Pantone Color of the Year Inspiration!


This month’s Allure Magazine Fashion Cravings reflects one of the Pantone Colors of the year… Rose Quartz.  Of course I am all for seeing this color for a year since it is a shade of pink… a more blush and understated version of my favorite Barbie Pink color.  Keep an eye out for this shade in all the realms of fashion and decorating!
I simply went to my closet again for some thrifty finds from the past, and it didn’t take long to find some items in this color.  Honestly, this is probably one of the easiest colors to find at the thrift store!
Here is the “ready to work out” look.  This thin sweatshirt is perfect to start your workout, until you are warmed up and ready to go.  This is essential for a dancer, as sometimes the studios can be chilly at first!


The next look is a simple addition to a blank slate outfit, and gives a little pop of that rose quartz color!


This scarf has a silver thread woven through, and complements the black sequin of the top.
The last look is my wild card rose quartz look.  I found this top at an estate sale here in Florida.
I paired it with a grey duster jacket to tone down the look a bit!
So keep an eye out for that beautiful blush color at the thrift stores and estate sales you attend.  You are sure to find it all the rage in home decor, fashion, and beauty.  You can still be fashionable and trendy on a penny this season by spying these finds at your favorite secondhand shops.
I love seeing other people’s finds as much as I like finding my own treasures, so as always, keep me posted on your treasure hunt loot by commenting down below!





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