Sunday Sale

Lately the Garage Sale Luck has been with me.  Normally I strike out at garage sales because there is too much new stuff there and it’s not what I’m seeking.  But yesterday I hit a sale less than a mile up the street.  I did pretty good, and for a total of $6, I scooped up all kinds of goodies.
That thing with the hoops is a towel holder for a guest bath.  There’s no space in this guest bath for it, but maybe in our someday home.  Otherwise I’ll find a way to re purpose it.  There was a lot of jewelry to hunt through, and I got these ultra sparkly chandelier earrings (I love anything sparkly) and these more understated ones.  Plus I got my husband a brand new watch, still in the packaging, and found this 1950 triangle watch.  (It will be listed in the etsy shop!)
The napkin set under the earrings is a nice country print for entertaining and tablescapes.  
20150628_121127_resized I picked up a book, and assumed it was 50 cents, but the woman wanted me to fill a bag for 50 cents, so I did just that!  I just love anything Country Living, and the Stretching Book will benefit my dance and teaching.  There are several magazines in there, and also a mid-century design book by Betty Pepis.
The last book on top is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which will also end up in the shop!
20150628_121051_resizedLastly, I got this painting.  It’s an actual oil painting, and the frame alone is worth a lot more, but I just love these older oil paintings in pastel colors.  She had $15 on every other painting and when I asked about this one they said $5, but would go $4.  When I bundled all the other items, it ended up being even less.  I’m so glad I asked!
Finally we had a Florida Visitor at the sale too:
This big fella (or lady)? came sauntering up through the yard.  We were telling him (her?) to find the water, because at 8:45 am it was already in the 90’s here.  
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make a rescue!
Our friend went on its way… off to take a dip in the lake.  

Impromptu Treasure Hunt!


I fully did not intend to go treasure hunting this day, but I glanced on craigslist at a yard sale, and in the posted photos, there was a phone I have been looking for!  I feel like the trail has been getting closer, like finding small pieces to a treasure map, with hints that the find is close at hand.  At my very first estate sale in Florida, I found a red one of these.  I liked it but didn’t want to pay the high cost the estate sale company had on it, and that was on 50% off day!  Ever since that day, I’ve been seeing them in photos for other estate sales.  They were mostly black in color.  I knew that they made a pink color.  
Well here it is.  I got a late start, and figured it would be gone.  But I guess no one covets a pink replica payphone, as much as I do.  I also went fully intending to leave without it, thinking the yard saler would want a high price for it as well.  I thought $20 would be a good price for it, so I had that number in my mind. 
I drove first to an estate sale with lots of jadeite, and vintage glassware, but everything there was priced at antique dealer prices… so I headed to the yard sale with the pink phone.  
As I pulled up, I could still see it on the table, in all its pink glory.  When I asked how much, I was shocked to hear her say $20.  I bought the Anchor Hocking Fireking blue floral casseroles for a song, and this little squeaky rubber vintage doll.   Of course I had to counter offer the phone, and I walked away, (to a garage sale the next house over).  There I scored the vintage Samsonite train case for $3.  And I also texted Hubby to bounce this pink phone idea off of him.  He told me to get it.  
When I came back the girl selling it told me she would do $15 on the phone.  Her mom said she originally wanted $30, so I think I got a good deal.  It has a crack along the top, and is missing the drawer where the change would go, and also has a smiley face drawn on it in sharpie, but a new one costs at least $70.  I still haven’t a clue where it will go in our someday home… but I’m sure I’ll find a place.  
Stay tuned because that rubber squeaky doll will soon make her debut in my Etsy shop.  I’ve been working to get things cleaned, and listed!

Always Off Makeup Cloths: Review and Giveaway!

