Quick Nail Post!

Today I’m stopping in to show everyone my quick diy manicure before I mess it up digging an estate sale this weekend (I hope).
I was looking through my caboodle, (of course I still have my original caboodle from when I was a kid) for an inspiration and this neon shade sure stood out from the rest.  This is a Five Below nail polish in the shade “All the Rave.”  It was a bit too bright for me when it dried.  (Trust me, it’s way more vivid in person.)


And it seems as though I can’t go without a little glitter in my life, because it was missing that zip to me.
So I paired it with an Ulta glitter topcoat in “Boogie Nights.”


I talked about getting this glitter topcoat a few posts back when I couponed at Ulta.
I really liked the way it turned out, a nice zippy summer manicure!



Tuesday was for Adventures! Plus a Thrifted Outfit!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to a used bookstore that I had found online.  I haven’t gone exploring in this specific area of town yet, and on the way I went to a few thrift stores.  The first is one that I love because it benefits animals, so I feel good shopping there.  I visited once before and there was an old girl dog, who was so sweet, in the shop.  The people who work there are very helpful, and there is a designated area for all kinds of pet items.  I looked in the dog toys, but my furry baby has a basket full of toys, and really only favors a few.  Before we moved, I actually gave our family’s dogs her hand me downs.  I did it on stealth mode, since dogs are a lot like kids, and they couldn’t care less about a toy until you are getting rid of it.  🙂
I wasn’t finding much of anything, but then I spied the CLEARANCE rack.  Does anyone else’s heart skip a beat when you see that “c” word?  I pulled a few items off the rack, and tried them on.  I was psyched to find this black pleated full skirt, originally from Talbots, with the tag still on.  I looked at the thrift tag, and it was half off of $7.  Sold!  Cute vintage looking skirt at $3.50 is a no brainer.  
It wasn’t until I got home and was showing it to Hubby after dinner, and pointing out the original tag was still attached when I saw the original price.  I’m not good with math… I think that’s like 96% off!


Here I am modeling my thrifted look, and trying out my new selfie button.


The skirt features a border of small round clear beads, that catch the light and give just a bit of understated bling!

20150729_151840-1 - Copy


The tank top is a basic black racerback that I got discounted somewhere at sometime.  I feel like you can never have too many basic tanks.  Love them!
This necklace was from my my Estate Sale Wonderland Post.  It looks very mid century modern to me with the atomic design.


This handbag from Monday’s recent hunt, goes well with the beading on the skirt, and my T strap shoes were an old Target find at $5.00.


And I’m rocking my e.l.f. studio matte lip color in berry sorbet for National Lipstick Day! 
On my way to the bookstore, I spied a few more thrift stores that I ran into and ran out of very quickly.  There wasn’t much that interested me and their prices were a bit high.  
This bookstore (I regret taking pictures) was much like the beginning of “The NeverEnding Story”  Books everywhere… no signs.. no prices.  All the books were organized though, and the owner is an older gentleman who explained to me how his system works.  I look forward to going back in the future, but I found this Vintage Campbell’s Cookbook that will go into the store.


(By the way, if you like the vintage handbag modeled here… look for it in the shop for sale!)

Monday Thrifting and Treasure Hunt

After going to the flea market on Sunday, I really wanted to head to some of the thrift stores that I had been learning about in the area.  I went to the post office for the shop, then continued up the road to hit a thrift store I hadn’t been to yet.  I wasn’t finding much of anything very notable, when these flashbacks from the 90’s caught my eye.  This took me straight back to my childhood:
Does anyone else remember when Ray Charles was singing about Diet Pepsi?  I had to watch the old 1991 commercial to reminisce a bit:

(Picture credit: USAToday)

