5 Things That Made Me Happy This Month

This is month two of giving recognition to things that make me happy, and less on the negative aspects of life.
  1.  Making connections with my dance students.  It’s always difficult to be the new teacher at a well established dance studio.  And just as the students are apprehensive about me, I need to find that perfect balance of being in an authoritative role, and not being a meanie!  So when I make a connection, with a student who has a slight learning disability, it really makes me feel great.  And I enjoy the hugs I get at the end of class too!
  2. Teen Nick released The Splat at the beginning of this month.  It’s a lineup from 10pm to 6am that runs every night showing the Nickelodeon programs I grew up watching.  I have enjoyed reminiscing, and laughing when they show the great prizes the kids won on Double Dare.  Such prizes include, a typewriter, VCR, and Nickelodeon Slime Shampoo.
      635779066682492734-Screen-Shot-2015-09-15-at-9.35.36-AMphoto credit usatoday.com
3.  October is the best month for scary movies, and the childhood movies from Halloween’s past.  November 1st is always a little bit of a let down. 😦
4.  I’m prepping for a craft show.  So in every spare minute I am trying to get some sort of craft done.  I’ve been rolling prize puffs, gluing cupcake toppers, folding origami curio cones, and crafting like a maniac.  I have two that I am hoping to attend in November, and at least one in January.  We will see of this little crafting dream of mine will fly!
5.  My wild “pet” lizard.  He lives on our bathroom window, on the outside.  We started seeing him a few months back, and he made our bathroom window his home base.  He spends the night there, and comes back several times a day to chill out.  I got worried when I didn’t see him return, but so far he is still hanging around. 20151013_125209_resized
What things made you happy this month!

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