Product Feature: A Product that Gives Back

It’s important to give back.  With so many organizations out there, you can easily find a way to give back that is near and dear to your heart.
I’ve always have a soft spot for dogs, and animals in general.  I think I got the love of animals from my mom, dad, and gramma, the three that shaped me into who I am today.  It’s no wonder God sent my husband, a dog trainer, into my life!
I donate monthly to a popular and reputable animal rescue organization, but around the holidays especially, I often wish I could do more.
I brainstormed an idea a while back to provide an item in my shop where a portion of the proceeds are donated to benefit animals.

Today I am debuting my Animal Rescue Prize Puff.

This prize puff will have 6 prizes, and will be made to order.
These prize puffs benefit animals two fold.  First a few of the prizes in the puffs are purchased from organizations whose proceeds benefit animals.  Second, 25% of the price of the prize puff is donated personally by me to the ASPCA, or an organization benefiting animals of your choosing.
Keep an eye out for this product to debut soon in my shop listings!
In the meantime check out all of my listings here:  Nicolyndime on Etsy

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