Frugal Tip: Shopkick

My newest shopping obsession is an app called Shopkick.  It’s free in the app store, and I downloaded it a few weeks ago but just recently tried it out.  Unfortunately no Dollar Tree in the Shopkick app or I would have been tried it out much sooner.  I wanted to test it before I talked about it to recommend to all my blog readers.  It’s surprisingly easy to use, and actually kind of , dare I say, fun.  I thought it would be a great little addition to your Holiday shopping while you are out in the stores already!
Once you download the app you will have to create an account.  It was quick and painless, and in an instant I was exploring the app.  Before I had a chance to get into a listed store, I would randomly open the app and would receive a surprise “kick” (what the app calls points).
I finally got a chance to go for a little scavenger hunt around Walmart.  The app tells you what stores in your area have kicks, but you must have your location turned on in your phone in order for it to work.
There were more kicks available for Walmart but there were several other area stores that had a few.  For some stores you can earn kicks by just walking in.  I followed the instructions to launch the app while walking in, and sure enough while I was approaching the front doors, the notification came up to let me know I had earned my 35 walk in kicks.
While traveling through the store, Shopkick has made it really easy by dividing the products available to scan into categories.  I really liked that I didn’t have to think about that on my own!  I could go right over to the grocery section, personal care, toys, etc. and get all the scans in an orderly fashion.  It was surprisingly easy how quickly I was able to find the products to scan.  Seeing the product image helps a lot with that too.


When you find the product, you simply tap the description and a scanner comes up.  You are to scan the barcode with your phone.  (It doesn’t say scan the barcode, and I had a brainless moment at first when I tried to just scan the product… of course that didn’t work!)  This too was painless, and the phone focused quickly and the scans processed at lightening speed.  If you scan an incorrect product, the app tells you that the barcode didn’t seem to match.  When you do get a match (winner winner chicken dinner) you see a brief ad pop up that you can immediately X out of.
While shopping Walmart, I did a quick experiment to see if products listed under other area stores would also count towards my scans, or if I actually had to be at the actual store.  I located a glade product under the Target listing in the app, and scanned it in Walmart, and I found that it scanned and counted towards my kicks too.
In a one hour shopping trip to Walmart I earned 250 kicks!  The rewards to cash out can range from 500 kicks to way more.  But it’s nice to know that I can cash in my 500 kicks for a $2 Walmart gift card, or can keep earning kicks in order to choose from an array of other gift cards and values.
One other great thing about this app, is that they seem to add products, and more ways to earn kicks often.  I earned almost every kick from Walmart, but by the time I returned home, there were several fragrance sets added.  Next time I am at Walmart, I can earn those too.
Are you going to get rich quick using this app?  NO, but it IS a simple and easy way to earn a little extra.  As I already mentioned, while you are Holiday shopping why not scan a few products that you already might be walking by anyway?  This might also be a great way to keep kids engaged, by allowing them to have a scavenger hunt, and looking for certain products.  (Send out your search crew so you don’t have to take the time to search yourself!)
I’ll be interested to see how long it takes me to earn some more kicks in order to get a gift card.  This is not an app where you earn actual cash, but you can earn gift cards, and there are many to choose from such as Walmart, B&N, Fandango, Sports Authority, Cheesecake Factory, Target, Yankee Candle, and many many more!  In essence this is a totally free way to earn some dollars by just using your time to scan some barcodes.
Let me know if you use the Shopkick App, and remember you can also stack this reward app with the Checkout 51 app I reviewed way back in January!  Enjoy!
UPDATE:  I looked at Shopkick the very next day, and got a surprise kick when opening the app.  I also noticed that several products that I had scanned yesterday were available to scan again, as well as a few new products at Walmart.  I could also gain more kicks for walking in again.  I’m definitely excited to get visiting more stores more often to do more scavenger hunts!

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