I had seen the “Makeup Eraser” reviewed by one of my favorite vloggers, grav3yardgirl.  It’s a microfiber pink cloth that is supposed to remove all of your makeup with no cleansers, or chemicals, and machine washable so you can re use it.  It actually worked really well, but at $19.97, the price was a little steep for a frugal blogger 🙂  So it was something I put on the back burner.  
On Sunday I saw someone post these on Facebook.  They were found at Walmart in a three pack for $2.97.  I rushed right out and found them in the beauty aisle.


I was really excited to try them out, because I HATE using eye makeup remover products on my eyes.  I always feel like they are irritating to my eyes, and the cotton pads can be scratchy, or the smell makes me shudder.  For a while I used a cream to remove my eye makeup, but would always get it in my eye, then my vision was blurry for about a minute afterwards, and I’m pretty sure that’s NOT GOOD for your sight!
So today I’m coming at you with this oh so embarrassing, no good fashion beauty look of a half face of makeup!  I used my normal foundation, bronzer and blush, but was sure to go heavy with a smoky eye.  I used black mascara, black liquid liner, dark brown pencil liner, and charcoal eye shadow.  Here you can compare my no makeup side to my makeup side:


The directions don’t mention how to use the cloths, but say it can be used with or without cleanser.  So I used without to really test the effectiveness of the cloth.  The cloth itself has a nice soft feel.  I wet the whole cloth with warm water, and twisted the excess out.


The foundation, blush, and bronzer came off right away, as did my brow pencil.  Then I wiped my eye a few times, and this was halfway through the process:


After wiping several more times, I got all of the eye makeup off! 
My skin felt clean, with no oil, or residue left behind.  I am really impressed with these cloths.  I probably would finish up with my cleanser to be sure that all of the dirt from the day is gone.  


This is what the cloth looked like with my half face of makeup on it:
20150616_142759 20150616_142808
And this was its appearance after I washed it out with warm water only.  
I’m all caught up on laundry (woo hoo) so I didn’t wait to throw it into the wash.  Instead I hand washed it in the sink with a little laundry detergent.  I was surprised to see all of the makeup gone with little scrubbing.  Here are the results:
20150616_143510 20150616_143517
Overall:  I really love these cloths, and for about $1 a cloth you really cannot beat the price.  You can find them at your local Walmart, or on this website:
You can enter to win a pack right here on Nicolyndime!

(I am not being paid by this company to promote or endorse this product, and all opinions and fees for this giveaway are my own.)

I’m running my first giveaway through rafflecopter!  (See the sidebar to enter.)  You’ll be entered to win once you leave a comment on the blog, plus you can get an additional entry by visiting Nicolyndime on facebook.  Once the giveaway has ended, rafflecopter chooses a winner at random.  The contest runs for a week.  I will send out the prize to the winner.  I just want to note that you will not need to pay for shipping and handling.  No purchase necessary.  Good Luck!!!

Quick Makeup Review: Setting Sprays!


