The Birthday Weekend Recap, + a Product Update

It was a nice relaxing birthday weekend for us.  On Friday, I assembled and frosted the cake.


Typically my cakes don’t turn out great.  They are usually lopsided.  This one came together nicely.


I set up hubby’s gifts so he would see them when he came in the door from work.


And scrolled a message on our white board


(BTW:  There’s a banjo in that box, and the blue one is a Clarisonic.  They are great for men too, especially if they shave daily.)
When he got home we had a nice dinner
And dessert!
He was pretty excited about the banjo.  Already a really good guitar player, he’s been wanting to learn the banjo next.  it makes me happy to hear him picking away at the strings.
Sunday morning:  (his actual birthday) I made sprinkle pancakes.  
They are just regular pancakes with some sprinkles mixed in.
It’s a festive breakfast, without feeling like you are eating birthday cake for breakfast.
Of course I added a little dollop of cool whip, and some powdered sugar too!
Update on the ELF studio matte lip color in Berry Sorbet:  On Saturday I did my makeup at 8:30 am.  We drove to Orlando to visit some friends, and when we returned, we had a great early sushi dinner at a wonderful local restaurant.  Hubby unfortunately was feeling like a cold was getting a hold of him, so he took a nap and I took my furbaby for a walk.  Later hubby and I enjoyed funfetti cake, and a spoonful of ice cream, plus I had a cup of coffee with my cake.  This photo was taken at 8:30 at night:
If I were out and about, I would have given a touch up…. but really for a $3 lip color, at the 12 hour mark, through dinner and dessert?!  Now THAT ain’t bad!  I hadn’t used any staying power product beforehand, but only patted my lips with a little foundation from my sponge.  I was really impressed with the staying power of the product.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Try any new beauty products lately!?

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