Last Minute Gift Ideas to Make, Send, or Assemble!

It’s halfway to Christmas and if you are still putting off some holiday shopping, I’ve got you covered with fabulously frugal ideas that won’t break the bank.
First off a list from my favorite store… Dollar Tree (with little help from its friend, Aldi)
For the Cuppa Lover:  A great and always welcome gift for the one who loves to savor a warm cuppa, a variety of coffee, tea or hot cocoa items.  Each store is different, and I always find some hidden gems (check out my youtube channel’s feature Fav Frugal Finds) but here are some ideas for a gift bag or basket full of warm drink items:  Mugs, flavored syrups, instant drink mixes or tea, Piroulines, peppermints, ceramic beverage coasters, honey, cookies, and chocolate candies.
Bonus easy craft idea:  Make chocolate covered plastic spoons!  Just dip in melted chocolate and lay on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to harden in the fridge.  You can add candies, and sprinkles but I like mine plain.
Aldi find:  12 coffees of Christmas at $4.99.  12 K cup coffees in Christmasy flavors!
For the one who needs to relax:  A dishpan filled with bubble bath, bath salts, foot cream, bath fizzies, bath pouf, spa mask, facial items, fluffy socks, nail polish, pedicure items.
For the nail art fanatic:  A glass finger bowl, with nail art items, nail polish, polish remover, nail stickers, manicure kits, and nail files.
For the Movie Fanatic:  Dollar Tree sometimes has a variety of family movies.  Pair these with some microwave popcorn, and a variety of their movie theater sized candy boxes, twizzlers or red vines, bagged salty or sweet treats, and some cute popcorn containers.
For the Kiddos:  Dollar Tree is great for plush toys, and smaller non brand name toys, but you can also find Disney themed items, and licensed character coloring books, stickers, and trinkets.
For the Holiday Lover:  For someone who loves adding holiday decor to their home, Dollar tree has some excellent holiday kitchen towels, utensils, snow globes, candles, and other holiday home decor!
For the one who loves being in the kitchen:  Dollar tree is full of kitchen utensils.  I already mentioned tea towels, and one can never have too many.  Add some matching dishcloths, and oven mitt, utensils, and wrap it all up in a colander!


To Make:  Dollar tree has an assortment of holiday containers, tins, baskets, etc.  Wrap up some Christmas cookies (homemade or store bought), candies, fruit and nuts in these festive containers, and put a bow on it!

thumb (16)

Speaking of bows, don’t forget to check out their party and gift wrap section for wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, bags, and basket bags.  They also have a variety of pretty basket fill, and a huge selection of greeting cards, both boxed and individual.
To Send:
The Popcorn Factory has been my go to in a pinch for a refreshing gift sent in the mail.  It’s nice this time of year because the recipient can put it out for house guests, or take to a party, or enjoy it all to themselves.  I got a code in the mail for 15% off any order expiring 12/20/15.  Just enter 15D15 when checking out.
Another company I have used to send a sweet little treat is Cheryl’s.  I have used their $5 cookie card option to send a single cookie in the mail with a card, and a $5 gift card for the recipient.  And if you didn’t catch that, it’s $5 (shipping included).  Very cute!
So don’t delay… now you have some ideas, get that shopping done once and for all!




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