I’m just popping in today to do a quick review on the NYX Matte Finish long-lasting setting spray, and the E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set.  
The NYX setting spray I picked up at my local Ulta after realizing that the Florida humidity was no match for my old way of doing my own makeup.  Most days I’m pretty “au naturale” and just cleanse and throw on my spf 30 moisturizer.  But those days when I do my makeup, I need it to last.
At Ulta, NYX was $7.99 plus tax.  You get 2.03 fl oz. in the bottle.  They also have a dewy finish spray.  
Review:  I wasn’t outside all day running laps in the noon sun, but I was at a gathering going in and out of a screened in porch.  I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn’t get oily, and my foundation DID stay nice and matte looking.  I didn’t need to use any oil blotting sheets, or powder to freshen up.  My eye makeup hadn’t budged, and felt as though if I accidentally wiped my eye, I wouldn’t have smeared it all across my temple.  Application:  The spray was a light mist on my skin, and there were no offensive smells, or long drying time.  Makeup removal was easy with soap and water, and I did not have to scrub or work any harder to get the product off.  
The e.l.f makeup mist & set is in a comparable bottle at 2.02 fl oz.  The big difference here is the price.  E.L.F comes in at $3.00.  You can typically find E.L.F brand at Target, and I have sometimes found the Mist & Set there, otherwise you will also pay the shipping and handling at $4.95 if you cannot find it in retail stores.
Review:  When I used this setting spray, I was going to a similar gathering.  No marathon running in my makeup! (Or ever)  I was also pleasantly surprised by this spray.  The application was a bit more jarring, and when I sprayed the product, I had to hold my arm far away from my face because it did shoot out with a bit of force behind it.  It caused me to flinch a bit, and afterwards I fanned my face to dry it.  There seemed to be more product dispersed and I had droplets on my skin.  I didn’t want to absorb the excess with a tissue, for fear of smearing the makeup. There was no offensive smell in this bottle, however I have smelled the product in the past, and thought that the odor was strong.  This could have been due to a different “batch.”  I should note that the listed ingredients are aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, & E.  The smell might have been the green tea, but this is just a total guess.  After the evening was over, I checked my makeup, and though I was impressed, I had some eyeshadow creasing on my right eye.  The E.L.F. didn’t feel as secure as the NYX.  Removal was just as easy as the NYX.
Overall, I feel like NYX has a little bit of an edge over the E.L.F but for the cost, the E.L.F is definitely in the running.
I love both of these products actually, and will continue to use them.  I will use the NYX when I need a super-duper, not going anywhere, no way no how makeup setting spray.  And I can use the E.L.F when it’s not so serious.  

Walkin in Estate Sale Wonderland!

I could barely sleep last Thursday night because I was so full of excitement.  Last time I remember being that excited to wake up early was probably Christmas morning as a child.  I got an email about a sale from  It’s a very cool site where you can set your parameters to the zip code and the radius to where you are looking.  You will be emailed every week, or whenever there is a sale in your area.
I knew no other sales could hold a candle to this one, and didn’t even browse the photos (much) of the other listed sales.
This is what greeted me when I opened the email:
00L0L_iLO6552nDdZ_600x450 00q0q_l1Rr9d4JobW_600x450 01212_5s26tGUX8Ih_600x450
This was an actual JUNKTIQUE store, and sadly the owner passed, but the wife was planning to turn it into a Porch themed store, with outdoor and patio decor.  They were wheeling and dealing, and letting people bundle, and let me tell you did I ever get a deal.  
I could have spent at least a month in here, every day, combing through the wonderful relics of the past.  
Here is what I found after almost two hours of scouring, while hubby patiently waited and talked to the owners of the estate liquidation, (love ya hunnie)
I won’t go on and on, but some of the notable items are the wonderful costume jewelry, antique cosmetic compact and lipstick (to add to my vintage hygiene vignette), and the cracker jack trinkets.  I just LOVE small vintage cracker jack charms.  Some of the ephemera I picked up were those advertisements on how to test your television tube, and an old Chicago railway train ticket with an address written in pencil on the back.  The greeting card has some handwritten letters inside.
I just love this old book I found, and figured it was meant for me!
The metal tray in the photo lineup is a lazy susan, and had the old perfume bottle on it hidden among some others.  It was pink, and old… so it was mine.  Later when I got home I glanced down at the top and discovered there was a little dancer on there!  Such a cute surprise.
And I was excited to find this napkin holder with an “N” on it, for Nicolyn!
20150605_182356 - Copy
I wanted to get so much more, but I practiced restraint since I have a small home now, and trying to keep it downsized and clutter free.  They gave me a deal of a lifetime on the whole lot at only $45 bucks, (which was the retail cost of one pair of earrings at the original store).
Even more so than shopping the sale, I loved taking a peek back in time, and being able to hold the items of the past, getting a close up view, and pondering how many hands also held the same item, what happened to those people, and how the item made it to its current lot in life.  
Any knowledge on the above items are greatly appreciated.  Please leave a comment down below so I can learn about the past.  What was the most exciting sale that you have attended?

