Vintage Market!

This weekend I dragged my hubby to a Vintage Street Fair.  It was like a little mini version of the Country Living Fair.  I loved it!
I met some really cool vendors at a few booths.  And since I’m still learning this new vintage network here, it was a good day to pick up everyone’s business cards!
There was some really fun and funky booths, and I stopped into an antique store on main street too.
On the way into the fair, I spotted this bright pink suitcase… but the vendor was talking to someone else, and Hubby and I walked to the start of the fair and made our way down.  When I got to that booth, the suitcase was still there.
The vendor pointed out that there was also a smaller purple suitcase, and would offer me a package deal.  We agreed on  a price, and off I went with my two suitcases!
Hubby is a sweetheart, and he offered to carry them, but I didn’t make him carry girly suitcases!
They are impeccably clean on the inside.
The pink matches my train case that I picked up at the Country Living Fair years ago.
I’m super duper excited about my pink suitcase.  it will make an appearance at my own craft show in November!
I hope you all got to do something fun this weekend!


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