Halloween Weekend Recap!

My husband had to go out of town unexpectedly and I had the weekend to myself.  The day before he left, I whipped together a bit of the dinner I had planned.  It turned out ok, and everything tasted good.  Using Pinterest as an inspiration I whipped together these mummy themed calzones, and hot dog men.  I also whipped together a cauliflower side dish, to resemble a brain.
Husband says the hot dog mummies looked like an anaconda attack… so we will go with that.  I think you call that a Pinterest fail.
In my defense, the homemade pizza dough I had planned to thaw wasn’t thawed out yet, so I had to use the tube of crescent rolls for both the calzones, and the mummies that were attacked by anacondas.  So I had to stretch the use of that, and the hot dogs were a bit sparse.  Oh well!
The mashed potato ghosts where the cutest by far.
20151030_145230_resized 20151030_144047_resized
I made some aldi slice and bake jack o lantern sugar cookies for dessert:
I ate last week’s leftover cookie cake dessert with a cookie laying on a bed of whip cream with my after dinner coffee.
On Saturday Morning, I substituted some dance classes.
I then was able to check out a thrift store that I have been wanting to browse in.  Definitely worth my time to make a special trip there in the future, and I have an awesome thrift haul to show you later in the month.
I came home and walked the dog down a dead end street… quite appropriate on Halloween.
We didn’t have time to carve our pumpkins, but I set them out.  There’s always an upside, and at least now they will last as Thanksgiving decor outside.
Here are the bags all ready to go!
And the popcorn machine and set up!
One little girl asked me where I got that cute little pumpkin.
Husband and I thought we would get way more kids than we did.  He kept checking in on me all night, and was surprised at the end of the evening when I told him we only had about 35.  I had 80 of those bags prepped, and then two more big bowls of candy.  Guess we will be stocked for fun size candy bars for awhile!
All of the kids and parents were amazed about my fresh popped popcorn idea, along with the bags of candy.  It smelled really good here.
Once my neighbors across the street packed it in, so did I.  I had three more doorbell rings after that till about 9.  I turned the light off at 9:30.  Next Halloween we will be in another neighborhood, as we will be moving in the next several months (again).  But I’m all set for next year, with the popcorn machine, and ideas.
I had a fun evening!  What did you all do for Halloween Weekend!?

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