Things I Learned this Month: YouTube, Silks, and Beauty Blenders!


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It’s the start of a lot of new blog features round these parts, and at the end of each month, along with talking about things that have made me happy all month long, I’ll be making a point to write down things I have learned also.  Here you can catch some frugal living tips, advice to make life easier, or encouragement to seek out new information for yourself.
It’s always good to keep learning, no matter what age you are!
There are 3 major things I have learned this month:
  1.  I’m learning all about YouTube in a free ebook I have downloaded.  It’s a very fascinating world, and I myself, almost forget what life was like before I was able to access any tutorial ever on the video sharing site.  What a great way to connect the world, and share knowledge.
  2. Aerial silks:  I got back into learning aerial silks, as I had mentioned in a few posts past.  I am already learning some terminology that I had not previously learned from my classes in PA.  I already feel stronger, and happier when I leave class!
  3. Finally I stumbled across how to clean a beauty blender.  I can’t find the video that I watched, as it showed up on my personal facebook page, but it was super simple and it worked really well.  She simply rubbed the beauty blender sponge all over the moistened bar soap.  I think she used dove so it was super cheap.  Then you just squeeze the sponge in clean water in a bowl, and keep replacing the water once it’s all soapy.  This way you can see if all the soap is out.  I tried this method on a flat applicator sponge as well, and it worked really well for that.  As always allow to dry out in the open so no yucky bacteria can’t grow in there.
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5 Things That Made Me Happy!

I think it’s important to focus on what makes us happy, rather than dwell in the doom and gloom of life.  I’m the biggest success story for the power of positive thinking.
A few short years ago, I was truly and deeply unhappy.  I probably should have been seeking counseling, it was that bad.  I was jaded about life, and really felt like I did not have a purpose.
I had no joy whatsoever in my days, and each day was like the last.
Then I started reading books about the power of positive thinking, and a light bulb went off.  I wasn’t an overnight success story, and much like an addict, I still struggle today with slipping into a negative thinking path.  It’s so easy to fall back into that mindset when things aren’t going your way.  That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with those people that will build you up when you’re feeling down.  Those are the people you should let into your life.
With great skepticism I decided to humor this book I was reading, and create a “dream board.”  But mine wasn’t a dream board.  Instead I created a small paper mache book craft with actual trinkets I could glue inside and fill with treasures.  I wish I had taken photos of that book before I disposed of it.  In my attempt to get rid of items before our move, I ripped the trinkets out, and discarded the paper mache shell, silently thanking it for teaching me a valuable life lesson.
It took a good many years, but it wasn’t that craft project that changed my lifestyle.  It was my mindset.  Inside that box, I had put my dreams, no matter how unrealistic they seemed.  At the time I was single with no prospects, living at home, working in a job I didn’t care for, and with and for people who couldn’t care less about me.  I was struggling to develop the Peachy Keen Party Queen so that I could have something that I built with my own two little hands.  Something that I could release my creativity into, and share with the world.
When you get to the mountaintop it’s so easy to look down and recall all those hellacious moments and see how they have shaped you for the current path you’re in, but it’s so hard to see the light when you are going through them.
Inside that box I placed ideas about having a dance job again, finding my true love, feeling safe, developing my business to feel fulfilled, and living at the beach.
Currently I have been happily married for 2 years, have found a dance job in both states I’ve lived in since getting married, am living at the beach, and have been fully focused on developing my business to spread the happiness and simple joy that made me happy in my life.
I won’t go into how these dreams have occurred, but let me tell you they were all quite unexpected.  Most of them required work.  When I started that simple craft project, it changed my thinking to take charge of my own path and to stop wallowing in the hand I had been dealt.
So in an effort to always be focusing on the positive I hope you will join me in my newest blog feature


