Estate Sale Roundup

I hit two estate sales a while back and as promised, I wanted to share my treasures with you all.  The first sale was in a home in an older town close to me.  Once again, it was run by an estate sale company that unfortunately specialized in vintage, which is code for “we price at antique store prices.”  Occasionally, however, I am able to find some cute things for an affordable price, but I have to be choosy, and bring my haggling “a game.”
The first house had my childhood doll.  My sister is watching over her until I can get her back again someday.  Does anyone know who this little girl is?  I’m looking for information on her.
Since I already have her, I didn’t get a duplicate.
But I did get this deer, that already made an appearance in my Christmas Vignette post:
I also got a bag of vintage cake candle numbers, to embellish and add to the shop, and I found these bowls:
They aren’t labeled as pyrex, but they go nicely with my yellow pyrex bowl that I found at another estate sale earlier in the year.
I ventured onward to another sale, and boy did I hit the motherload!  Just take a look at these photos I snapped during my hunt.

It was along the river, in a beautiful old run down home, separate summer house in back, a two car garage, and a shed.
It all had been abandoned for years, and unfortunately the elements had taken their toll, but there were still many items that were fabulous.  The house had been kept up a little.
My hunt seemed to go on forever.

I found most of these items in the outdoor locations.
I also found this matching 50’s style pink scale and trash can:
In the house, which went on forever, I found these cute poodles:
The one in the back left is my mothers, but the 4 in the front joined the pack.
I also opened up a small trinket box and was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage pair of pointe shoes…. perfect for a dancer!
I wanted to take so much more stuff, but it was covered in filth, and I was getting a little squirmy because I don’t like bugs…..and I at least wish I would have had some gloves.  I left everything outside until I could clean it at home.
And that was the estate sale adventure!
It’s almost the New Year, and I hope you find all kinds of treasures big and small, tangible and not, in the next 12 months!  Please share your vintage goodies with me on my facebook page, and comment down below to tell me what you have found lately!
I’m still taking a break from filming in order to spend these precious 4 day weekends with my hubby and furbaby, before the hustle bustle starts up again.  Everyone needs a little R&R, to refresh and recharge your batteries.  So that being said Happy New Year!!!! Thanks for being with me on my journey!


Christmas Festivities Recap!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and a nice little break from the daily grind to take some time to focus on the things that matter.  As I said in my last post, we should learn to carry that on through the entire year.
And that is something I intend to do.  It is said that your viewpoint about life is all in how you react to it.  This Christmas could have been one that I saw as all doom and gloom.  It’s the first Christmas without my father.  He was the last remaining of my immediate family.  I decided that this year was a time of refreshed spirit, and new awakening.  I’m in a new place, far away from a lot of the doom and gloom that has plagued me in the past.  I’m pursuing a new career, a new journey in the blog and youtube world, and giving my creative juices an outlet in sharing my passions with the world through my new etsy store.
I have all that I need in me, and the relationships and friendships I have fostered.  There’s a lot of power in the connections you choose to have in your life.  One of those connections, my rock, is the never ending support of my husband.  When I came up with this crazy idea of blogging, and vlogging, he surprised me by telling me he thought I should totally go for it.
So with that new attitude in mind, I decided we should create a new tradition for the two of us.  I came up with Christmas Eve Brinner, because I love brunch or breakfast for dinner.  I took to Pinterest to find some great recipes and inspiration.  I whipped up a pancake mix and added several different mix in options, but instead of making traditional pancakes out of them, I took an idea from Pinterest and made them into muffins.  All I had to do was pour the pancake batter in, add the mix ins, and bake them off.
I also made a crustless quiche, which my husband loved, and a tater tots casserole, which was my favorite.  We had a cozy night of board games and a mug of hot apple cider, exchanged one present before we got too tired, and headed to bed.
Christmas morning came, and I made some cinnamon rolls (from a tube) and we started opening presents.  I was floored by what my husband got me!  Remember when I said he supports everything I do?  When we moved to Florida, and I said I wanted to pick up lessons for aerial silks again, he told me to go for it.  I didn’t believe that I would ever actually get good enough, but slowly I began to accomplish small goals each class.  I had mentioned that I’d like to someday get my own silks so I could practice more often at home, just doing strengthening exercises and such.  Even though I was working out at home, it’s a different kind of workout on those silks!  I meant someday when I get waaay better….
He meant now…..


