Estate Sale in the Mail plus a Shop Sale!

This weekend I just wasn’t feeling like going out to the estate sales I had planned on attending.  As I was was deciding whether to go or not, the doorbell rang and a package arrived.  It was from my sister in PA, who had been collecting vintage items to send to me.  
So I didn’t even have to go to the sales this weekend, because the sale came to me!  The box was full of wonderful items from the past, and lots of goodies right up my alley.  
There were a bunch of great cookbooks inside:
I just love the Better Homes and Gardens Outdoor Cook Book.  I’ve never seen that one.  There are some good recipes in these books, tried and true, and I will be taking my time browsing these books.  They were added right to my collection!
There were also these two books; a vintage Avon, and a replica of an old 1909 Sears Catalog.
 I was a little too excited to be able to see the way people lived in the early 1900’s by looking at the pages of the Sears Catalog.  Pages upon pages of black and white drawings of piano organs, rings, pocket watches, guns, and china sets, and what they cost:
I collect vintage makeup containers, and other old tins, products, and items to add to vignettes in appropriate rooms in the house.  These Avon makeup samples, and old containers, brought back memories of my mom.  There were so many sweet little treasures inside:
These adorable tiny bottles, with the sweetest shabby chic labels:
This has two heart earrings decorating the photo frame:
An old razor to add to my vignettes in the bathroom:
and stain remover for the laundry room:  (the thought put into the design in the advertising of these older containers is something fascinating to me)
This adorable Moo Cow Creamer that evidently sat on a diner table:
and the old coffee container found a home on my coffee cart:
plus I still have to go through this time capsule of old coupons:
Sis called me today, and told me that two other boxes were on their way… so I will have more goodies coming soon!
BTW:  Shop Sale!  Use code Ten10 to save 10% off orders over $10 this week only!

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