By each month’s end, I will list and give a small summary on 5 things that made me happy in the month.
I hope that you all will comment and send me email to tell me about the things that made you happy… so our happiness can spread!
  1.  Pink Dolphin!  A rare pink dolphin was spotted in Louisiana waters.  I had no idea they existed outside of Lisa Frank Stickers!  Check it out here!
  2. I’m a gardener after all!  I started a small potted garden on my patio when I got to Florida.  My Basil was suffocating, unbeknownst to me, and was getting really leggy.  I only had leaves at the top!  By the time I realized I started to see her roots coming up in the soil… I sure felt stupid.  I transplanted them, and gave them some plant food and talked to them really sweetly 🙂  And look!20150918_122521
  3. I’ve been really proud of my technical evolution over the course of starting this blog, all the way to my youtube channel.  Ask my college roommate…I broke every component of my personal computer in college, (printer included) then moved on to break her computer monitor!  I’m not writing code or anything over here…. but I have learned to film, edit, convert,  and publish videos, am still learning this instagram thing, started and manage an etsy shop, and continue to learn about this fandangled world.
  4. HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!  And I’m reminded of it everywhere.  (Even though I rolled my eyes when Dollar Tree had a Holiday/ Christmas section right next to Halloween).  Even the pet costumes are out at Petco, and I’m super duper excited!  Which leads me to #5
  5. I’m planning something epic for the Trick or Treaters, now that I have a housing plan where I’ll actually get some.  I can’t tell you what I have planned yet, and I’m still bordering on whether or not the neighborhood might think I’m a bit loony…. but I love revisiting that nostalgia!  I promise to keep you posted as it gets closer.
Now it’s your turn!  Tell me what made you happy this month?  Please do tell….

Bright Pink Lipstick Day!


Today is bright pink lipstick day, (which is nearly everyday in this house) and in honor of it, I’m giving you a tour of my bright pink lipstick collection!  It’s a color that changed my outlook on life.  Check out my very first blog post ever to read about that!
If you have a chance check out this awesome website and support them:  Pink Hope
Then check out my you tube video of all my bright pink lipsticks!
See you Monday!

Monthly Thrift Look

Each month I’m going to try (hopefully) to prove that you can be fashionable and live a thrift store life!  You don’t need buckets of cash lying around (yeah right) to look nice, and follow “trends.”
One thing I always hate about magazines is their usual “Lust and Must” section.
I’m definitely on the same page with them about lusting over an item that’s $1,000.  But they lose me when the must item is over or close to $100.  Maybe even if it’s $50, cause you know, I’m cheap when it comes to buying things for myself.
So I’m going to turn that frustration into a positive, and a challenge, and start this monthly blog feature!
Each month I will use the Allure Magazine as an inspiration to find a thrifted look that is inspired by, or resembles their fashion of the month, proving that if you have a little creativity to think outside the box, and the desire to thrift it up, you can accomplish the look too.
This month’s look was all about the polka dots.
So off I went, before my weekly Aldi trip, to a thrift store a few blocks from there.  At first, I was a bit discouraged.  I found this top:
So at least I had SOMETHING…. but then I spotted it…
Polka dotted, long sleeve, wrap style dress!
This is a perfect Fall look.  Here I paired it with a vintage Trifari butterfly brooch from an estate sale a looong time ago.
This look took me less than an hour to find, and I also found the rest of the thrift haul that I talked about last Wednesday!
The sleeve has a large cuff and a detail with a button.
That’s our nearly new dead TV in the background.   A lightening strike apparently came through the cable box and fried it  😦
We are using our backup TV til Cyber Monday deals!  Here’s me pondering if TV repairmen still exist.
A perfect vintage fall look for me!  And the final kicker… this dress was $2.
This skirt is $39, and that Michael Kors “Must” dress in blue above is $175!
Let’s see if I can replicate another look or trend next month!

Frugal Tip of the Month!