These will be available in the shop.
Next I stopped at the church’s thrift store.  At first I was finding nothing.. then all of a sudden I started finding some treasures.
The handbags were all $2 a piece.  I needed one new black handbag because my everyday handbag broke a strap while I was walking in the parking lot.  I had a lot of grocery bags, and there it went.  The hardware broke so I can’t actually fix it.  There’s a nice Nine West one on the left, and a flat no name bag that I really liked.  And nope, that’s not a wallet in the front.  It’s a fanny pack.  The character Fiona, on my favorite old TV show Burn Notice, rocked one in the earlier seasons.  This reminded me of that, so for $2, and some functionality, I can’t go wrong.  I don’t care if people don’t wear fanny packs anymore, I’m bringing them back.  I have one I found at a thrift that’s an 80’s stonewash denim.  So now I suppose I have a collection!
Rings and Things will end up in the shop.  Is it bad that I just now realized the pun of this ring holder?  “Oh, RINGS and things… ya know… like an alarm clock.”  Oh boy…..
Rings and Things holds your rings… and… things…
Last time I was at this thrift store was my first visit, and I really didn’t give the whole store a good look because I completely missed the books.  I found that cute vintage Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook at half price, along with the Non Alcoholic Drink recipe book.
I love old cookbooks.  The graphics in this 1963 one are so cute, and it’s so much fun to peek back in time to see what life was like in the kitchen then:
On the way home the allure of a bright pink Estate Sale sign beckoned me up the road from my house where I found these gems:
All of these goodies will end up in the shop too.  
Are these salt and pepper shakers oranges?  

Renninger’s Flea Market Sunday!


Hubby and I went to Renninger’s this past Sunday.  We finally got there after it being put off by really hot weather, and the normal adult errand stuff.  Although we have been having some pretty wicked thunderstorms come through every day, the morning ended up being nice, and not too hot, so we headed out to give it a shot.  I have been really missing the vintage old finds of the state of PA, so I got to peruse the wares of one day vendors and their vintage treasures.  
I was pretty psyched when I stopped at one woman’s table.  She was a sweet older woman, who quickly informed me that everything on the left table was half off.  Now you’re talkin my language!  I got this small anchor hocking jadeite saucer.  I don’t collect jadeite, but always wanted just ONE piece of genuine jadeite… for a really good price.  I got this saucer for $1.  So that’s one item checked off my treasure scavenger hunt bucket list.  
I know now that I can stop into Renninger’s  on a Sunday and find some cute vintage treasures if I want to add to my shop. 
These other items that I picked out:  the watch, small compact, and the bottles, will eventually end up in the shop for sale.
I think this week I will head out to the Goodwill, and a few thrift stores to see if I can score any vintage finds there, then next weekend I’m off to an estate sale I’ve had on my calendar for at least 5 months!   
Happy Monday Everyone!

The Birthday Weekend Recap, + a Product Update

It was a nice relaxing birthday weekend for us.  On Friday, I assembled and frosted the cake.


Typically my cakes don’t turn out great.  They are usually lopsided.  This one came together nicely.


I set up hubby’s gifts so he would see them when he came in the door from work.


And scrolled a message on our white board


(BTW:  There’s a banjo in that box, and the blue one is a Clarisonic.  They are great for men too, especially if they shave daily.)
When he got home we had a nice dinner
And dessert!
He was pretty excited about the banjo.  Already a really good guitar player, he’s been wanting to learn the banjo next.  it makes me happy to hear him picking away at the strings.
Sunday morning:  (his actual birthday) I made sprinkle pancakes.  
They are just regular pancakes with some sprinkles mixed in.
It’s a festive breakfast, without feeling like you are eating birthday cake for breakfast.
Of course I added a little dollop of cool whip, and some powdered sugar too!
Update on the ELF studio matte lip color in Berry Sorbet:  On Saturday I did my makeup at 8:30 am.  We drove to Orlando to visit some friends, and when we returned, we had a great early sushi dinner at a wonderful local restaurant.  Hubby unfortunately was feeling like a cold was getting a hold of him, so he took a nap and I took my furbaby for a walk.  Later hubby and I enjoyed funfetti cake, and a spoonful of ice cream, plus I had a cup of coffee with my cake.  This photo was taken at 8:30 at night:
If I were out and about, I would have given a touch up…. but really for a $3 lip color, at the 12 hour mark, through dinner and dessert?!  Now THAT ain’t bad!  I hadn’t used any staying power product beforehand, but only patted my lips with a little foundation from my sponge.  I was really impressed with the staying power of the product.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Try any new beauty products lately!?

