items!


I didn’t want to actually put that topper on my cake, so I displayed this as a vignette on the cake table at my own wedding.  This real vintage topper needed a symmetrical counterpart on the other side, so I created that other vintage inspired topper in front of it.


Our real cake topper was a thrift store find, that was an original Dollar Tree figurine.  This simple white/ cream bride and groom made of ceramic.


I loved how her dress mimicked my own.
All the other elements are picks from various garage sales, thrifts, and sales in the FL area.  I just love how I found these 25 and 50 anniversary toppers, and the bridesmaids and groomsman.  The others are and were sold in my shop, but I kept a few to round out the look.


I just love vintage and shabby chic cake toppers and collections.  Please share any of your collections with me!