I’ve got a secret weapon for earning a little bit of extra cash on a lot of purchases I make online.  It’s called Topcashback and it works the same way that ebates does.  I signed up for ebates, but never used them because I opt to use Topcashback instead.
Basically you log onto Topcashback before you shop your store, and you earn a percentage back.  There’s no gimmicks, and no tricks.  I have used Topcashback to get funds sent to my paypal account and also have converted it into codes for a higher percentage.
I use this every time I shop elf cosmetics online (and that’s a lot!) to get 5% cashback all the time.  I just checked the ebates site, and they are only offering 3.5% cashback on elf cosmetics purchases right now.  Whenever I get a free shipping email from elf, and want to get some new products, I use Topcashback AND my credit card cashback to get the product for way less than retail price!
To date, I have earned $79.19 cashback, by just going through topcashback for occasional online purchases.  Every little bit helps!
If you’d like to sign up through Topcashback yourself, you can do so through this link:
*I do get credit if you sign up through this link.  It’s completely free for you, and works the same way as if you would sign up all on your lonesome.  Once you’re in, and you see how great it is, you can send your personal sign up link to all your friends and earn credit too!

My Youtube Debut!


(Click here to learn this look)

So for a while now I’ve referenced youtube for many a makeup and dance related topics.  And quite frequently I think.. “Hey!  I’ve got makeup information to share with the world….”  So here I am… taking a leap into the great internet!  It’s a little (A lot) scary putting yourself out there for anyone and everyone to look at under a magnifying glass but the way I see it is that there are a lot more problems in the world, and if people have the time to degrade anyone, they aren’t putting the time they have been given to a very good use.
Another reason I’ve decided to do this is because I have looked to certain youtube vloggers to brighten my day with their advice, life adventures, and personality.  And you’re not supposed to hide your light under a bushel!  Plus the fear that I will someday be an old lady with the regret and wonder of “what if” is a lot more terrifying than anything could say to me in the present.
If you are on the fence about starting a new hobby, or something has just been on your heart and always in the back of your mind, but you have fear of failure… I hope you can take my advice to just do it.
I’ve always loved cirque du soleil and wanted to pursue becoming a silk aerialist.  I started these skills when I was back in PA but I had to stop because of priorities.  Here in Florida, I’ve discovered a great little studio, with a positive vibe, just like I am looking for.  I started up again this week.  Two days later and I still cant laugh or cough without my entire abdominal region hurting and it still hurts to wash my back in the shower.  But I’m going back again next week because it’s something I’ve always wanted to at least see if I can get somewhat good at… and the only way to know is to try!!!
So my friends in the blogosphere…. I give you full permission to try.  And I hope you find a new love and a new found strength in yourselves.  This is my book… forget a new chapter.  And this is the time I reinvent myself a little at a time!  Imagine what fun can be had when you write your own book.
Until Monday….

Thrift Haul

The other day I went thrifting to start a monthly blog feature.  That outfit I am not going to show you until next week.  🙂  But I did find a few other things that I’m going to show you today.
For searching really quickly.. I did pretty good.  The first thing I spotted almost before I got out of the car.  It was on the “Sidewalk Sale” and 50% off.
This handbag was only $5 and it is in really good shape.  No pen marks inside at all, and it looks like it’s brand new actually!
Does anyone know if this is a logo?  I swear I have seen this logo before but an internet search brought up zilch.
20150908_163640_resized - Copy
These Refuge ripped jeans were way too big in the waist for me, but I liked their boyfriend cut.  Plus they fit me in the legs, so I figured I could get away with wearing them with a belt.  I liked that they weren’t super low cut.  I tend to go for a “mom” jean waist I suppose….
They were $4, and I paired them with a snake skin print legging that I picked up at an estate sale for $1.  I already owned this rocker chic tee.
This Jones New York striped button down tank was only $2.  I paired them with a dark wash skinny jean that was also from an estate sale for only $1.
I’m not high fashion enough to be able to figure out these buttons though…
But as usual with fashion… I just do what I want.
The last look is a teaser for Wednesday’s post….. and it has to do with Polka Dots!
This top is a XXI top that I paired with (yet again) a pair of leggings I got from that SAME estate sale for $1.
All of the sequins are in tact… not bad for $2.
I want to give a shout out to the kind woman at this particular thrift store.  When I mentioned I was running a weekly thrift feature on the blog, and gave her my card, she graciously prayed for me and my business.  I’m sure I’ll be visiting her store monthly for the new blog feature, and with her $2 clothing deals, I’ll be having some hauls to show you all!
Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to see my newest monthly blog feature!