I was truly shocked when I opened up my very own set of silks.  Now it’s just the start of the kit, but the present meant a lot more to me than just a set of silks.  It meant that someone believes in me, and supports my dream.  Someone wants me to go after my goals, even when I think that I’m not good enough.  He’s my cheerleader.
Our furbaby also got spoiled, as usual, and she had an eventful day!
I made Christmas dinner with all of the recipes of my childhood, just the way I remember, and the house smelled wonderful.
We wrapped it all up by visiting the lights at our local park.


Then back home for cookies!  I also made chestnuts (and had a minor accident while cutting them to vent) but I’m ok!
I truly had the best Christmas ever, and I hope that we can all find happiness, and positivity in life’s ever changing events.
What did your holiday weekend involve?



Holiday Nails, and The Winner is Announced!!

Today I’m keeping it short and sweet because I know those that entered are excited to hear the winner of the Spirit of the Season Giveaway!
But first, Here are my Holiday nails:


So festive, and so simple.  Perfect for a nail art challenged person like me.   I basically layered all these polishes.
My biggest hurdle is allowing the coats to dry in between… I don’t like waiting and I don’t like doing nothing!
The polishes I used:


Sinful Colors in Holiday Rebel, Funky Fingers in Fra-gee-lay, Sinful Colors in Queen of Beauty, Ulta Polish in Boogie Nights, Revlon in Saucy, Color Pop in Glitzy.
And just layer that up and you are all ready for Christmas….


And now, without further ado, The winner of my Giveaway is…..
Leeann has already been notified of her winning entry.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who shared, commented, and subscribed to my channel.  It really helps me out, to grow, and to be able to do more giveaways like this in the future!
I’ll be taking a small hiatus on Friday from posting the usual video in order to spend the day with my Hubby and Furbaby.  I love Christmas, and I love the way the spirit seems to float through our mundane tasks in order to make things a bit brighter.  I’d like to take this moment to remind you to take that feeling into the new year, and all throughout.  Remember those who are in need, and try to do something nice each and every day to spread a little cheer.  It doesn’t have to cost a nickel or a dime, and can be a simple as a smile or holding the door for someone.  Be courteous, be gracious, and be humble.  Just imagine how much better the world would be if we could turn on the news and hear more goodwill stories, and less about the sickening and the bad.  It’s time that we all (it’s not someone else’s job) decide that we have had enough, and drown out the bad with the good we can spread, and share.
Happy Holidays, from me, to you and yours.





Holiday Home Tour!

Today I am starting my Week of Christmas with a little home tour of my Christmas Vignettes!
Let’s start in the kitchen….
I have my mom and dad’s old oak ice chest.  It’s very special to me, as my sister pointed out, it’s in about every family photo ever!  My dad passed last March, and when I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, I had to be selective in the furniture I took.  No one could pry this from my clutches though!  There’s not a price at all I would sell this for.  My dad handmade one of the hinges to match the original.
This vignette sets on top of the ice chest.


As you may have guessed, I am a sentimental type.  So I took two of my favorite prize puffs to keep for years to come.  They will remain in my Christmas decor from year to year.
Next on my gramma’s 50’s formica table, I set out a vintage tablecloth along with some other vintage finds.


The Noel sign is in fact NOT vintage, but has that same nostalgic font and feel.  You can see my orange bulbed candlesticks in the window.
The cozy glow at night reminds me of my gramma…


I created a baking/ cookies and milk theme with my santa mug and cupcake picks.  20151220_094751_resized
There are a few German Christmas chocolates, and holiday nuts on the jadeite plate.  I’ll leave some cookies on there for Santa on Christmas Eve!


