The Rest of the Goodies Arrived!

This weekend, the other goodies my sister sent out arrived.
The boxes were filled with all the kinds of things I love.  Vintage cookbooks, old looking tins, and lots of vintage kitchen!
This 1963 Better Homes & Gardens Snacks and Refreshments cookbook is my favorite.  I’ll have lots of fun trying out these recipes:
Also were these books; a Betty Crocker cookbook, and a Pittsburgh History book (My hometown).
These Avon containers go right along with my decor.  I took the cage off the bird for a photo of the detail.  Such cute packaging!
And this vintage phone to make my kitchen look more authentic.  
It used to live in a police station, but my brother in law does clean outs….. so now it’s mine
Also included was a 1980’s pizzelle maker.  It’s currently sitting with  a paste of “Bar Keeper’s Friend” on it to make it nice and shiny.
 It’s a nice heavy one, so I guess I’ll be making pizzelles soon!  I’ll have to find an oldy but goody recipe to test it out!  Feel free to share one if you’d like, and it will become a treasured favorite.  I love my recipes with lots of history. 🙂
Thanks Sis!
As for me… I’ve been working hard on developing the giftable, and entertaining lines in the shop.  I’m just waiting for all of my supplies to arrive, and then I’ll start designing!  
Keep an eye out for all the new products!

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