5 Things That Made Me Happy!

For a case of the Mondays the best cure might be to focus on the positive, but I think that’s a pretty good cure for just about anything.  So I am bringing you the 5 things that made me happy.  This month I’m recapping the past two months since I really didn’t discuss it in the month of December:
  1.  The most exciting event that happened to me as a blogger just starting out was I gained some exciting instagram followers.  I truly love looking at every instagram user that comes my way.  Each account is a unique story, and I love the eclectic blend of followers I have gained already.  Last month I discovered the show Home & Family on Hallmark Channel, and I am obsessed!  I found them on instagram, and out of the blue I gained 3 followers from the show!  These are the actual people that are on the show doing segments so I am a tad celebrity enamored about that!
2.  As some of you know I have been working very hard to learn the art of aerial silks.  When the holiday schedule came around, there was a week where I had no silks class.  I didn’t want to skip a week training, so I went to an intro to lyra class instead… and just as quickly as I become hooked on Home & Family… I became hooked on the lyra.  There’s a pun there…. for those of you who don’t know, the lyra is an aerial hoop, and you literally hook your legs and such over it….. ok, ok, so it was a bad pun!   Anyway….I started taking those classes too, and I’m determined to become an aerialist yet!
3.  The Holidays were pretty awesome for me.  I won’t slide back too far in time, but I did so many fun nostalgic activities, and created new traditions that I had such a blast.  I was able to incorporate a little bit of memories and traditions from the most important people who are no longer with me, and felt proud to be able to represent them in my adulthood.
4.  Hubby and I have been through a whirlwind the past few days to months as we have been searching out a new rental home in which to dwell.  A few months after I got here, and everything was in its place… our landlord told us she would like to sell the house.  Then out of the blue she decided she wasn’t.  She did a bit of waffling back and forth, and finally hubby and I just decided to move on.  We are moving into a larger home, with more carpeting for my furbaby, plus a fenced in backyard for her too.  I think it’s going to be a nice change, once I can get past the whole notion that I have to move all my stuff a few miles up the road!  (Argh)  BUT, we are staying in the area, getting more space, and hopefully I can entertain a bit in the new home!
5.  My last happy thought is a silly one, but who says happy thoughts have to be complicated?  Valentine’s Day is coming up and you know what that means?  Everywhere I look there will be pink things!  I like festive store displays, home decor, and food styling, so I kind of get the little kid excitement when I see decorated cupcakes in the grocery!
Now it’s your turn!  Please tell me all about the things that made you happy the past two months!

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