My Halloween Weekend Plans!

Nothing too exciting… but a chill Halloween weekend at home.  It’s T minus one week for the launch of my first craft fair ever, so I am scrambling to put the last minute preparations into place.  I just wanted to stop in to show you all what I have going on for the trick or treaters!  Click the photo above to go to my channel to catch the details!  Have fun and BE SAFE this Halloween weekend!

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Month

This is month two of giving recognition to things that make me happy, and less on the negative aspects of life.
  1.  Making connections with my dance students.  It’s always difficult to be the new teacher at a well established dance studio.  And just as the students are apprehensive about me, I need to find that perfect balance of being in an authoritative role, and not being a meanie!  So when I make a connection, with a student who has a slight learning disability, it really makes me feel great.  And I enjoy the hugs I get at the end of class too!
  2. Teen Nick released The Splat at the beginning of this month.  It’s a lineup from 10pm to 6am that runs every night showing the Nickelodeon programs I grew up watching.  I have enjoyed reminiscing, and laughing when they show the great prizes the kids won on Double Dare.  Such prizes include, a typewriter, VCR, and Nickelodeon Slime Shampoo.
      635779066682492734-Screen-Shot-2015-09-15-at-9.35.36-AMphoto credit
3.  October is the best month for scary movies, and the childhood movies from Halloween’s past.  November 1st is always a little bit of a let down. 😦
4.  I’m prepping for a craft show.  So in every spare minute I am trying to get some sort of craft done.  I’ve been rolling prize puffs, gluing cupcake toppers, folding origami curio cones, and crafting like a maniac.  I have two that I am hoping to attend in November, and at least one in January.  We will see of this little crafting dream of mine will fly!
5.  My wild “pet” lizard.  He lives on our bathroom window, on the outside.  We started seeing him a few months back, and he made our bathroom window his home base.  He spends the night there, and comes back several times a day to chill out.  I got worried when I didn’t see him return, but so far he is still hanging around. 20151013_125209_resized
What things made you happy this month!

Craft Show Preview!

Today I am popping in for a short post.  It’s Halloween week at dance class, and I am also planning a Halloween themed dinner for the husband and I, as well as prepping for my craft shows!  I am a busy girl.
Today I am showing you a preview of some of the items that will be on display at the show, and will be in the etsy shop afterwards.  If you want any custom prize puffs, curio cones, or other vintage goodies and gifts, please let me know!
I know it’s Halloween week, but I have been turning out Santa and Snowman prize puffs and party crackers left and right!

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I love Halloween week.  Do you have any fun Halloween activities planned!?

Three Halloween Makeup Tutorials!

I’m getting really excited for the spooks to roam on Halloween night.  I always have a blast teaching my little kids, (and big kids too) for the Halloween week of dance.  I love playing all of the Halloween music that I grew up with in dance class.
Who else caught a few showings of Hocus Pocus already?!
Today I bring you three easy Halloween Makeup Looks using drugstore makeup of course!
Check out my Jem inspired, Glam Halloween, and Creep Factor looks on the Nicolyndime channel today.
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Are you all getting amped for Halloween?

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

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(Image credit

This month’s beauty review is on the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.  This sponge is a frugal buy at $5.99 compared to the Beauty Blender sponge at $20 .  I purchased mine at Ulta. In all fairness, I haven’t ever tried an actual beauty blender sponge, but I have tried a $3 knock off from Five Below.
First off, the real techniques sponge is lightweight, making me think that it would absorb most of my product.  This was not the case at all.  I liked how I did not have to use a ton of product in order to achieve a result.  The 5B sponge was more durable feeling, and thicker, but as a result felt as though I was being punched in the face as I tried to dab the product onto my skin (!!!)  Alternately, the Real Techniques sponge was light, and gentle on my face and skin.
The shape of the RT sponge allows you to contour with the flat end, use the rounded sides for regular application, and the pointed end for more precise work.  The 5B knockoff was shaped like an hourglass, making for only two ends for applications; the round end, and the pointed end.
I love how I can build my foundation using the RT sponge.  No product is wiped off by the sponge as long as I save my precise applications for the end of my makeup routine.
Cleaning both sponges is fairly easy, but the RT sponge is softer and allows for faster dry time, and a more thorough cleaning.  Both sponges were left with a little staining from my foundation, and also from being inside my makeup bag.
For double the price (at $6) I would recommend the Real Techniques sponge for the long run.  It creates an airbrushed look, with a light application.  I would recommend the Five Below knockoff sponge for perhaps theatre makeup, or Halloween makeup application.
Maybe pick up one of each for everyday, and to get ready for those Halloween looks!
Next month I will review the Gelogic nail colors that I picked up at Five Below for only $3!

Frugal Tip of the Month!


Do you like to read books on your phone, or tablet?  I love getting some free book suggestions emailed to me daily, and you can too!  Just head on over to and sign up.  It’s free and you can select what types of genres you would like to receive daily.  The only pet peeve I have is I am a bit of a grammar, and spelling nut.  Now that I have said that, I have to be super duper cautious (even more than I already am) about not making a big blooper on the blog!  Many of these free books seem to be self published, and have many grammar and spelling errors.  I admit that sometimes, if there are many in the first pages, I just go into my amazon account and delete it.  But since it was FREE, no loss!
The Kindle app, in case someone doesn’t know, is also free in the play store.
I have a Nook, and can get free nook books, as well as kindle books.  I “purchase” free Kindle books daily, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I even looked at the Nook books for free.
My favorite categories are the Business and Investing, Self- Help, and Cookbooks.  There are many free options for children’s as well.  Lately, I have been gaining useful knowledge in the areas of my etsy store, you tube, and blogging.  Now onto the problem of hoarding free books on my Nook…..

Thrift Haul from September!

This month I participated in a vintage Fall swap.  It was my very first time participating in one.  I found out all about it through my Instagram, and it seemed really fun.  I think I had more fun shopping for it than I did actually receiving a package in the mail!  While I was out on the hunt, I found some items for myself, and eventually came across some vintage items at some garage sales for the swap.  Check out my fun thrift haul on my channel!  Thanks for watching, and remember to subscribe and give me a like!