Long Post on my E.L.F. Makeup Haul plus Reviews and a Coupon Code for You

A looong time ago I got an E.L.F. (eyes lips face, for those who are unfamiliar) haul, and I’ve been meaning to swatch them and review them for ya’ll.  This right here is an exciting sight:
Here’s the unboxing of the haul:
When I was packing to move, my elf custom compact met a grisly fate as it sailed across my dresser in one fail swoop and crashed between the dresser and wall.  It was pulverized.  So as soon as I got settled, I waited for one of their sales, and I scooped up some good deals.
As always, these are my honest opinions about these products.  I really like some of the elf products, and can live without some others.  In order to get to the free shipping limit, I tend to add products to the cart that I’ve been wanting to try.
The photo on the right above, was their current promo, and was only $6 for the set.  I wanted to try the Matte lip color in nearly nude and the palette colors looked pretty.
So now, on with the reviews:
20150605_184136  SPF 20 Sunscreen Face Primer: $6  Upon initial trial, I loved this and felt nice on my skin.  But I noticed as I was trying to do my eye makeup, it made my skin slippery, and therefore hard to blend.  I felt as though it caused the product to melt off my face.  Next time I will try to add it last, but am not confident that it will create an oil free base for my foundation and concealor.  After using the foundation however, the oily feeling of the skin resolved a bit.
20150605_145657_0  HD Mattifying Cream Foundation in Porcelain: $6  
A long time ago I had a cream to powder foundation that was perfect.  I forget what brand it was, and have since been on the lookout for a drugstore version of the same idea.  This elf version in Porcelain was the lightest shade, and when I initially opened the compact it appeared orange and closer to their listed color “Buff”.  I feared I made a big mistake.  But when I swiped the sponge over the color, it was lighter underneath.  The formula is ok, but is too sheer for me, and doesn’t seem to be effective when I tried to build it. The color wasn’t the light shade that it appears to be online either.  Sadly elf powders and foundations tend to be a bit orange on my skin tone.
20150605_153306_0  Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Fiji: $3  This was the only matte version of this contouring blush duo.  I’ve been needing a new bronzer to contour with since my old Wet N Wild one shattered. (I’m noticing a trend here)  This is pretty much your standard blush and bronzer.  The colors didn’t turn orange, and a little bit will go a long way.
20150603_162944  Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Seattle:  $10  I got this palette included in the promotional combo.  I swatched all of these colors on my arm and was really impressed with a lot of the colors.  I think elf hits it out of the park with eyeshadows that are highly pigmented.  I can’t wait to try all of these shades since they have a nice shimmer.  Several will look nice as an all over wash for an easy summer look. 20150605_154629 
Exact Lash Mascara in Black: Currently $1.49  This was also included in the Promo, and truthfully I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise.  I was impressed with the formula; no weird smells, and even though the applicator is tiny for getting each individual lash, it provided nice coverage.  I especially liked how I had the control to coat my bottom lashes.
(eye on the left has mascara, eye on the right does not.)
Essential Custom Eyes Refill Pan: $1  These were what I set out to buy, so I already knew I loved these.  Highly pigmented and I love that I can customize my colors in one compact.
From top to bottom is:  Sage, Moondust, Taupe, Dusk, and on the far left in vertical is Ivory.


