A Nascar Experience


Last weekend my husband and I found ourselves with free tickets to the Daytona 500!  I really know nothing about it, but I was surprised at how much fun I had, even though I still was a little under the weather. I shot a few clips and pasted them together in a very short and simple video on My Channel.


It was the only place I had ever seen no line at the women’s restroom, while the line for the men’s restroom went down the corridor!

An Organized Vanity


My DIY Vanity was finished off with a bunch of collected treasures, and frugal finds.
The mirror is a Dollar Tree find simply propped against the wall.  My sister gave me a lighted vintage makeup mirror, and once I figure out how to change the bulb inside, I will also display that on this vanity top.
These vintage milk glass containers were my gram’s and they are where my collection sprouted from.  These have some cotton swabs, and cotton balls inside, and also house my vintage lipstick tube collections.


Speaking of vintage makeup containers, I thought this was a fitting spot for my vintage compact collection too.  That one on the far left is a gift from my best friend.  She got me a gift certificate to an antique shop and I picked that little treasure out.  That blue Damask print perfume cover is a vintage Shalimar that also belonged to my gramma.  The print complements my damask scrapbook paper!
On the other side I have another thrifted milk glass that is perfect for holding my brushes.  Neighboring that is an Avon Poodle.


Inside the vanity I chose some simple dollar tree organizers and rubber shelf liner so the containers wouldn’t slide around when I open and close the drawers.
As you can see I used a flatware drawer organizer for my liner pencils.
All this organization is a thing of beauty!  These two towers also house my hair accessories, sunglasses, and other beauty odds and ends.  I love this little diy, and it was so simple even I could do it!


A DIY Vanity for Under $70


This was the project that I wanted to do when I first saw our walk in closet when we viewed our new rental home.  I must have had delusions of grandeur after we left, because once we rented it and I came back to view the place alone, I literally laughed out loud because it actually wasn’t THAT big, but it is much bigger than our reach in closet from our last rental.
I put my thoughts of my diy vanity aside, and got to unpacking.  Once I got everything put away, I realized that there was a perfect space in our much larger bedroom for me to put my diy vanity.  So off I went to find my supplies.
I originally found this idea on pinterest.  That’s where all of our successes and failures start right?  But I am pretty proud of this project and how it came out!
First you can make a cheaper version of this if you get the 3 drawer units from Walmart.  They run roughly $10 each.  I wanted to create a vanity with a little more height, and with some different drawer sizes.  These five drawer units were $19.88 each.
You can also make it cheaper and save yourself some steps if you like white, or can find them in black.  I wanted black, but they weren’t in stock at my local Walmarts (I tried a few).
I headed on over to Lowes and a helpful employee showed me to the scrap wood section.  I measured the depth of the drawer units.  They were 14.5 inches, and had the employee cut me a piece that was 4 feet by 14.5 inches.  He only charged me $4 for the slab.
Next I headed to the craft store to pick out a paint color.  Now, I bought the spray paint that says it is for plastic, but since have learned that they make a plastic spray paint primer.  Get that if you want to spray your drawer tower.  Just do it.  I did it the hard way…


Here I sprayed the towers once, but tested the spray paint.  As you can see, I can easily scrape the paint off so I knew I had to purchase some type of sealer.  After talking it over with my sister, I settled on Mod Podge.
I sprayed the towers once more to get an even coat.  The next day I gave both towers a healthy sloppy coating of mod podge.  (All this easily avoided had I the knowledge of a spray paint primer for plastics!)


You can see brush strokes but that wasn’t something that was going to bother me.  I contemplated getting the glitter mod podge actually…. but wanted it to match our bedroom set so I didn’t!
Once I had everything painted the black color, I sprayed the wood top with a simple lacquer, and cut some scrapbook paper to fit in the drawers.  I used 10 sheets at .59 cents a sheet.


I LOVE it.  I finally felt well enough to put some makeup on the other day and sat down to use it… and boy is it NICE!


On Friday I will give you a tour of the inside and of the items I used to accessorize my vanity!
Happy DIY!

I’m Coming Back!

To the blog that is….
We moved the first week of February, and though it was just a few miles this time, it still was a stressful scenario.  Is moving ever NOT stressful?!  I absolutely cannot live surrounded by boxes and not knowing where things are located so I had to hit the unpacking at full steam.  I started with the kitchen, and had a pleasant problem.  There was so much more space that I had to figure out where everything made sense to live.  We went from 1176 sq feet to 1957 sq feet.  I am still having fun figuring out what to do with some of our spaces, and I have to pace myself.
On top of all that as soon as I had a handle on the unpacking, I sensed a sore throat coming on.  I broke out my magic elixirs for fighting off an illness, and thought I had beaten it.  I was feeling pretty good til one of the dance moms where I teach said, “Hey Miss Nicolyn, you are looking a tad under the weather.”  I said I had felt bad that morning but thought I had beat it.  She told me to beware that that exact illness was going around, and you think you’ve beaten it, but then it gets you!  I woke up the next morning with a cold.
This cold had me totally out of commission for almost a whole week.  I couldn’t think, and couldn’t concentrate, and completely lost my voice.  I’m still hoarse, and my throat got its first test when I went back to teaching the other night.  I still was feeling pretty rundown at the end of the night.
Sooooo…. I’m asking for some pity, and explaining my absence.  Sorry everyone, but sometimes you have to know when to take a break!!!


