Birthday Nails

I’m just stopping in quickly to update everyone on the latest and greatest goings on.  I’ve been working on getting the shop expanded, and following other career paths.  But my husband and my sister share a birthday and Sunday is the day!  Since I am the self appointed “party queen” of my group, I cannot let a birthday go by without some sort of celebration.  I wish I could be closer to my sister to bake her a cake, but I can bake a cake for my husband.  I’m planning to cook a special dinner for us to enjoy, and while I was waiting for the cake to bake in the oven, I decided to party up my nails a bit.  It’s been a while since I did a full out manicure at home, and I perhaps need to jump back on the band wagon….but in the meanwhile I wanted to give myself a little glamour.  
I think I was inspired by the sprinkles I mixed into the cake batter prior to baking, so I chose a scheme in my favorite colors.  


The pink color was a clearance rite aid purchase, called Blast.  And the glitter was a Five Below line based on A Christmas Story.  It’s called Triple Dog Dare Ya.  
I hope you all have a glorious weekend!!!! 

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