Things I Learned this Month: YouTube, Silks, and Beauty Blenders!


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It’s the start of a lot of new blog features round these parts, and at the end of each month, along with talking about things that have made me happy all month long, I’ll be making a point to write down things I have learned also.  Here you can catch some frugal living tips, advice to make life easier, or encouragement to seek out new information for yourself.
It’s always good to keep learning, no matter what age you are!
There are 3 major things I have learned this month:
  1.  I’m learning all about YouTube in a free ebook I have downloaded.  It’s a very fascinating world, and I myself, almost forget what life was like before I was able to access any tutorial ever on the video sharing site.  What a great way to connect the world, and share knowledge.
  2. Aerial silks:  I got back into learning aerial silks, as I had mentioned in a few posts past.  I am already learning some terminology that I had not previously learned from my classes in PA.  I already feel stronger, and happier when I leave class!
  3. Finally I stumbled across how to clean a beauty blender.  I can’t find the video that I watched, as it showed up on my personal facebook page, but it was super simple and it worked really well.  She simply rubbed the beauty blender sponge all over the moistened bar soap.  I think she used dove so it was super cheap.  Then you just squeeze the sponge in clean water in a bowl, and keep replacing the water once it’s all soapy.  This way you can see if all the soap is out.  I tried this method on a flat applicator sponge as well, and it worked really well for that.  As always allow to dry out in the open so no yucky bacteria can’t grow in there.
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And remember… Send in those makeup questions and looks!  I’d be happy to teach you how to improve your techniques!

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