New Products! + Upcoming Features!

This past month I started to get some ideas for some new products, and I am thrilled to talk about them in my New Product Feature.

The first product came to me after I saw an advent calendar in Aldi, and I remember the excitement of opening an advent calendar with my mom every year.  In those days there seemed to be more creativity than just foil wrapped chocolates in there.  So I thought it would be a great idea to bring that same excitement into your birthday week, or any special occasion!

The Birthday Advent counts down to your Birthday by giving you a paper packet to open every day leading up to your day.


Of course these can be customized, much like my other shop items, and you can buy or request them HERE.

The last newest item is also based on a tradition from my youth… (much like everything.)  My gramma always used to save the wishbone from the turkey or chicken to make a wish with me.  She would sometimes see which end might already be fractured so that I could win and get my wish.  When I went off to college, she would save them in a little jar for me, and I still have them as trinkets to remember how traditions were just as important to her as they are to me.

So it came to me in a lightening strike before a craft show, to create some wishbones so that others could enjoy this tradition, with out the hassle of cooking a fowl!

I created these very quickly at 10pm before the second craft show I attended!  They can be purchased HERE20151115_125522_resized

That’s all for today… but I have a lot of exciting things planned for the month of December on the blog and the channel, including my favorite cookie recipes, frugal holiday gift ideas, two epic estate sale hauls, plus holiday themed regulars.  Keep checking in!



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