Mineral Booster in Tinted:  $5  This is supposed to create a “photo finishing” effect to your skin.  Though not an immediate difference, it did give me a nice glow and blurred imperfections when I used it on top of my makeup routine.  (This didn’t photograph well at all, so I couldn’t swatch it)
20150605_155058  Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude and Fuchsia:  $3  I LOVE elf lipsticks.  I love their colors, and their pigment, and the fact that they don’t have an offensive smell or texture.  I knew I would love these before I even opened the package.
Glossy Gloss in Ballet Slippers:  $3  I don’t like lip gloss.  It looks great on other people, but I can’t stand the texture because I tend to press my lips together too much.  It’s a nice light color, and I will probably use it lightly over my lipsticks….occasionally.
Eyeliner and Shadow Stick in Plum and Purple:  $3  This was also in the promo, and since purples and plums complement green eyes, which I happen to have…. I knew the color would work out.  I will need to set the shadow stick with some powder, but the liner is nice and doesn’t pull or grab at the delicate skin around the eyes.  
20150605_155012  Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Taupe $2 and Brightening Eye Liner Pencil in Coffee $1:  I got both colors to fill in my brows.  The Brow Pencil has a handy spooly on the one end to blend out the color.  The eye liner is very pigmented so I had to use a light hand.  When using as an eyeliner, it smoothed on my lash line with no pulling or tugging. 
Nail Polish in Lilac: $2   Once again, this was part of the promo.  I sadly haven’t been impressed with elf nail polishes in the past, and this one didn’t change my mind.  I’m not a fan of the color on me, and I never like the way the formula dries.  I will do a full on manicure one of these days, and really give it a chance though, and I might come around to the color.
20150605_155446_0 This is two coats on a nail with no base coat or top coat.  

20150605_192914  Lastly, I’ve yet to try the Makeup Mist & Set: $3  I’ve tried the NYX that I recently purchased since I desperately need some help with the high humidity and heat of Florida, in order to keep my makeup on my face.  Once I try this one, I will follow up with a comparison review of the two.

I Love E.L.F. overall as a company in general.  It doesn’t hurt that they promote no animal testing and cruelty free products.  Their products are continually in magazines and articles as a great bargain buy.
If you would like to try out the E.L.F. products yourself, here is a coupon code for free shipping over $20 until 6/30/15.

Just use code PLAY on your next order!

Now, how about helping a girl find a good cream to powder foundation in the drugstore aisle!?  Are there any that you have tried and loved (or haven’t loved) lately?  I’d love to hear your recommendations.

My Treasures Were Still There!

I DID end up going back to the estate sale that I had some luck at this past Friday.  I would have blogged about it sooner, but I was without my laptop, and trying to post from my Nook is for the birds!  


The first thing I grabbed were these patches for a project that I am going to get started on soon.  If anyone knows what these mean, please let me know!


Then I bee lined to the kitchen to see if the corningware was still there.  Yup, sure was!  I ended up grabbing this large one that I had never seen before for $6, and the saucepan size that was only $1.  


I also got some trinkets like this dish for holding jewelry, and a key for another future project.  I also grabbed those flour sack material kitchen towels to embroider.  I LOVE to embroider but I only know a few stitches, so I just do my own thang!

 20150530_12044720150530_120447 - Copy - Copy

I got some boring trivets, and this cute change purse, and these quirky breakfast cloth napkins.  I think they would be great for displaying muffins, or rolls in a basket for a brunch!


And I bought more “trash.”  Most people would think it is anyway, but for 10 cents I bought a PINK old Comet cleanser.  I had never seen this one, but I did some quick research and its apparently from the 1960’s.


I usually don’t have much luck at yard sales, and for the most part this past weekend was no different.  But I hit a few close to home, and I was thrilled to have found this little treasure.

20150530_120555  It was a bag of these napkin rings, 12 in total.  Without missing a beat, I bought the bag for a dollar.  I walked away half skipping because I knew that they would perfectly match this pyrex pattern from home:


When I researched these it turns out they are pyrex compatible napkin rings!  I never knew there was such a thing, but I love learning something new, while finding a good deal!

The last good deal of the day was this non vintage find, but one that completed our patio a bit:

20150530_120652  Finally found a small table for drinks, books, candles, etc.  At $3 I didn’t even haggle.

This weekend, I’m hoping to go to a vintage and junk wonderland estate sale and hit a church rummage sale, and if I do I’m sure I will have much more to show!

**Can anyone tell me about these patches, or those napkin rings?  I always love to hear about the history of my finds.