5 Things That Made Me Happy!

This month’s 5 Things That Made Me Happy is coming at a great time!  With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow, it is extra special that I focus on the things that made me happy this past month.
  1.  I subbed a few dance classes this month.  It’s fun getting a chance to visit some other kids and personalities in other classes.  My first two happy moments are from one dance class where I was the substitute.  The first was a little girl who was very uptight.  I’m talking the kind of kid that looks at you like you’re crazy when you tell her to imagine something.  I did a creative movement exercise with the kids.  By the end of class, I couldn’t get this one little girl to chill out.  During cool down, I looked over and literally laughed out loud when I saw her in her own little world jamming away.
  2. In the same class, a little girl came in late.  She was only about 4 years old.  She came into class fine, but quickly welled up in tears.  Luckily I had the magic touch to get her to stop.  I can’t even recall what I said but the moment she started laughing I was relieved.. and happy!
  3. I had a moment last week where I finally felt like my dance classes just clicked… all of them!  I had that teacher moment where I stood back and noticed everyone had improved.  I know I’m not their only teacher, but I’d like to think I have a helping hand.  THIS truly makes teachers happy.
  4. Some of my instagram followers may have heard about the next point.  I was featured in the House of Hawthornes blog post for her Etsy Shopping Guide.  I was so grateful to get picked, and was elated when I saw my shop name in the blog post.  It was an exciting time.  I’ve worked so hard on the roots and philosophies of my shop, and I hope that will translate when folks visit, or are thinking of a nostalgic gift for themselves, a friend, or loved one.
  5. The last point just happened to me the other day.  I didn’t have a last happy moment that I felt was worthy of blogging about, but today a moment happened that made me stop and think.  I’m happy for all of the happy mistakes where I just happen to be where I need to be for a good thing to happen to me!  This month I was able to meet a bunch of great people at a craft fair I was a vendor in, and just today I happened to be at the right place at the right time to perhaps get another dance gig!  I’ll have to keep you all updated, if something special happens soon, I’ll be sure to tell you all the details.                                                                                                                                                               I hope everyone is able to stop and think about what they are thankful for on this day especially, but let’s keep a resolution to remember, and focus on them all year long!                                                                                                                                                                                            Happy Thanksgiving!

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