5 Things That Made Me Happy!

I think it’s important to focus on what makes us happy, rather than dwell in the doom and gloom of life.  I’m the biggest success story for the power of positive thinking.
A few short years ago, I was truly and deeply unhappy.  I probably should have been seeking counseling, it was that bad.  I was jaded about life, and really felt like I did not have a purpose.
I had no joy whatsoever in my days, and each day was like the last.
Then I started reading books about the power of positive thinking, and a light bulb went off.  I wasn’t an overnight success story, and much like an addict, I still struggle today with slipping into a negative thinking path.  It’s so easy to fall back into that mindset when things aren’t going your way.  That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with those people that will build you up when you’re feeling down.  Those are the people you should let into your life.
With great skepticism I decided to humor this book I was reading, and create a “dream board.”  But mine wasn’t a dream board.  Instead I created a small paper mache book craft with actual trinkets I could glue inside and fill with treasures.  I wish I had taken photos of that book before I disposed of it.  In my attempt to get rid of items before our move, I ripped the trinkets out, and discarded the paper mache shell, silently thanking it for teaching me a valuable life lesson.
It took a good many years, but it wasn’t that craft project that changed my lifestyle.  It was my mindset.  Inside that box, I had put my dreams, no matter how unrealistic they seemed.  At the time I was single with no prospects, living at home, working in a job I didn’t care for, and with and for people who couldn’t care less about me.  I was struggling to develop the Peachy Keen Party Queen so that I could have something that I built with my own two little hands.  Something that I could release my creativity into, and share with the world.
When you get to the mountaintop it’s so easy to look down and recall all those hellacious moments and see how they have shaped you for the current path you’re in, but it’s so hard to see the light when you are going through them.
Inside that box I placed ideas about having a dance job again, finding my true love, feeling safe, developing my business to feel fulfilled, and living at the beach.
Currently I have been happily married for 2 years, have found a dance job in both states I’ve lived in since getting married, am living at the beach, and have been fully focused on developing my business to spread the happiness and simple joy that made me happy in my life.
I won’t go into how these dreams have occurred, but let me tell you they were all quite unexpected.  Most of them required work.  When I started that simple craft project, it changed my thinking to take charge of my own path and to stop wallowing in the hand I had been dealt.
So in an effort to always be focusing on the positive I hope you will join me in my newest blog feature


By each month’s end, I will list and give a small summary on 5 things that made me happy in the month.
I hope that you all will comment and send me email to tell me about the things that made you happy… so our happiness can spread!
  1.  Pink Dolphin!  A rare pink dolphin was spotted in Louisiana waters.  I had no idea they existed outside of Lisa Frank Stickers!  Check it out here!
  2. I’m a gardener after all!  I started a small potted garden on my patio when I got to Florida.  My Basil was suffocating, unbeknownst to me, and was getting really leggy.  I only had leaves at the top!  By the time I realized I started to see her roots coming up in the soil… I sure felt stupid.  I transplanted them, and gave them some plant food and talked to them really sweetly 🙂  And look!20150918_122521
  3. I’ve been really proud of my technical evolution over the course of starting this blog, all the way to my youtube channel.  Ask my college roommate…I broke every component of my personal computer in college, (printer included) then moved on to break her computer monitor!  I’m not writing code or anything over here…. but I have learned to film, edit, convert,  and publish videos, am still learning this instagram thing, started and manage an etsy shop, and continue to learn about this fandangled world.
  4. HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!  And I’m reminded of it everywhere.  (Even though I rolled my eyes when Dollar Tree had a Holiday/ Christmas section right next to Halloween).  Even the pet costumes are out at Petco, and I’m super duper excited!  Which leads me to #5
  5. I’m planning something epic for the Trick or Treaters, now that I have a housing plan where I’ll actually get some.  I can’t tell you what I have planned yet, and I’m still bordering on whether or not the neighborhood might think I’m a bit loony…. but I love revisiting that nostalgia!  I promise to keep you posted as it gets closer.
Now it’s your turn!  Tell me what made you happy this month?  Please do tell….

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