To start the week, I’m sharing a simple vignette with you today.  This vignette is a pink and blue theme.  The items here are from all over.  This pink phone was tracked down from a local garage sale posted on craigslist.  I was looking for one of these phones, and the ad posted had a few photos.  I spied this pink beauty in the background and when I went I ended up scoring it for $15.  It belonged to a teen who was earning money to buy shoes for her prom dress.  She drew a little smiley face on it.  The Cashmere Bouquet tin, and the aquamarine chip and dip set were just featured on my channel.  They were a gift from my sister.  The painting was done by my husband when he was a kid.  I love it, and think it’s perfectly shabby chic.  Vignettes are wonderful little ways to display your loved collections.
I’m working hard on the rest of the house, and will be showing you all a little bit here and there.  I have an exercise room on the agenda next, and then my garden, which gives me an excuse to keep thrifting and garage sale hunting!
Stay well everyone!



I’m still here….


Hi everyone!  I’m still around!  I got hit with a wallop of a sick bug.  There’s this cold bug going around here in Florida, and I haven’t had the energy to be doing much!  I completely lost my voice so filming any kind of video is out.  I feel like I have been gone for so long!  I promise to get back as soon as I can think straight!  Here’s what my Valentine’s day looked like!  Hubby ran out an got me some heart shaped donuts and some alka seltzer cold to go with it!
Hope you all had a lovely Valentine Day, and I hope to be back to the blog soon.

Just a quick Hello with vintage pyrex!


I’m still figuring out this house and where everything belongs… so I feel a little disconnected with everyone in the blog world.  But I didn’t forget about you!  I’m just stopping in today to show you all that I finally have a spot to display my gram’s vintage pyrex.  Isn’t it cute up there with my milk glass?  I promise to show you some more once I feel confident about the decorating choices.  The pink gooseberry was a goodwill find.  I am so elated that it all can be proudly displayed now!  Happy Monday folks!


Product Review: Micellar Water

I was curious about this new product that I’ve been seeing lately; Micellar Water.  The advertisement alleges that the Micelles attract dirt and makeup away from your skin, without stripping your skin or causing harsh irritations.
I picked up my bottle of Simple Micellar Water from Walmart for $5.97.
The directions on the back tell you to use the micellar water by wiping it onto your face (no scrubbing needed) with a cotton round, and you do not need to rinse it off.
I added it into my skin routine as follows:  First I wash my makeup off by hand, then I use the Micellar Water to catch any leftovers, then I follow up with the Clarisonic.  I have also sometimes used it after my Clarisonic.  From these practices I have observed two things:
First, I don’t get a lot of makeup showing up on the cotton round when I wash off my makeup by hand first, but I do catch small traces.  I always feel like the Clarisonic would catch these but it’s nice to know that the Micelles are doing their jobs.
The second observation occurred when I used my Clarisonic one evening and got sidetracked, and failed to follow up immediately with my moisturizer.  Normally I apply this after I have dried my face, but this particular evening I went to check on something and never followed up on it.  I realized about an hour later when I still saw the jar of night cream on the bathroom counter, that my face never got as dry as it does when I don’t use the micellar water.  From this I realized that the micellar water moisturized my face.  Normally if I don’t follow up with my night cream after I dry my face in the evening… it would be hard to forget because my face gets a little dry and can be uncomfortable.  After looking at the label, sure enough, it says it hydrates.  Go figure…..
I believe the true test was when I used my Covergirl Outlast Lip Color the other night.  It was on for hours, and it wasn’t budging.  I tried soap and water, and I didn’t want to keep scrubbing, so I tried the Micellar water.  I was pleasantly surprised that after a few swipes, it was completely removed.
I think the Micellar water is working even though I cannot see vast amounts of dirt and oil on the cotton round.  I take pride in my skin to completely remove all of my makeup each evening before bed, and to use my clarisonic each morning and night and therefore I don’t believe I have vast amounts of dirt and oil on my skin.  The true test for me was the Covergirl Outlast Lip Color that was quickly removed with zero irritation or dryness left behind.
End review:  I love it, and will add it into my skincare routine as a toner/ cleanser as suggested.
PS:  I’ll be back to my regular Friday Videos once I have some sanity again!!!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me as life changes!