Christmas Festivities Recap!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and a nice little break from the daily grind to take some time to focus on the things that matter.  As I said in my last post, we should learn to carry that on through the entire year.
And that is something I intend to do.  It is said that your viewpoint about life is all in how you react to it.  This Christmas could have been one that I saw as all doom and gloom.  It’s the first Christmas without my father.  He was the last remaining of my immediate family.  I decided that this year was a time of refreshed spirit, and new awakening.  I’m in a new place, far away from a lot of the doom and gloom that has plagued me in the past.  I’m pursuing a new career, a new journey in the blog and youtube world, and giving my creative juices an outlet in sharing my passions with the world through my new etsy store.
I have all that I need in me, and the relationships and friendships I have fostered.  There’s a lot of power in the connections you choose to have in your life.  One of those connections, my rock, is the never ending support of my husband.  When I came up with this crazy idea of blogging, and vlogging, he surprised me by telling me he thought I should totally go for it.
So with that new attitude in mind, I decided we should create a new tradition for the two of us.  I came up with Christmas Eve Brinner, because I love brunch or breakfast for dinner.  I took to Pinterest to find some great recipes and inspiration.  I whipped up a pancake mix and added several different mix in options, but instead of making traditional pancakes out of them, I took an idea from Pinterest and made them into muffins.  All I had to do was pour the pancake batter in, add the mix ins, and bake them off.
I also made a crustless quiche, which my husband loved, and a tater tots casserole, which was my favorite.  We had a cozy night of board games and a mug of hot apple cider, exchanged one present before we got too tired, and headed to bed.
Christmas morning came, and I made some cinnamon rolls (from a tube) and we started opening presents.  I was floored by what my husband got me!  Remember when I said he supports everything I do?  When we moved to Florida, and I said I wanted to pick up lessons for aerial silks again, he told me to go for it.  I didn’t believe that I would ever actually get good enough, but slowly I began to accomplish small goals each class.  I had mentioned that I’d like to someday get my own silks so I could practice more often at home, just doing strengthening exercises and such.  Even though I was working out at home, it’s a different kind of workout on those silks!  I meant someday when I get waaay better….
He meant now…..


I was truly shocked when I opened up my very own set of silks.  Now it’s just the start of the kit, but the present meant a lot more to me than just a set of silks.  It meant that someone believes in me, and supports my dream.  Someone wants me to go after my goals, even when I think that I’m not good enough.  He’s my cheerleader.
Our furbaby also got spoiled, as usual, and she had an eventful day!
I made Christmas dinner with all of the recipes of my childhood, just the way I remember, and the house smelled wonderful.
We wrapped it all up by visiting the lights at our local park.


Then back home for cookies!  I also made chestnuts (and had a minor accident while cutting them to vent) but I’m ok!
I truly had the best Christmas ever, and I hope that we can all find happiness, and positivity in life’s ever changing events.
What did your holiday weekend involve?




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