I’m Coming Back!

To the blog that is….
We moved the first week of February, and though it was just a few miles this time, it still was a stressful scenario.  Is moving ever NOT stressful?!  I absolutely cannot live surrounded by boxes and not knowing where things are located so I had to hit the unpacking at full steam.  I started with the kitchen, and had a pleasant problem.  There was so much more space that I had to figure out where everything made sense to live.  We went from 1176 sq feet to 1957 sq feet.  I am still having fun figuring out what to do with some of our spaces, and I have to pace myself.
On top of all that as soon as I had a handle on the unpacking, I sensed a sore throat coming on.  I broke out my magic elixirs for fighting off an illness, and thought I had beaten it.  I was feeling pretty good til one of the dance moms where I teach said, “Hey Miss Nicolyn, you are looking a tad under the weather.”  I said I had felt bad that morning but thought I had beat it.  She told me to beware that that exact illness was going around, and you think you’ve beaten it, but then it gets you!  I woke up the next morning with a cold.
This cold had me totally out of commission for almost a whole week.  I couldn’t think, and couldn’t concentrate, and completely lost my voice.  I’m still hoarse, and my throat got its first test when I went back to teaching the other night.  I still was feeling pretty rundown at the end of the night.
Sooooo…. I’m asking for some pity, and explaining my absence.  Sorry everyone, but sometimes you have to know when to take a break!!!


To start the week, I’m sharing a simple vignette with you today.  This vignette is a pink and blue theme.  The items here are from all over.  This pink phone was tracked down from a local garage sale posted on craigslist.  I was looking for one of these phones, and the ad posted had a few photos.  I spied this pink beauty in the background and when I went I ended up scoring it for $15.  It belonged to a teen who was earning money to buy shoes for her prom dress.  She drew a little smiley face on it.  The Cashmere Bouquet tin, and the aquamarine chip and dip set were just featured on my channel.  They were a gift from my sister.  The painting was done by my husband when he was a kid.  I love it, and think it’s perfectly shabby chic.  Vignettes are wonderful little ways to display your loved collections.
I’m working hard on the rest of the house, and will be showing you all a little bit here and there.  I have an exercise room on the agenda next, and then my garden, which gives me an excuse to keep thrifting and garage sale hunting!
Stay well everyone!




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