Prize Puff Surprise Ball Evolution: A Product Spotlight

I have been working hard on my Prize Puffs for the Craft fairs coming up this weekend and next weekend.  I am proud of their evolution and wanted to share the journey with all my readers.
Research is an integral part of my efforts to remain true to the original ideas from the past.  I have been researching  the original Charles Gregor Surprise Balls, and although there are few left in the world today, their are a handful of photos of their original designs.
Looking at the originals has inspired me to think outside the box in decorating my prize puffs.  It has also encouraged me to embrace art in a form I never thought that I would take up.
This original Charles Gregor santa surprise ball inspired the first protocol for my Santa Prize Puff.  Luckily there were photos from every angle courtesy of ebay:
I didn’t have all of the craft items I needed, so I used what I had and got this version first:
Once I was able to pick up some crafting supplies at the craft store,  here is version 2:
Now, with the new found idea of putting non paper items onto a prize puff in order to decorate it, I have been coming up with all kinds of ideas!
I’d love to attempt this swan.  This was an original sold on etsy:
I have also been looking up original surprise balls from Japan.  They have a more simple but still charming design.
I have also been researching vintage dime store toys, and trinkets.  There are a few sites that are selling the originals, and etsy is a good source for the originals as well.  I then search for equivalent prizes that are similar.  I think I have just as much fun hunting down the vintage inspired trinkets as a recipient would uncovering them!  This is why I say each puff is carefully curated in order to remain as close to an original as possible.
I would eventually love to include original vintage dime store trinkets, charms, and such.  I have been scouting several etsy sellers who specialize in nothing but these trinkets!
So I’d love some feedback!  What five and dime store trinkets do you all remember from the past?

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