This photo was taken before I added the nuts and chocolates, but the carolers on my gramma’s recipe box (made from the wood from the old church pews in our old church) were once a broken music box.  I learned my frugal ways from Gram, who got that music box on discount because it was broken.  She took the wind up off the bottom, and put some foam rubber on it so it wouldn’t scratch the furniture.


Below the carolers, you can see I have a large Santa and Mrs Claus s&p shaker set.  The present was a handmade gift to my gramma.


This little tree I’ve had since I was a little girl, along with the little houses underneath.  I used to set it up for my dolls.


Here I featured my nativity collection.  I didn’t even know I was collecting these, until I started realizing I had a lot of little nativities.  The one on the left was gifted to me by my gramma, and the ones on the right were all found by me.  I think one is an original, from my childhood, but the others I have found here and there.  In fact two I have found here in Florida!


Santa sings Jingle Bell Rock, and sways his hips back and forth.  This was one of my dad’s favorites, and when I power him up I can’t help but see my dad dancing along with Santa.


A  tree is always so pretty at night!  This tree is filled with my mom’s vintage ornaments, that she collected during her younger years.  They have gone on our tree every year we have put one up.  This is the first year they have graced the home of my husband and I.  Below you can see her nativity scene, along with a few vintage inspired larger putz houses that I found at a consignment store.  They were orginally from TJ Maxx.20151220_094819_resized
This divider was also my gram’s and I still proudly hang up my stocking that she lovingly cross stitched when I was a baby.  The other stocking is an estate sale find.  The porcelain teddy bear stocking is a wind up music box that was my passed down to me.


I have a little bit of decor in my craft studio.  This pink tinsel tree is from Five Below, and these two reindeer are treasure hunt finds.  The red deer is the newest, and I’m still deciding if she needs some glitter, or if I like her just the way she is.
The bathroom is not without Christmas cheer.  I have my vintage ornament kit tree, and avon bottle displayed along with a jar of mercury glass ornaments.  These little BELIEVE trees were from Pat Catans in PA.  (I miss that store).  And my tea light was a Goodwill find.
I just love all of my Christmas Decor, because above all it brings those that have passed on, and their memories, a little bit closer at this time of year.  I like to think that they come to visit and smile along with me as I reminisce on the memories of Christmas past.
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I’m so excited for Christmas this week!  What makes you most excited about Christmas Week?





Christmas Cookie Time!

Ok… I might be a little over zealous here, but I wanted to share with you ALL of the Christmas Cookies I plan to make.  Well, I plan to start down this list and see where I end up laying in a pool of flour on the kitchen floor from exhaustion!
Since we are in a new state, I don’t have a list of people to fatten up gift these cookies toward.  But somehow I think I will find homes for them all.  (In my husband’s, and my own tummy.)
I made a pumpkin roll the first time this year.  I had to channel my sister in law because she kind of became famous for making them at Thanksgiving.  I instagrammed my journey, and she approved, so I have the seal of approval to carry on the tradition I suppose.


The recipe is the Libbey Pumpkin Roll Recipe 
My sister also gave me a vintage pizzelle iron, so I am going to MAYBE attempt those this year too!  I also am going to make the good ole standby chocolate chip, but make them a hubby fav and holiday inspired twist by adding Andes Chocolate Chips to make Andes Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I’m going to take some shortcuts with these and make some Gingerbread Men.  


I’m also making some Snickerdoodles from my husband’s favorite recipe.
My absolute favorite FAVORITE cookie recipe was found, by me, on the internet from Vittles & Bits.  It is the Italian Knot Recipe.  I tasted these cookies at various family functions, but alas the maker would not share… so I set out to find an authentic version of my own.  After altering the recipe a tiny bit to recreate the taste I liked, I had the version of the cookie I loved!  Here I made them with my Kitchenaid Mixer (the best wedding present ever!)
Another great cookie recipe I made in the past as gifts is a Country Living Shortbread Recipe.  I found this book at a garage sale and I love looking at all the photographs inside too!