Birthday Nails

I’m just stopping in quickly to update everyone on the latest and greatest goings on.  I’ve been working on getting the shop expanded, and following other career paths.  But my husband and my sister share a birthday and Sunday is the day!  Since I am the self appointed “party queen” of my group, I cannot let a birthday go by without some sort of celebration.  I wish I could be closer to my sister to bake her a cake, but I can bake a cake for my husband.  I’m planning to cook a special dinner for us to enjoy, and while I was waiting for the cake to bake in the oven, I decided to party up my nails a bit.  It’s been a while since I did a full out manicure at home, and I perhaps need to jump back on the band wagon….but in the meanwhile I wanted to give myself a little glamour.  
I think I was inspired by the sprinkles I mixed into the cake batter prior to baking, so I chose a scheme in my favorite colors.  


The pink color was a clearance rite aid purchase, called Blast.  And the glitter was a Five Below line based on A Christmas Story.  It’s called Triple Dog Dare Ya.  
I hope you all have a glorious weekend!!!! 

Swatches and a Mini Coupon Haul

I haven’t been couponing lately, as I really need to learn the policies of Walgreens, and CVS.  I had Rite Aid down pat when I was living in PA, but there’s no Rite Aid in Florida where we are.  So instead I hit up Ulta to do a mini couponing haul.
The E.L.F. products were waiting for me in the mail when I got home.  So I accumulated quite the makeup stash in one day.  


At Ulta I got the mirror, nail polishes, LipSlicks, and Ulta lipstick for $8.47 before tax.  The original retail price was $35.97, which I believe is about 76% off?   (Math is never my strong suit)  
The breakdown is as follows:


Revlon nail color in Saucy (far left) was 4.99.  I used a $3 off coupon
Ulta nail color in Boogie Nights (middle) sale price $2
Ulta nail color in Mint Condition (far right) sale price $2.
Covergirl Lipslicks in #210, and #215.  Clearance at 2.99 each.  Used Coupon on $4 off two.
Ulta Mirror on sale at $1.
I then used an additional $3.50 off $10 Ulta Store Coupon.
Onto the Lip Swatches:
I was really excited to try this ELF Gotta Glow Lip Tint.  I figured it might be a similar product to the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince which is $25 everywhere.  The ELF version is only $6.  It reminds me of the MoodMatcher Lipsticks that my mom let me play with when I was a kid.  She always had the coolest, most hip, “with it” girly things.  Anyway, the lipstick works with your body chemistry and gives everyone their most natural lip color.
The packaging is really sturdy:
And I’m actually in love with the color.
glow 1
I think it’s really complementary to my skin tone.  Here you can see my whole look.  Ignore that I came home from taking Ballet Class and went straight to blogging, so I’m a bit worse for wear after working out!  
When wiping it off I was pretty impressed that not a lot of the product showed up as pink on my tissue
and also that it created a gentle lip color stain.  Perfect for eating out!
Next swatch from the ELF line is a new matte lip color at $3.  It looks different listed on the site, and in person appears to be more of a wine, and less pink in color.
berry sorbet
Regardless, I like this color on my lips, and will change it up with my standard pink, and have fun layering some shimmers over it to create some new looks.
I am forever trying to find a replacement for when Wet N Wild discontinues my favorite shade.. (It’s inevitable, it always happens) and sadly though this Ulta Fuchsia color is pretty… it’s not MY color.
ulta fuchsia
This shade actually looks way more vibrant in person and on my phone.. for some reason my personal computer is dulling this down a tad.
Talk about a stain…Ulta stain but also good to know that you can use this also as a lip stain.  I most likely will use this color in that fashion, and wear it out to eat.
Lastly flashback to the late 90’s and early 2000’s for me with these Covergirl Lipslicks.  The lipstick we were allowed to wear before we could actually wear lipstick:
Shade # 210, which actually SMELLS like high school to me 🙂
Shimmer lipslicks
A perfect shade for layering over lip colors, as well as wearing alone.  A light shimmery shade.
Shade # 215, a little darker, and no shimmer
lipslicks other
In a future post I will review the Makeup Lock and Seal.  I had to wait until it was in stock, and luckily I happened across a one day coupon code for free shipping with no minimum.  So I got the three ELF products shipped to my door for free!
Also apparently you can still purchase those MoodMatcher lipsticks.  I just googled them and a common catalog is selling them, among others on the internet!