The following images are all the recipes as they appear in either my Taste of Home Cookies recipe book or my vintage Betty Crocker Cooky book.




I’m hoping to use up our Halloween Candy in this recipe:


This recipe is a fond memory of painting cookies with my mom, and I think I will do it again this year in memory of her.



So what do you think?  Am I crazy to try to get to all these?  I’m not making it into a job, when it stops being fun, I’ll stop.  I most likely will do half batches of most of these so that I’m not drowning in cookies!  Plus I have to make a few varieties for Santa!
If you’d like to share a classic Holiday Cookie recipe, please leave a comment below to tell me what cookies you can’t live without during the holidays!
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Last Minute Gift Ideas to Make, Send, or Assemble!

It’s halfway to Christmas and if you are still putting off some holiday shopping, I’ve got you covered with fabulously frugal ideas that won’t break the bank.
First off a list from my favorite store… Dollar Tree (with little help from its friend, Aldi)
For the Cuppa Lover:  A great and always welcome gift for the one who loves to savor a warm cuppa, a variety of coffee, tea or hot cocoa items.  Each store is different, and I always find some hidden gems (check out my youtube channel’s feature Fav Frugal Finds) but here are some ideas for a gift bag or basket full of warm drink items:  Mugs, flavored syrups, instant drink mixes or tea, Piroulines, peppermints, ceramic beverage coasters, honey, cookies, and chocolate candies.
Bonus easy craft idea:  Make chocolate covered plastic spoons!  Just dip in melted chocolate and lay on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to harden in the fridge.  You can add candies, and sprinkles but I like mine plain.
Aldi find:  12 coffees of Christmas at $4.99.  12 K cup coffees in Christmasy flavors!
For the one who needs to relax:  A dishpan filled with bubble bath, bath salts, foot cream, bath fizzies, bath pouf, spa mask, facial items, fluffy socks, nail polish, pedicure items.
For the nail art fanatic:  A glass finger bowl, with nail art items, nail polish, polish remover, nail stickers, manicure kits, and nail files.
For the Movie Fanatic:  Dollar Tree sometimes has a variety of family movies.  Pair these with some microwave popcorn, and a variety of their movie theater sized candy boxes, twizzlers or red vines, bagged salty or sweet treats, and some cute popcorn containers.
For the Kiddos:  Dollar Tree is great for plush toys, and smaller non brand name toys, but you can also find Disney themed items, and licensed character coloring books, stickers, and trinkets.
For the Holiday Lover:  For someone who loves adding holiday decor to their home, Dollar tree has some excellent holiday kitchen towels, utensils, snow globes, candles, and other holiday home decor!
For the one who loves being in the kitchen:  Dollar tree is full of kitchen utensils.  I already mentioned tea towels, and one can never have too many.  Add some matching dishcloths, and oven mitt, utensils, and wrap it all up in a colander!


To Make:  Dollar tree has an assortment of holiday containers, tins, baskets, etc.  Wrap up some Christmas cookies (homemade or store bought), candies, fruit and nuts in these festive containers, and put a bow on it!

thumb (16)

Speaking of bows, don’t forget to check out their party and gift wrap section for wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, bags, and basket bags.  They also have a variety of pretty basket fill, and a huge selection of greeting cards, both boxed and individual.
To Send:
The Popcorn Factory has been my go to in a pinch for a refreshing gift sent in the mail.  It’s nice this time of year because the recipient can put it out for house guests, or take to a party, or enjoy it all to themselves.  I got a code in the mail for 15% off any order expiring 12/20/15.  Just enter 15D15 when checking out.
Another company I have used to send a sweet little treat is Cheryl’s.  I have used their $5 cookie card option to send a single cookie in the mail with a card, and a $5 gift card for the recipient.  And if you didn’t catch that, it’s $5 (shipping included).  Very cute!
So don’t delay… now you have some ideas, get that shopping done once and for all!